How To Deposit At mFortune Mobile Casino Using The PayPal e-wallet

Hello and welcome to our quick guide on how
to make a deposit at mFortune’s mobile casino using PayPal. In this video, we’ll run you
through the entire depositing process, so you can make quick and simple payments using
PayPal on mFortune’s mobile app. You can find links to mFortune here in the description
below. First, you should head on over to
and download the game of your choice from the mFortune library. Once the game is downloaded,
you can play the game and make any payments through that game’s dedicated app. When you select a game on their site, you’ll
be asked to type in your mobile phone number. After you have typed it in, you’ll be sent
a text message, which will contain a link to download the game itself.
Once the game has fully installed on your phone, you can then open up the app and will
be presented with several options. In order to deposit, head over to the “Banking”
section and you will be prompted to either register or log in to your mFortune account. Once you’re logged in, you’ll be taken
to the “Banking” section, where you should select the “deposit” option, followed
by the “pay by phone bill” depositing option. You can then type in the amount you
want to deposit. Players can deposit from as little as £5 and up to a maximum of a
few thousand pounds. You’ll then be taken to the PayPal sign
in page. You can either register for an account if you haven’t already, or you can enter your
email address and PayPal password to log in to your account. Once you’re all logged in,
you’ll be taken to the accounts page, where you can select which of your registered bank
accounts you want to pay from. You can also add additional bank accounts, or take the
cash directly from your PayPal wallet if you’d prefer. At any point if there’s an issue during
depositing, you should contact mFortune’s customer service. Once the payment has gone through, mFortune
will confirm the deposit as successful on screen and you’ll receive your email receipt
from PayPal as well to confirm. You’ve now officially topped up your casino wallet. Now
all you have to do is head back to the mFortune game app and select “Play Now For Real Money”
in order to start betting on your mFortune slots. You can also head back to mFortune’s
website to download further games if you want to play something different. We hope you found this quick guide to depositing
using PayPal at mFortune helpful. Good luck playing the slots and we hope you’ll enjoy
your time with mFortune. If you want to see more from us then subscribe to our channel
for more depositing guides throughout the week.

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