19 thoughts on “How to Choose a Broker If You Have a Small Trading Account”

  1. As always, thanks for the video Tim! I'm mostly set on opening my account with E*Trade, but since their recent shift to do "no-commision" trading, Im skeptical of what they may have done with any other fees they may charge. Ill definitely have to give Tradier a good look.

    Hoping to use all the information I have to become a consistent trader. Hopefully somewhere down the line Ill be able to afford the STT Pro program. For now, youll just have to deal with seeing me on the youtube live session every Monday night 😛

  2. How much does the Stocks To Trade platform cost?

    Does Tradier do well on available shorts and do they also allow for short locates?

    Does Tradier offer margin and if so how much?

    Personally Im a fan of CMEG brokerage using DAS Trader Pro but I’m willing to look at other options.

  3. Thank you for the suggestions and heads up. STT is a sweet platform. Very Simple layout! I think a lot of beginners (benefit of doubt in mind) such as myself are not trying to cut corners. I think we are just trying to find to best price that meets our budget to be profitable. Once we start accruing more cash flow, most of us will have no problem paying more for a pricier platform. At least I know I won't think twice about it.

  4. Because of I’m trading to learn I only use 100$ to trade . I started with E*TRADE. I now use Webull and the sad fact is it’s much better for me .but I would love to be with a direct broker

  5. Dear tim, I don't know if you have tried short wave radio, last i knew it was not controlled by fcc, it comes in the middle of the night due to time change in different countrys.

  6. if I open that $500 Tradier account through you guys. Is that still an non-margin account? I'm not really concerned about short-selling, but more about settlement period does it still will have a 2-day settlement for funds to clear? Thanks

  7. Hi Tim, can you maybe make a video where you explain what's the ideal pricing for a broker ? I guess that would be helpful too…. Thanks for the great content man, truly appreciate it.

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