32 thoughts on “How to Delete a Credit Card or Bank Account from PayPal”

  1. I tried to remove the card that I've added first but it says that in order to remove it, I need to add another card,which I did. But, it still shows the same thing.

  2. I need help… I made a new account and deleted my card from the old one and it still says its added to the old account and i cant add it on the new one

  3. This shit doesn’t work anymore. If you were a decent youtuber you’d delete the video, you’re just wasting people’s time for a view at this point😐

  4. How about – "We're sorry. That bank account is already linked to the maximum number of PayPal accounts. Please link a different one."?

  5. If I remove the bank account or debit, Credit card from paypal then can i send money paypal to paypal or can't….?

  6. when i teird to remove my bank ac..its showing lets try that again..there is a problem with your account…how to fixed it?

  7. after i removed my card from my another pay pal accnt…and i tried to link it with my new paypal accnt but it says this transection can"t be process…now try again later…plz help ….how to fix it and should i wait for few days to relink my debit card with my new paypal accnt

  8. If I remove the credit card will the money still enter the bank account. Please I want to know. Because I want to use my friends card, and I don't have master card

  9. There is nothing that's painless, when it comes to Paypal. Just trying to link my card has been such a ridiculous process. Now they tell me I have to phone the office because the card has been blocked. It hasn't even been successfully linked yet!!!!!!

  10. When i'm trying to make a payment-it says "already linked to another paypal account,first remove the card from that account or use a new card"
    I don't know which account it is talking about, it's id or password i don't know.
    I have only one account which i'm having right now,as far as i remember.

  11. Says, "You can't remove this account. You can link and set another bank account as default before removing this"
    The problem is, I already had linked another account, BUT, nowhere is the option to make this default account. 🤣🤣

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