How to Deposit Cryptocurrency onto Binance

in this video we'll discuss how to deposit funds to finance exchange from an external offline wallet such as my little wallet to do that we need two things to be logging into Bynum's as well as my inter wallet the first step is to copy the by Nancy Tyrion address will go to funds deposit select the coin of choice material click copy address now the address is copied to our clipboard so the next step is to go to my to wallet as you can see I'm already logged in and I have 0.05 1 ETH to address our place paste the material address of Finance selects an entire balance or the amount that you prefer to the same on the top right side you can adjust the gas price which is the speed at which data will be sent depending on the congestion and traffic on the blockchain you might have to increase the equate and the last step is to generate transaction and press send and lastly I'm sure your text has been broadcasted to the network by clicking verified transaction it's currently pending success we have one block confirmation let's go back to balance refresh as you can see we have 1 out of 30 after 30 the atrium amount will show in our balances and that's how you deposit on to your finance account

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