How to buy Tron [TRX] in the US (AND Globally!)

Hi, welcome to crypto Finder. I’m James Edwards, and I’m going to show you today how to get started buying Tron. Now I’m going to show you how to buy Tron if in particular, you’re a US customer, because there’s a few challenges there. But really anyone in the world can use the method that I’m about to show you, which is why it’s really helpful. So the first and easiest way to figure out where you can actually buy Tron is to go down into the description of this video. And you’ll find a link that shows you where to buy Tron with Finder. And that’s the page that I’m on right now. So this is Finder. Our website basically compares everything from you know, money, insurance, internet, mobile, all that sort of stuff. But we of course do cryptocurrency as well. And what this guide shows you is a list of all the exchanges that you can purchase Tron on. So it’s really great, it’s just a nice spot to compare all of the different exchanges, because you can have a look at what they offer as well. So you can see which exchanges offer fiat currency vs which that do not. And then you can also see the different cryptocurrencies that that exchange offers. So if there’s a few crypto currencies that you want to buy, you can save time by just signing up for the one exchange that has all of them, rather than mucking around and signing up and doing KYC for several exchanges. So I’ll let you have a read through that guide yourself. But I’m going to get started. And I’m going to show you how to sign up and buy Tron using the Huobi exchange. Now, the reason I’m using Huobi is it’s actually available to customers in the United States. It doesn’t accept fiat currency. But it does offer a huge range of altcoins. Now, a lot of people might be wondering why I’m not using Binance, which is a really well known exchange. But Binance is not actually available to us customers, they shut down trading in the US customers and 2910. And it’s essentially bank for US customers now. So Huobi is great because it’s available for people in the US, it’s available for people everywhere else in the world. It’s got a huge amount of cryptocurrencies. And it’s really easy to use. So you’re welcome to use any of the ones in this list or you know, anywhere else, of course, but Huobi is the exchange I’m going to use to demonstrate how to buy Tron. So click on the go to site button. And that will take us to Huobi. Now to get signed up for an exchange like Huobi for the first time, you are going to need a few things. If you can get a mobile phone, preferably a smartphone, some photo I.D like a driver’s license or passport, and some sort of proof of residence. So that’s usually something like a recent utilities bill like electricity or gas, or recent bank statement or internet bill that has your address on it. So I’ll let you go through and get started with signing up. I of course already have an account. So I don’t need go through that. But I will just want you to keep in mind that when you sign up for an exchange the first time you have to go through KYC, which is know your customer. And that can actually take a few hours or days that’s where you’ve got to provide your I.D. And that’s where the exchange has to verify who you are before they can actually legally allowed to get started trading on there. Okay, so once you’ve signed up for Huobi, you’ll be greeted with a landing page like this. Now Huobi is quite an advanced exchange so there’s quite a lot going on. But I’m going to keep it really simple for you. So the first thing that you need to do is you need to move some cryptocurrency over to Huobi to actually purchase Tron. So this assumes that you’ve already got something like Bitcoin or a Ethereum, and that you’ve signed up for an exchange before and you know how to purchase Bitcoin or a Ethereum. If you don’t, that is totally okay. If you look in the description of this video, we’ve actually got some guides that show you how to buy bitcoin for the first time with with fiat, you know, things like US dollars, and also a Ethereum for the first time. So just go down into the description, follow those guides and once you purchase cryptocurrency for the first time, you’ll be able to then follow these next steps to get started buying Tron. So now assuming and once you’ve got that cryptocurrency, the first thing we want to do is go over to balances where it says exchange account deposit and withdraw, because we obviously need to deposit some some cryptocurrency into our account. Okay, so once we land on this page, we want to decide whether we’re going to use Bitcoin or a Ethereum. That’s totally up to you. One of the advantages of using Bitcoin as a trading pair to purchase other cryptocurrencies with is it generally has the biggest liquidity pool that means the most people are using Bitcoin to trade with. But one of the downsides is that the exchange fees tend to be higher than a Ethereum. And it tends to be a bit slower when you’re sending and receiving Bitcoin. Ethereum on the other hand, tends to be a bit less liquidity, so less people are using it to trade. But the advantages are that it’s faster to send and usually cheaper to send as well. So I’ll let you decide on that. But for the For this example, let’s pretend that we’re going to go ahead and use Bitcoin. So we go over to the deposit tab. And there we get our address. Now, depending on where you’re sending your Bitcoin from, you’re going to need to go into either your exchange wallet, just like the one here or maybe you’ve got a special cryptocurrency wallet like hardware wallet. Either way, this is the address that you’re going to need to send Bitcoin to. So when you go to withdraw in that exchange address, this is what you have to put in. So once you’ve deposited some Bitcoin or cryptocurrency into your account, we want to go up to markets so that we can start trading it for Tron. So when you land on markets, you will first be greeted with the USDT market which is Tether. There’s also the HUSD which is Huobi’s own stable coin, but we want to go across to be BTC. Now when we get to this page, we see a list of all the possible coins that we can trade Bitcoin for on Huobi, so if you want to have a scroll down and see what they offer, and you can find Tron down there. So if we click on Tron, it will take us to the TRX market or sorry, rather, we have to go over to the right hand side and click exchange. And this is where we can start swapping our Bitcoin for Tron. Okay, so just wait for that to load. As we can see, there’s usual price graph, pretty standard stuff. If you’re fairly new to this, I’ll just quickly exchange what sorry, quickly explain what we’re having a look at here. Over here is a price graph these little poles and bars are called candlesticks, and they just show how price has changed for a given time period. So if we go and press one hour here, it shows this historic price for Tron against in unit to Bitcoin for the past hour, every hour as we go back. So each one of those little candlesticks represents the movement of price for it. Now, over on this side, we’ve got recent trade. So it just shows what people in the market have been trading for recently. And then these red and green boxes here, they show available offers. So in green, it’s showing what people are willing to pay with Bitcoin for Tron. And then in red, it shows what people are willing to sell Tron for in units of Bitcoin, or Satoshis. So the bit we’re most interested in is down in the right hand corner here, which is where we can actually place an order. So the easiest way to purchase something if you’re not really, too fussed about what price you’re paying, if you’ve already had a look at what the price is today, and you’re happy to pay that much so that you can see the price here and you happy to pay the going rate is you go over to market and you will get the best market price that you want. So go to market, you go to on the buy side, which is the green side, you put in the amount of Bitcoin that you’re willing to spend so that say you’re willing to spend a point five Bitcoin, it would then you can then go forward and buy a truck with that. So just keep in mind, it’s going to calculate the best market price for you, so don’t actually get to see it. But an indicator should be that price there. Now, if you want to get you know, potentially a better deal, or you want to time your entry into the market, let’s say that you’ve been looking at the chart for a while and you know what you want to pay for Tron, you would go over to the limit order, which is where you actually get to set the price. So over here, we’ve got the current or the last purchase price, which is 20194. And that amount is in Bitcoin or in Satoshis let’s say you wanted to pay a bit less so you go 2000 to bring the price down, you then this time put in the amount of time that you want to buy. So before we were putting in how much Bitcoin we’re willing to spend this time we put in how much Tron we want to buy, I personally always do a limit order. Even if I’m in a rush to buy selling, always do a limit order likes to have final control over how much you spend in total control over the amount that you buy. And it really is, I think the most responsible way to trade. That being said, this is not financial advice. So lets say we want to buy 2000 Tron and it would then go down the bottom here and show us how much that costs in Bitcoin. So it’s not much at all Tron is quite a cheap asset for each individual one. And then if we were happy with that price, happy with the amount, we would then quick by TRX. And we place our order. Now another way of doing it is to say this 25% 50% 100% etc. If you click on one of those, all it does is it spends that amount of your available Bitcoin holdings. So let’s say put in one whole Bitcoin into your account to trade with, if you clicked on 50% it would automatically fill this field here with what 50% of your Bitcoin so half of Bitcoin would buy in Tron. So you know, basically just spent half of your available funds basically and buys the maximum amount it can with that. Okay, so that’s pretty much all there is to it for a really simple straightforward purchase of Tron using an exchange like Huobi, I hope all the numbers and charts haven’t scared you off. I’ve tried to keep it as simple as possible, given that an exchange like this actually does offer a lot of advanced features. And that being said, I wouldn’t use any of those advanced features until you really know what you’re doing. Again, this isn’t financial advice, but really, the advice I can give you is that cryptocurrency markets are volatile, and that you can lose all of your money in the process of trading. So be very careful before you make any decisions. So please, if today’s video was helpful and helped to purchase Tron for the first time, let us know in the comments below. Please let us know if there’s any other coins you’d like a guide on for purchasing for the first time. Or if there was something we could do different please let us know if you found the video helpful. Please subscribe as it helps let us know what type of content we should be making more of in the future. But that’s enough for me today. I hope you have a great day and good luck out there with your trading.

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