how to Design a Bitcoin mining farm

okay so we're building everything out I see we're putting up our walls this area here so we've got to finish building the wall through here but this whole thing here is where all the machines are gonna be sitting they're gonna be this is gonna be the cold section and then this is going to be the hot we're all going to choose you can blow all their heat into and then I'm gonna have a man pull there coming blowing in to this area from the bottom and then all the heat will be sucked out through the top so it'll be a big big you know I'm trying to maybe where it's gonna be they're teaming and it's it's a static pressure on this particular side what I found is that if you rotate the air through the hot side then you've got a and then we'll have a positive static pressure on this side that means static pressure means that we'll have more air coming in from this side from the cold side pushing here through this way and then exit so it's just the beginning we can get 32 genes per shelf and we're putting our boards across this way this is where all of our outlets are going to be I kind of left this area here because it is going to be be using 16 per since we'll be doing 16 up to here and 1 out of 16 Ethan that gigabit 4 per shelf so I have 5 of the managed Ethernet getting switches all together two different modems coming into this particular room so that we have an in-and-out on the network so that will be your or make it so that everything that's much faster maybe so data can move it as quickly as possible so this kind of where we're at will be showing you more once we've got the electrical running with the Rooter section over overtop the ceiling over top all this is the radius boards and behind and then up on the very top once we have the floor down that's where the HB HC will be putting in the cold air into the cold side and we'll have a bunch of blowers blowing the air out from the heat but we'll also have I've kind of left this over here where we're going to have a fresh air come in to this side so I've left a little space through here and that's basically what we're doing at this point as always guys like subscribe and have a wonderful day

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  1. "2 modems. One for data coming in and one for data going out" – say what? Networks don't work that way dude…

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