27 thoughts on “How to Deposit Bitcoin In IQ Option – Bitcoin Deposit In IQ Option Wallet | The Binary Logic”

  1. sir can we withdraw btc from poloniex to deposit iq option ? is it possible and will work ..i also want to know iq option btc address is permanent wallet Address can we send bitcoin any time on it for deposit.

  2. i mined hundreds of coins 8 years ago and ended up with only the binaries… can you help me get them back into easy to transfer sell QR?

  3. Hi, I send the bitcoin to the right wallet that the iqoptions said to me, but after the time over he said " Invoice expired " what that means ? It means that my btc wont be in my wallet ? My email confirmed the transaction.

  4. Brother can u tell me in this video pay with bitcoin wallet address generated. so after copy this address where we have to put and buy 100 doller. can i do from blockchain wallet. if I do from blockchain so shall i need to sell this address for getting 100 doller?

  5. i tried to send 10usd from bitcoin from Poloniex (BTC WalletT) to Iq Option but the time given expired (15minutes) what happened is that they allow me to refund but 20% less total, 10% less each transaction. Y give only 15 minutes limited time?! What to do?

  6. iam from india i have a bitcoin wallet what i want know can i deposit directly from my bitcoin wallet to the created bitcoin adress in iq option

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