20 thoughts on “"How To Buy XRP ?" Media Coming To Ripple Soon”

  1. So how do you buy Ripple? Anyone? Its not Tic Tac's your loving its Aspartame I know I love Peppermint Cobalt chewing gum rotted my front two teeth $500 to fix them use to let it sit inside my top lip when I was talking Thanx.

  2. Thank you DAI for you ever optimistic video's?
    Do you think Apollo / Hermes/ W12 (2 sec) is a danger for XRP ?
    Greetings from The Netherlands?

  3. Thanks again for all of your research and hard work and the time it takes from you and your families life ,every day I get my fix,from Dublin , Ireland

  4. interesting, loved the ending bro. will you do a video on the massive promo. more info is at: http://telegra.ph/Digital-Asset-Investor-joins-Binance-for-giveaway-12-11-4 … I already made 3.6 ethers

  5. My 7 year old said to my 10 year old, " Shut your half wit pie hole!" Still killing me and that was 5 years ago.

  6. DAI… It's pronounced "Ho:door" not a typo. Ho-door… It's a "Game of Thrones" thing. You teach me everyday with cinnamon in your coffee so I thought I would return the favor… Thanks for your videos.

  7. Your son is at that age where he mite be trying to figure out if Santa is real or not… God Bless the little ones.

  8. give me the amount of XRP that all of you not so rich, not so poor folks are planning to hold? mine is 30~50k (amount to retire)

  9. Be patient! We will all benefit in the near future. Buy while these prices are here….they won't last!

  10. Dude I can’t even say trade tron because some asswhipe is trading 2 million at a time, we can’t even get in because their trades take so long

  11. step by step on How to really buy XRP…& while its cheap! http://ripplexrpatm.com/index.php/2018/12/09/how-to-buy-sell-xrp/

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