hi welcome to global crypto and in this video I'm gonna show you how to buy Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies from your exchange wallet in this case this one is coin base and if you have coinbase great if you have another exchange the process is very similar so here we go and so this is how you buy from your coin base wallet buy and you're gonna want to make sure that you which ever one that you want to buy whether it's a theory Mike corner Bitcoin cash in this case its Bitcoin and you want to make sure your payment method is set up with your bank account or your credit card and in my last video and I'll put the link down below it shows you how to set those up if you're new to coin base but you want to make sure they're all set up everything's ready to go and then transactions are quite simple so Bitcoin payment method and you can toggle down if you want to use a credit card I think I want to choose that one right there and I want to buy let's say I want to buy a hundred whatever you want to buy well it shows me how many BTC and decimal points that I want to buy and I want to buy instantly on the right hand side using this payment method and it shows me that I'm actually gonna buy ninety six point one six dollars worth because my fees are very low as 3.84 cents totaling a hundred dollars so if I wanted to lower that you could always say you know if you want to offset a little bit ninety five dollars and you want to keep it you know at a you know below the total amount you can just go over here and change the dollar amount do see how I'm just playing around with this okay now I get fifty five dollars where if there's 58 I'll buy fifty dollars worth let's keep this demonstration simple so whatever it may be buy bitcoin instantly because I'm set up with my credit card so I'm gonna buy I'm gonna look Oh everything over here review the details and confirm your transaction below confirm voila you purchase was successful we'll be available in your BTC wallet instantly because it's credit card now if it was your checking account or savings account it's going to take a few days and you can read why that is if you go back view dashboard if I go back here and let's say I want to buy using my bank it says it'll be available January 23rd why is that you can click on that and read why that is and they explain to you while it takes a few days three to five days business days using ACH being transfer please subscribe and hit that notification bell to get all my future videos and thank you for your support we'll see you on the next video

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