HOW TO CHART CRYPTOS | Cryptocurrency Analysis JUNE 5 2017 | Bitcoin Price 2579 USD | BTC | Ethereum

live from the US of A this is the folks of Bitcoin the creased o of crypto is your boy BK if you like me that you must not like money listen y'all it's been a few days since the last video but I wanted to take some time and really look at the charts learn from the charts and more so come up with you know some new ideas on how I can teach you all you know some of the secrets that I know how to make money in the crypto market we have more than 1300 subscribers from all over the world middle east is in the house right now brazil is in the house right now um USA in the house right now Canada in the house right now so I want to help you guys get started and and and let's make this thing happen if you got any questions I'm in the comment box after every video so make sure you post your comments we got a great community everybody is active and participating and that's one of the awesome things that you know we're able to do together if we look at the global chart this is coin market capcom and what we see first of all is that the crypto cryptocurrency market market altogether is worth ninety four billion dollars let's take a minute to think about that ninety four billion if we look at what's happened in the last seven days this thing has come up from 70 billion to more than 94 what does that mean that means it's a lot of money coming in this market which means if you know how to play it you can make a lot of money um one of the things you'll find is that when more money comes in prices go up so if you're in on the ground floor on some of these trades we've been talking about – aetherium classic um even Bitcoin you know looking at the waves that it has by and low someone I am low selling hi it's a it's a lot of money to be made guys and so that's what I wanted to take the time to do with you on this video was kind of walk through the basics and gain an understanding of how these charts work and how you all can make some money so if we look at this chart this is on our trading view dot-com the link is in the description and what I want to do here is walk you all through how I look at trades um and and really how to make sure you're on the right side of the curve so when we do a trade we're buying and we're selling but also in that we want to make sure that we're not losing money and you know that this thing isn't going to go higher after we sell it because then we lost money technically so again this is – okay and this is on the – daily chart you can see that it had a big spike here in March but other than that it hasn't really been much action at all see it was really brand new to the market it had a quick spike and now you know it's kind of kind of settled out a little bit so it doesn't show us a lot initially you know but we have to look at a deeper level we really have to zoom in to this chart um to try and see what trends are happening and and where the opportunities are so instead of looking at the one-day chart especially for some of these new crypto poins that don't have you know the history bitcoin does I like to look at for our and what does a four hour tell us a four hour will tell us you know we're it in the day these trades came in so we can see right here we have two breaks we have a high right there and we have a high right there so that's an opportunity for us to draw a new trend line so let's do that let's go high to high right and what do we do next we go low to low well when we zoom out we can see we and a low right there atom low right there so you know let's do that too low too low Oh didn't snap one more time low hello and again I don't I don't you'll see a lot of other guys who don't really know what they're doing draw their trim line all the way down to that the end of that candle I don't like to do that at all the reason why I don't go to the bottom of the candle is because if you think about it mathematic wise it's an extreme point it is out of the range of what is normal for the the chart right so I don't want to include extremes in my general trend line you know I want to look at one point in time I might look at it but otherwise I'm just blowing candle high two candle clothes that's how I draw my trend lines and it works really really well so we got – here we got the bottom we got the top what do we do copy and paste command C command B and now you can see we have a pretty good channel that – was living in right there if we wanted to do the same thing over here we could do that – command C command V and that shows us the trend line channel that des was living in before it broke down and what did I say on one video diamonds are a girl's best friend because they bring home the money so if you got a girlfriend I'd like to go shopping you know are you girl I'd like to go shopping you find the diamonds in these charts and you'll be bringing home the money in no time at all so what does this tell us this tells us now that this channel right here was a pretty good trend line for – we can learn a lot around these two tap channels when – went up it went up you know in that channel when it went down it went down in that town so what's what can we do next next we can show that when dash goes up more than likely it's going to go up on a channel that looks like that and when we start to test this thing out we can kind of see like even right there right it tried to go up it tried so hard you know to go up but it wasn't ready you know but when it went up it pretty much followed that channel uh the floor became the ceiling right so that's what we want to look for guys you know I just wanted to take a couple minutes on this video to really walk you through the basics of charting and this is just not for – you know you can see that – doesn't have a big history we go to the one day chart it doesn't look like much of anything at all but when we zoom in on it you know and look at the four hour we can we can figure out what's happening how – lives what's the reality of – Morse more importantly when – goes up when is it gonna go down right so if we're in on this trade so let's make this real now right we're in on – right right here you know we're dads right there we see it jump and we have it we're like oh my god daddy's making money – is making money you know so what do we do we copy and paste the trendline where it jumped that and we follow it up and we know as long as it's above that line then we're good once it breaks that line we need to sell we need to get out because it's no longer living in the life that supports a uptrend for – so we sell it guess what we don't lose all the money that's about you know for it went from 55 if we would have sold right there when it broke that line that's 57 it went all the way back down to 47 you know that's a tenth of a Bitcoin and that's a lot of money so you multiply that out over space over time you can just catch – on on you know this below the low ups it doesn't have to be a slam dumb you know we could have bought it right there said okay it's going up it's going up it's riding it's riding it broke get out and now we wait for the next one so you can see you can do this at a small scale it doesn't just have to be you know buy it and and make ten times your money in ten minutes no you can just do a lot of small wins guys that adds up to a lot of money down the line this is called small ball this is what what they talk about a small win is better than a big loss when you do it like this it's real easy to win listen I wanted this to be a quick video just to show you you know a quick charting tip share this video with your friends found that like button so everybody in our community sees it when they log on to youtube today make sure you turn on your notifications I'm going to be doing a video every day of this week if you if you registered for that one-on-one I'll be getting back to you this afternoon later today and also look out for that chart of you if you haven't got your monthly report you should be getting that today as well we got a Google pages community we got a trading view community link linking description and um where we got this community so make sure you get in comments comment any question you got like subscribe share with your friends this is your boy DK I hit you back have a great day guys peace

24 thoughts on “HOW TO CHART CRYPTOS | Cryptocurrency Analysis JUNE 5 2017 | Bitcoin Price 2579 USD | BTC | Ethereum”

  1. Hi Brandon,
    I'm following your method of trading and I think it is truly amazing, pure genius. I have lost more than 60% of my money since I started 2 1/2 months ago and this is the first time I'm starting to recover my losses thanks to you.

    I have bought many coins based on the moving averages as you recommend it (Ripple, OmiseGo, LTC, XMR, ETC,…). However, I do not know when I should be selling them. I have currently this problem with Ripple. I bought many and I am afraid it might be crashing. Should I wait on a 4-hour chart until the green line crosses the orange line on the way down? I'm afraid that the price might go all the way down until it happens.
    What do you recommend as a selling strategy?

    Thank you again for your time and generosity. Wish you all the best.

  2. Thanks for the video I'm learning from you but is it possible to chart on the bittrex platform natively without using trading view as trading view does not have all of the cryptos i hodl. I would like to learn this skill of TA.

  3. Hey guys this may be a noob question but when I do my trend line I have to manually extend it, on the video it seems your boy BK is able to have an automatic extended trendline? Any advice?

  4. Dash is looking fairly gloomy .. no choice but to hold out now!! I might sell once I'm in the black.. this BTC boost has got the market spooked and all charts look off line.. looking risky to me

  5. bk dash dropped below 0.05 but it came back up. Should i sell my dash or keep them? do you think it will go up or down?

  6. UK in the house right now im still holding digibyte till the 9th at least waiting for the next rocket. Do you think Digibyte will hold I sold to early and had to buy in again 🙁

  7. Holy cow woke up this morning turned 30 years old.. feeling old until I log into YouTube and BK has another vid to make us ?!! He got me all gassed up let's do this guys!!!

    p.s. Bday love always appreciated ! Cheers ?
    BTC: 1Fse6BiJU7mKZ3W7KikMK8mwq8jh1VR5hm

  8. So when do you think dash is going to take off? Whats your opinion on ethereum?
    Thank you for these videos, they have been very helpful. I've been here from 200 subs and I will watch your videos in the future too. 🙂

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