How to buy TRON cryptocurrency tokens

hi there
Jez Feldmesser here from Feldmesser dot co giving you a very quick video on how to
buy TRON which you may or may not know is what a digital currency tokens
with a very interesting white paper and ecosystem setup I would suggest that you
look at this website in order to get all the full details there’s the white paper
which explains the entire concept and based on Chinese smartness shall we say
they have a ten year rollout plan so very interesting structure basically the
concept of an internet 4.0 with a non centralized eco structure very
intriguing anyway even so more intriguing is the fact that
Tron tokens are currently at 15 cents each so very easy to get yourself a
bunch on and as you can see I’m on coin market cap you can access Tron tokens
with ETHEREUM because you don’t want to buy it with Bitcoin because bitcoin is
seriously slow it’s like highway traffic New York City at going-home time drive
time yeah it’s slow it’s blocked it’s chalk you can’t get another piece of
data in there not even a taxi so we’re gonna go get some ETHEREUM and then
we’re gonna whop over to Binance and get some Tron so this is how it’s done we’re
on coin base which is a digital see exchange where you can just purchase
cryptocurrencies with your usual dollars yen euros pounds
whatever you got and I’ve just purchased some ETHEREUM I figured I’d do that
before starting the video so that was available to me and now we are going to
go to the accounts and take our ethereum why don’t we give you some sending so do
some sending and in order to do some sending you have to log in to finance ba-ba-ba-ba-bom verifying that we are on
the website HTTPS that’s good thing about die Nance Finance is that it
is pretty smart in terms of security so you got to be human being you got to
remember your login and your password you also have to have two factor
authentication setup in order to access the account so there you go
three-factor authentication got to be human being as well can’t be a robot
okay good so there we are now we can look at deposits and withdrawals under
funds evidently and we are going to be transferring some ethereum so we can
deposit some lithium no no when you’re making a cryptocurrency transaction you
must transfer the same currency to the same currency wallet you can’t transfer
a Bitcoin to an aetherium wallet and you can’t transfer card on Oh a da to a
Bitcoin so make sure make sure really really make sure that you are sending
the right currency to the right kind of wallet otherwise off into cyberspace
never to be seen again all right with that being said it might
be worth while having the tabs that you’re going to use next to each other
so we’re going from coinbase and we are going to finance which is the crypto
currency exchange all right then so in which case we take the address take the
address okay I’m just going to use this happy little copy button which they have
provided for us nicely to verify and then we go to send from coinbase and we
can paste and we can triple check to see seventy five a Oh X 5 D 9 to see 75 a
and X 59 at the beginning so we have all the characters that is very useful and
then we’re going to take the etherium so I’m going to send the maximum amount of
the theorem because I put the amount into coinbase that I want to transfer so
I can just hit the place max and it’ll send but you might not want to do that
if you’ve got 100 million dollars worth in your coin base account
so I’ve pre-loaded with about $100 of this area so there we are and I’m going
to remind myself what I’m doing with this then I’m going to call it a TR on
by there you go there you go trombone and we are the 7th of January 2018 Happy
New Year by the way and you’ll notice that we have a 1% transfer fee by the
look of it doo doo doo doo doo doo doo okay which is you know that the new
credit card company right let’s face it so if theory and wallet theorem address
verified we’re in and aetherium deposit address
we have an ethereal wallet we’re sending etherium we’re all good let’s do it
bah bah bah and then because we have to factor authentication set up everywhere
we are just going to do a new two-factor authentication and we are on coinbase
we’re on coinbase and it’s gonna change so I’m not gonna do that one I’m gonna
do this one verify the digits we’re all good there you go that was it easy jump so now that’s on its way we can close
out of coinbase oh by the way I’ll leave you a link for coordinates in the
description section below you can get your account and when you start using it
with over a hundred dollars worth of currency exchange then you get ten
dollars and I get ten dollars good deal there you go I invited my friends that’s
you so that was coinbase back here Barbara
bumper it says important send etherium to this deposit address sending any
other currency may result in the loss of your deposit be warned
okay bomb coins will be deposited mediately after 30 Network confirmations
see how verified all of this is 30 Network confirmations so that could be
pretty intriguing after making the deposit you can track its progress on
the history page which are we going to go go to the history page and see it’s
confirming see I already got four little ticks on it out of 30 so whilst that’s
doing its thing I’m gonna pause the video and not let you sit through that
but that’s just the first part which is transferring the etherium so we go from
euros to theorem we take based by notes we now have our theorem
in finance and very shortly I will show very simple trade purchase of some tron
in order to have some and the reason being with me I’m just going to show you
the charts of Tron right now because for me it’s a very exciting coin it’s a very
intelligently constructed cryptocurrency and it have a little peak of interest as
you can see what they are we yesterday two days ago little peak of interest
two days ago but of course these multiple peaks as you see when something
goes exponential like that it often doesn’t hold you know you know I mean
it’s like it’s just thrown up there by a bunch of who knows what
but of course gravity pulls it back down again so back into the realms of reality
we are sitting at about 15 cents which is cool because the basic way these
cryptocurrencies run of course as they get gain more momentum and more interest
and more use and more exchanged and they become more valuable which is the whole
point so this is what I’m doing this is not financial advice and I am NOT a
financial adviser on just simply showing you what I’m doing in the cryptocurrency
arena so that you can see how it’s all done there you go I kind of how to guy
you know so there we go 15 cents a Tron coin and there we go that’s what we’re
going to do it’s a token there you go that’s what I’m going to say a token not
according neither which way we’ll see how that trades and I’ll see you back in
a second when my deposit is is through so see in just a minute now we’ve got
fourteen see not so slow right then back in a second all right good so just refresh my page
here at finance on my transaction history and evidently we can see that
the transaction has completed with the deposit of aetherium so literally that’s
taken five minutes five minutes thirty confirmations verifying the validity of
that transaction now we can go to the basic exchange basic exchange exchange
here and basic advanced we’ll get into at some point with more in-depth videos
that’s quite soon in the coming month so we’ll see now we just have to go over
here and we’re on the etherium tab here and we want to exchange a theory and for
Cintron we go TRX etherium now I could buy some Tron and quite simply as you can see it’s it’s
gaining so we probably want to buy rapidly it’s got a little dip so we’re
at good dal 1400 14 so that would probably be a good time to buy so let’s
see how much we can buy if I click 100% here that will take my entire
etherium wallet and purchase Tron tokens with it so let’s just do that shall we
sometimes you need to Tron success that was it it was as easy as that so your
own currency to coinbase coinbase you purchased etherium if they’re eme
transfer to finance finance you buy the token or coin of your choice with the
etherium it’s very rapid like I said the etherium transfer took approximately
five minutes so you don’t have to wait for hours like you do currently
on the Bitcoin blockchain because it’s chock-a-block so there you go it’s very
very useful currency transact and that’s the simplicity of it so we just go back
to our funds we check in the deposits and withdrawals and we can verify that
we have a bunch of trunk so we are total Tron balance 1036 now evidently it’s a
15 cents proximately 15 cents and if this just for some good reason because
there are many good reasons for it to increase in value becomes a euro or
we’ll call it a dollar because we let you think in dollars you can imagine the
quantity of dollars that this will then result in so I’ll let you think through
that for yourselves do your own due diligence be smart learn every day and
I’ll see you guys in the next video bye for now

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