How to Deposit Bitcoin to Amfeix

hey this is Mike I’m going to show you
how to make a deposit into the Amfeix fund so your first step is going over
here to the Amfeix fund tab scroll down and you don’t see any deposits yet I’m
going to grab my wallet address by clicking over on the wallet tab on the
left and scrolling down and I’ll see my investment address right here I’m gonna
click on copy now I’m going to take this Bitcoin address and I’m going to enter
it into my ledger live because that’s where I’m going to transfer Bitcoin from
so I’m going to go over to my ledger live and in here I have approximately
two hundred fifteen dollars that I’m ready to send over to my Amfeix fund so
I’ll go over here to the left and click on send and I’ll enter in the address
right here well first of all I’m going to select a custom gas price and I’m
going to remove the default of 51 I’m going to enter six because according to
this website here between five and six SATs will get me from zero to 100
minutes and that’s fine with me so I’m just gonna select the six sats
and let’s see zero point zero two zero three five six five minus six sats
equals this amount here zero point zero two zero three four eight four and so
all I got to do now is click continue now I got to connect my ledger to my
computer give me a sec after my ledger nano s is connected to
my computer click on continue got to confirm my transaction on my
device view details so let’s go over to the Amfeix fund and
see how long this is gonna take and it’s already here oh that did not take
90 minutes or a hundred minutes it was like almost instant with only six SATs
so that low fee and didn’t have anything to do with the time frame that it took to
get over here because it was still instant so might as well select a low
fee it’s still gonna get here very fast okay so now to confirm the investment
all I got to do is click on next and enter in the password click on send to
confirm click on history and this is how much that was just now received into the
Amfeix wallet at 9:08 a.m. on June July 20th and I just now confirmed it and
sent it over to the Amfeix fund on July 20th at 9:09 a.m. these will stay
unconfirmed until Amfeix confirms it on their end which can
take anywhere from a few hours to 24 hours so I’ll be back shortly and show
you that this was transferred over alright it’s the following morning and
the transactions have been confirmed we go over to the Amfeix fund tab we can
see that we have a investment value now scrolling down I have a transaction ID
it was confirmed on July 21st with an initial investment of 0.01 nine eight
four eight four I’m going to take you over back to the wallet tab and go to
the history and I just want to show you the remaining balance that’s up here in
this it’s a total amount of about four dollars that’s normal so don’t be
concerned about this balance up here it’s just a balance that remains in
everybody’s wallet and it’s always this amount
I want to go over this statement right here says minimum investment is 0.02 BTC
you need to deposit more funds to make a new investment this is just letting me
know that I need to deposit at least 0.02 BTC in order to have a confirmation
ok they won’t accept anything lower in that so basically it will be unconfirmed
until you deposit more that will equal zero point zero two so now I want to go
over these fees and amounts right here because I want to show you that it it
all adds up correctly ok if you remember yesterday I had a balance of zero point
zero two zero three four eight four that was showing up here so I want to take
this amount right here and I want to add it to this balance up here to see if it
equals the balance that was showing yesterday I’m going to open up the
calculator and I’m going to take that top them out right here I’m gonna paste
it into the calculator then I’m going to take the balance that’s showing up here
I’m going to add it and it should equal this balance down here and it does zero
point zero two zero three four eight four all right so I’m gonna clear that
out now what I want to do is I want to take this balance and I want to take the
fee and subtract it and that is going to show the initial investment value on the
Amfeix fund tab okay so I’m going to take it again this balance right here and I’m
going to take the fee I’m going to take this fee and subtract
it and that’s going to equal zero point zero one nine eight four eight four go
back over to the Amfeix fund tab make sure these it matches yes it does match
right that’s all I got for this deposit video if you have any questions you can
leave it below the video I’ll reply to every single one I also have a review
site that you can check out it’s called I put a
lot of content on that page so you’ll surely get all your questions answered
there this is Mike I’m going to sign out now and I’ll catch you guys later

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  1. Thanks so much Mike. I will visit your site and see what I can learn from there. I already invested about two weeks ago, and I am pretty excited about the opportunity it offers.

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