44 thoughts on “How to Code Google Sheets to Track Cryptocurrencies' Prices”

  1. Hello Audrey Ling. I would like to request 1 Sheet with the follow information. 7 different exchange : Kraken / Binance , Bitfinex / Cexio / Poloniex / CoibasePro / QuadrigaCX
    and I would like follow those coin last price. BTC/USD ETH/USD ETC/USD LTC/USD BCH/USD XRP/USD EOS/USD STELLAR/USD
    if you make for me i will paying for you this excel sheet.
    my contact details : [email protected]
    facebook ; https://www.facebook.com/thomas.pete.56
    Please let me know if you can make for me or not.
    Thank you for your help
    Kind Regards

  2. #Binance: Let's all treat these lovely APIs with respect and don't hammer them to hard to avoid bans!! This sheet will do one single call to Binance to fetch the tickers. Sample sheet available:
    Binance: https://youtu.be/lhd81rO_4vs
    Coinmarketcap : https://youtu.be/b1rmeGsrkhw

  3. Hey @Audrey Ling, so i already build the code for bitcoin.co.id, and the log succeed

    [18-03-24 13:55:15:631 ICT] https://vip.bitcoin.co.id/api/waves_idr/ticker
    [18-03-24 13:55:15:632 ICT] {ticker={server_time=1521874512, high=68100, last=67600, low=64800, buy=67600, sell=67700, vol_waves=17746.94014061, vol_idr=1186449663}}
    [18-03-24 13:55:15:633 ICT] 67600

    But, the problem is There won't show any value when the function is called in cell, do you have any clue about that? Thanks!

  4. Hi Audrey, I've just subscribed to your channel. Could you please write a script to extract data from Binance or Coinmarket Cap so that I can make various calculations on the price movements? Thanks

  5. What is your email or a way to contact you? I need to know if you can create me something like that and to see how much you charge. tks

  6. Wow this was superb, I tried to learn JavaScript from EdX(w3c) & udemy but that looked so confusing & I gave up, then stumbled on this video and it looks fairly easy now.

    A request :Can you share your excel sheet. With driver or something like that. & share the link.

    And if I want to use it as javascript, what shall be the last command to display prices in my webpage?

  7. Audrey, thanks so much for this video! I really enjoyed the way you explained everything in a clear, easy to understand manner. You took something that was difficult-to-understand & difficult-to-apply and you made it so much easier. Keep it up, I’ve already subscribed and I hope to watch more of your videos.

  8. Hi, I am trying to refresh the code and it wont refresh when i refresh the page. Can you help with another way to refresh

  9. Dear audrey
    Thanks for awesome vid. Would you teach how to trade via google sheet? Furthermore i need to use historical data from binance. How can i do via google sheets?

  10. Thank you, been googling like crazy to find out how to get json data into google sheets, this was the best, short and simple clip I could find. Subbed.

  11. Audrey, I think I love you! I have watched hundreds of videos and read i don't know how many articles and the pace and speed in which you articulated this code was Incredibly clear and easy to follow. I don't think i have ever checked a persons channel as quickly as I did yours after watching their video just to see what else they may have already made. I will be looking forward to your future videos! Please keep up the good work and make as many of these useful tutorials as you can as this is the kind of thing that the world needs more of!

  12. Hi Audrey, thanks for sharing , its just awesome. I have a question. I am getting a blank cell under the price. Any way to trouble shoot ?

  13. OMG. thank you so much. :)) Im so glad that i spilled some coffee on my keyboard while spacing how to do this and accidently clicked on your video. I needed that so much!!
    Yet again. thanks alot, hottie. Cheers!

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