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welcome to cryptocurrency explained in this lesson I’ll be showing you how to buy send and store Bitcoin and I will show you how you can get forty five dollars in free crypto currency thirty five dollars in free Bitcoin and ten dollars in a crypto currency called cash yes fr EE and free crypto the world is surely an amazing place but first let us get into the buying part I am going to show you two tutorials on how to buy Bitcoin there is a more in-depth video on how to use an exchange farther on in this video course now I will have to certainly count on you to be able to do the following things create a username create a password make sure it’s a unique and a strong one and to be able to follow the incredibly clear and simple steps of linking a bank card or a bank account to your exchange account to be able to purchase crypto now many of us want quick on-demand purchases of crypto without needing to wait for the legacy banking system to clear a deposit so if you want to do this then you will need to accept that you will have to pay higher fees but you’re paying for speed and you’re paying for convenience so how can you do that well the first option I’m going to show you is the easiest option by and afar first you will need a buy Nantz account there is a link down below if you are not already signed up to buy Nantz go ahead and click on that and get started on by Nantz you are able to use a credit card or a debit card bank deposits are not accepted but please do understand if you are using a credit card to buy crypto currencies do not go into debt to buy crypto pay it off immediately now by Nantz charges three and a half percent for service which is half a percent less than Queen based by the way or $10 whichever is higher with a minimum purchase of $50 this is a super super easy way to get Bitcoin it is available in most countries and most states in the United States excluding New York Hawaii Georgia Washington New Mexico and Connecticut so let’s buy some Bitcoin using our credit card over here on Finance so again you can come over here and register if you don’t have an account yet there’s a link down below you can just log in if you already have a bye Nance account mate it’s what’s gonna click on login let me go over here I’ve already created my username and my password of course setup two-factor authentication which is super important we’re go ahead and click on log in it’s gonna ask you to verify with a fun little word puzzle here oh here we go I thought I did it I won great now of course we have to enter our two-factor authentication code you want to get a Google Authenticator app for your smart phone it is the best way to have these authentications so I’m just going to go ahead and enter that in here great we’re gonna go more in-depth on how to use the buy Nance exchange at a later time this is just the very basic version of how to come over here and buy bitcoins so we’re gonna come up here and click on funds and buy with credit card so now the fees here are 3.5% or $10 whichever is higher and whatever number you put in here in terms of dollars they include the feet automatically on top of that so you can see here it’s four thousand one hundred and fifteen dollars to buy one Bitcoin whereas currently the price of Bitcoin is not quite that high so it’s got the three point five percent added into that right away we’re gonna go ahead and just buy a small amount of Bitcoin let’s say 75 bucks worth now that includes the fee that I have to pay so that includes the ten US dollars because that is the higher fee that I have to pay at the moment so it definitely pays to be buying or over here they just pay a 3.5 percent fee because the fees of course a bit higher percentage-wise in this situation go ahead and click on buy now I have read and agree to the terms go to payment great enter all my fun personal details here for you guys [Music] you just have to do a few quick verifications here in order to buy using credit card or on buying in so they send you an e-mail verification and a full and verification we’re just gonna go ahead and click verify that we have got both of those verifications and click on continue now we enter in our credit card details entered in the details and now we’re gonna click on Pay Now and get ourselves some Bitcoin credit card is being verified dah dah dah and they’re asking for a quick ID check this is all standard stuff over here on using the service so go ahead and click on all the required information that you do have here and it’s a little bit of paperwork to go through you have to put in all your details and stuff but it’s a pretty easy process overall they make it relatively painless you just pay the fee put in your details how much Bitcoin you want to buy I didn’t get your Bitcoin now it’s gonna take a few minutes for that Bitcoin to actually process and come through so we’ll have to check back in a few minutes to see where our Bitcoin is if you live in the EU or the UK you can also avoid the higher fees by using by Nance Jersey which allows you to send a bank transfer using euros or pounds directly from your bank account over to finance Jersey buying crypto and by Nance Jersey is nearly identical to the next exchange that I’m going to show you how to use liquid dot-com now there is a link down below to sign up to liquid if you click on the link and sign up verify your account and make a trade of $100 or more on liquid then you will get $10 in a crypto currency called cash free crypto currency just for doing what you do anyway now liquid is one of the best exchanges in terms of its availability of a wide range of different fiat currencies offering bank deposits in ten major fiat currencies including the US dollar the yen the Australian dollar euros and more in fact European customers can also use debit cards for super quick access over on liquid as bank transfers of course can take up to 10 days to clear depending on where you’re sunny are from it is very much worth keeping in mind sooo that for all exchanges when sending a bank transfer you will pay lower fees but you will have to wait for the bank to do its magic companies that offer card services will either charge higher fees for the service or perhaps Institute a waiting period for the funds to clear before they release them to you now in order to use liquid you will need to link your bank account unfortunately us-based bank accounts are not supported on liquids so if you are a us-based user then keep watching this tutorial on liquid because because the process of buying or selling crypto currencies using this method is largely the same on any exchange can repeat this process anywhere linking your bank account super easy just follow the steps listed here on the website it’s really easy to buy bitcoin over on by Nance using your credit or debit card 3.5% fee though can get a bit old over time and it’s not the worst fees by any means but if you want to avoid the majority of those fees need to send a bank transfer along so that’s why we’re gonna be using liquid dot-com now there are a lot of exchanges that operate in a very similar fashion but we’re gonna be giving the example using liquid today so again get over here and get signed up for an account there is a link down below if click on that link of course it’ll get you in to get that ten dollars worth of free cash crypto currency now I’ve already got an account from I’m just gonna go over here and click on sign in and as always you have got to make sure that you have that two-factor authentication setup using your Google Authenticator I’ve got that set up so we’re going to go ahead and enter the code here and get signed in great so this is the exchange you can all look a little bit intimidating at first there’s so many things going on oh my gosh it’s all these different crypto currencies and all these different options but it’s pretty easy and I’m gonna walk through step by step how to get some cash onto liquid so that you can buy some crypto currencies so first thing we want to do is come over here to our wallets then we’re gonna look at our deposits and liquid offers quite a few different fiat currencies so you can make deposits in US dollars Australian dollars euros Singapore dollars etc you can also of course make deposits and any old cryptocurrency Bitcoin aetherium and a lot of the major ones are supported over here on lick we’re making a dollar and deposit so I click on USD so it’s very easy to go through the steps here add your bank account create a funding request and match the bank transfer go ahead and click on get started here now I’m not gonna put my own bank in here I’ve already sent some crypto through and change that into dollars for you but the process is incredibly easy they take you through step by step by step adding a bank account is super simple and you’ve been through this process a lot of times before if you’ve been using banking on the Internet all the stuff is really straightforward Bank Bank bank branch count holder account name the only thing that might throw you for a bit of a curveball is your swift code this is something you might want to call your bank to confirm where there is a website called Bank dot codes bank dot codes now bank codes let you see look up the swift code for your bank so let’s type in Canada just as a fun reference here and we’ll find a bank the bank of Air Canada ok great in Montville there you go you see it’s that easy now we have found very very quickly the Swift code which is ACN ACA + 2 Q very easy to find that and you put that information here upload a bank statement and click on add bank account and then you just follow the steps on from there to create a funding request and to make the bank transfer again if you have ever used any internet banking services this is the exact same thing although in some situations if you’re sending that money overseas you might have to actually go down to your bank physically to make that deposit so please do keep that in mind but if you’re in Australia and you’re sending Australian dollars it should be a very straightforward and easy process for you as an example now we’ve deposited some cash over here on liquid so what we want to do you can see here in our balances we’ve got eighty US Dollars and a little bit of cash as well which is great and so we can actually go over here now and spend these dollars so we’re going to want to go to the exchange and we’re going to go to Bitcoin US Dollars Bitcoin US dollars so you can click on BTC USD right here now of course you can also buy other crypto currencies using the US dollar cash or aetherium but we’re going some Bitcoin so click on BTC USD now all of this stuff here can look really confusing and if you’re a total beginner I don’t want you worry about any of this too much these are the order books and the charts and all these things you don’t need to be looking at any of that if you’re just trying to buy some Bitcoin really simply you can just come over here and click on buy Bitcoin the easiest thing to do is a market buy so you just click on how much you want to buy and you buy it can’t get much easier than that to be honest and so let’s put in point zero one Bitcoin as an example there we go it’s about $40 with Bitcoin I’ll place my buy order and now a market buy will just get me the best price at the time on the market so I click on place buy order submit order Dada great and I now have $38 as a Bitcoin now let’s say that I want to set an exact price for my Bitcoin so I want to try them by 0.2 0.1 the price of Bitcoin gets down to $3,800 that’s my plan so that’s what I can do I can enter the price that I’m willing to pay and then how much Bitcoin I want to buy so here I’m gonna PI point 0 1 Bitcoin that I could put lease that by order and submit order great and now I just have to wait for my order to get filled so that might take a while if you want to do something quicker you just want to do the market order and it goes through much quicker but if you do want to try and get a lower price you have to enter that in manually just to give you a quick look down here you can come and of course see what your trades were so those are the executions of the trades that actually went through if you have any open orders you can see them over here now liquid comm does offer a few different services but you want to be using the spot prices right now they do also do something called margin trading which lets you do leveraged crypto currency trading this is something definitely for more advanced users but you can know that it is on offer if you want to come back at some point in the future and make use of that service also they have things like icos available here on liquid comm which is really great that they’ve got these sales you can just invest in directly here on the exchange for example they have pledged coin going right now which is very cool to see these nice sales that you can get into in a secure fashion finance also offers a similar service now that we have bought our Bitcoin we don’t want to leave this sitting on the exchange so let’s go back over here to our wallet and you can see here we have our Bitcoin sitting here point 0 to Bitcoin in total is what we bought today for around $80 which is pretty good and we’re going to want to withdraw that over here but I’m gonna go through the exact how to send Bitcoin in just few minutes using finance okay Lord he said something about free Bitcoin yes indeed I did there are two buying services which I can highly recommend the first is Abra and the second is coinbase and they both offer free Bitcoin to users who sign up using my link down below now with Abra you can buy Bitcoin using your mobile phone it is a mobile wallet and buying service so you can get $25 in free Bitcoin when signing up using the link down below and after you deposit $5 or more using a US bank account or an eligible American Express card Abra is a Bitcoin based digital wallet app that lives on your smartphone so it’s super convenient and it is an easy way to buy cell store send and receive Bitcoin from anywhere in the world it’s very similar to a brokerage but it is also a wallet which is a great added bonus with uber you can use your credit card but remember of course that if you do use the credit card you will be paying a higher fee than sending a bank transfer across bank transfers are for US citizens and for citizens of the Philippines only next up is coinbase coinbase is one of the easiest exchanges to use for beginners and again using the link down below you get $10 worth a free Bitcoin for signing up to coinbase it is super easy and it is a great option for many of you watching as coinbase is available in 33 different countries now coinbase allows you to buy cryptocurrency using your bank card again you have that higher fee need if they do want to use a bank card though or by making a deposit from your bank so the bank deposit to cheaper but they’re slower cards more expensive but faster now coinbase is one of the most user-friendly experiences for new users getting involved in crypto currencies with coinbase you can also do things like setting up a recurring payment so if you wanted to for example buy $50 a Bitcoin a week when you get your paycheck this is a nice way to average in over now some other top recommended exchanges that I can point you to bitstamp crackin Gemini bit panda uphold Andy cash app but there are hundreds of different exchanges around the world and depending on your country you may need to find a local variant that works best for you there are even some sites like paxville that will let you buy bitcoins with a gift card so there’s so many options out there you just have to find the ones that are right for you please note as well that whatever exchange you end up using please please please and able to factor authentication using an app like the Google Authenticator sim swap attacks are very common in places like the United States so text confirmations are not adequately secured take your security seriously and now that you know how to buy Bitcoin what are you waiting for go and buy some Bitcoin pause the video I’ll wait and then I will show you how to keep your Bitcoin safe cool now we bought some Bitcoin we need to keep it somewhere safe there are many different wallets available for storing your Bitcoin while some people due to fear of making a mistake sending their Bitcoin or simply due to laziness choose to keep their Bitcoin on an exchange this is ill-advised for many reasons exchanges get hacked exchanges can also shut down or you can get locked out of your account for little to no reason either through user err or simply changes in local legal status of cryptocurrencies when you have your money on an exchange you do not control your cryptocurrency because you do not control your private keys the exchange does and as the old saying goes your keys your Bitcoin not your keys not your bit moron cryptocurrency keys later but the key point is that you need to take control of your Bitcoin there are many storage options for your Bitcoin in this tutorial I will only show you one option in a later lesson I will give you a full tutorial on how to set up a ledger nanna as well as my other top recommended wallets one of my favourite wallets to use is Exodus you can download it at Exodus dot i/o Exodus thought IO so we’re gonna go ahead and download the wallet here it’ll take just omona download that for Windows so we’ve downloaded the Exodus wallet you can see all the different assets available here and the different changes current price is all that fun kind of stuff you can also go over here to your wallet you need to do this for making deposits and also for sending and receiving cryptocurrencies we’re gonna be positing some Bitcoin in a second you can also do exchanges here on Exodus which is super convenient when you just want to get quick trade for like Bitcoin litecoin or something like that but you have to have some money in your wallet before you can do any exchanging so we’re going to go and click on wallet and we are going to click on Bitcoin and receive then you will see your address come up here so we can just copy that address by clicking on this and now we have got our address copied okay back over here on by Nantz we’re gonna withdraw our Bitcoin really simple to do so we’re gonna click on withdrawal and we’re gonna put in our address by clicking use new address putting our address in and we can put for example lark Exodus very easy to use that way and then we are going to withdraw some Bitcoin so we’re gonna click all the available bitcoins so the transaction fee is going to be charged to us there and then we’re going to click on submit so this was again that address that we copied from our Exodus wallet we’re gonna click on submit enter that two-factor authentication code again super important to make sure you do have that set up on the exchange it’ll send you a confirmation email just click on that and that’ll be the final step and after that the Bitcoin will be dispatched to my Exodus wallet now it lives on the blockchain but I can access it via the Exodus wallet so it’s taken a few minutes but now you can see that our Bitcoin has arrived to our exodus wallet it still is pending so it hasn’t been quite confirmed so I can’t spend that Bitcoin yet until it has more confirmations but it’s just chillin in my wallet right now now a really important thing that I want to point out here before we do anything else there Exodus wall is to come over here and back it up so we’re gonna create a password make sure it is a unique and a strong one and click on next now this is very very important this is your twelve word recovery phrase without this phrase you cannot recover your wallet but with this phrase you can always recover your wallet so write it down make two copies of it put it in a very safe place protected against loss fire and water as they say very very very important you can always recover your Bitcoin if you have these twelve words if you lose these twelve words nobody can help you not exodus not anyone very very important they’ll ask you to confirm that you did write the words down that you do know what the words are so need to go ahead and click on the right word here is that worth and at anytime in case you do still have your wallet installed but you feel like you’ve misplaced your backup phrase you can always come over here and click on view backup phrase all you have to do is type in your password and you can have a look at it you show your phrase there there you go again super important with this twelve word phrase any of you can download next to this wallet and break into my Exodus wallet so I’m not going to keep this wallet active for very long but it really makes you realize the importance of this twelve word phrase and how important it is to keep it secure now a few other features of Exodus while we’re here it has got a lot of different wallets a lot of aetherium based tokens like 0x and basic attention token are supportive but also sports quite a few different block chains you have dash D cred digit by yoast theorem aetherium classic light coin neo and on and on it goes Exodus is a really great wallet to use it is not a perfect solution in terms of really secure long-term storage of your cryptocurrency assets but it is a great hot wallet and if we want to send our bit going back over to bye Nance maybe to buy some different cryptocurrencies that you can’t just buy here using the simple exchange function on Exodus well we’re going to want to click on send and put in our buy Nantz address now how do you get your buy and answ address of course come over here and click on funds deposits and that will take you through to Bitcoin in finance copy that address copied going to control V it in there send it all across and off we go magic it’s gone it’s gone back on its way over to finance if you’re ever feeling a bit impatient and thinking hey where is my transaction that I withdrew or I am trying to deposit to or from finance well you can come over here in your history section you can look here I’m on with the withdrawals page right now it’s the exact same for the posits page so we can go ahead here and click on this and you’ll see the address where we’re sending it soo but we can also see our transaction ID so I’m gonna copy that transaction ID you can also just click on the address as well and open that up at a new tab we’re just gonna copy it for the sake of argument here we’re gonna go over to blockchain calm now blockchain comm is a block Explorer a block Explorer allows you to look into the blockchain because everything is transparent on the blockchain so on the Bitcoin blockchain you can look and see all kinds of different formation now blockchain comm particular they give things like the price the how much computing power is on the network how difficult it is to mine a Bitcoin right now how many transactions per day are there the average value of a transaction what the average transaction fee is you can also of course see a breakdown of the last block that was mined who mined it how many transactions were in that block you can also look at the individual transactions themselves since there’s quite a few coming through here but we want to see our transactions so we’re gonna put in our transaction ID and click on search so we can see if this has been confirmed or not we are in there somewhere so we can see that there’s only two confirmations on that right now so still waiting for a few more confirmations for that to come through but you can also look in here of course and look at our address specifically so that and copy that address from finance so this is our exodus wallet address and we can look up our Exodus wallet and just see what’s going on in there specifically so we go ahead and click there great you can see that we have had a deposit and we’ve also had a withdrawal so I’ve sent the money back over to buying it so you can see all that information here you see where it came from where it went to which is the exodus wallet and then you can see that it’s gone from the exodus wallet back over to bye Nance so a lot of transparency here in the blockchain and this is a great way to find out hey where is my transaction and what’s going on with a Bitcoin address blockchain comm offers all that nice functionality for you Bitcoin transactions are irreversible once you send a transaction that’s it there’s no Bank to call and cry to so be careful when sending Bitcoin triple check the address before you send it or send a tiny amount first and then send more later you’re feeling a bit apprehensive about the process irreversible transactions though do have their positive side effects for example they’re very useful for merchants as it avoids any possibility of charge backs which currently account for on average around 1% of all credit card transactions the second note I want to make is about fees as an added incentive for running the network miners also receive fees now the fees are paid when you send Bitcoin from one address to another address this is often only a few cents but when the network is particularly busy this can be much much more as the transaction fees work on a floating scale now this depends on network demand at the time so there will be times when you will have to spend more to send that miners will choose those who are willing to pay the highest fees first the fees are based on how much data the transaction requires as an example buying and sending one Bitcoin will have a small fee from coinbase but if you buy 10 fractions of a Bitcoin and send them to your wallet well you’re going to incur 10 separate fees when sending from coinbase but also later on when you want to send that one Bitcoin to someone else or tube in exchange to sell it well you now have higher fees once again then if you had just sent one Bitcoin at the start because the miners need to include all the data from those previous 10 different transactions into one transaction moving forward third we must understand the time it takes to make a transaction when sending from your wallet transactions can happen rather quickly assuming of course that the miners are happy with the fee that you are paying them and include it in the next block at certain times though the network can become very congested in your transaction may take many hours to process also it is important to note that some exchanges will not immediately send your withdrawal request to the blockchain as they may wait to batch your transactions together with other users in order to keep the fees lower finally we must discuss public and private keys your public key aka your public address is visible to everyone and is used to provide a destination for funds to be deposited give it to everyone share it wherever you like no problem your private key though is what allows you to access your Bitcoin it is critical to keep this safe because anyone who has that can access your Bitcoin to give you an analogy if Bitcoin is a post office then the miners are the mail delivery men the miners fees are stamps and your public key is your post-office box and anyone can send you a letter to that post office box because everyone can see it and they can see the mail men putting the letters into your box but only you have the key to open that mail box not the other mail box holders not even the postman only you have the key to open your box making a copy of your private key and leaving it on your phone or in your cloud is the equivalent of leaving your keys sitting in your car it’s all good until somebody steals your car and then the thieves also get to go and read your mail box that’s not a mailbox it’s your Bitcoin address and it’s got thousands of dollars in it potentially and no one can stop them from doing that because remember if someone has the private key they can withdraw the funds from your address it’s critical to understand this thank you so much for watching check out the next video in this series to learn more about cryptocurrency and feel free to post any questions that you may have down below in the comment section there you will also find my recommended list of wallets and exchanges as well as all the links to get your free Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and if you found this video useful then please hit the thumbs up button and remember to subscribe to the channel if you are new around here long live the blockchain and peace out til next time

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  2. Please do video on how to cashout bitcoin and erc20 . Coinbase for bitcoin and lets say the key coin , telcoin etc .

  3. Thanks for the informational videos lark ! I have been in crypto since 2017 and was self taught but a lot of uncertainty along the way ! Just downloaded abra from your link am waiting for amex verification. Can i link bank acount And cash out some bitcoin from time to time in next bull run im in usa but would probably have to do id verified kyc or should i send to coinbase to cashout when time comes trying to hone my skills i have a ledger nano s snd use myetherwallet also do i have to send erc token like the key to the exchange probably kucoin to lets say cash tky out . One cashout option for all erc tokens would be nice ? Thanks for your time ✌️

  4. Personally my experience with coinbase hasn't been too good from Australia – card was the only option and it had to verified by means of a microtransaction of a few cents charged to my card, after which I needed to wait til it appeared on my card statement and then send back info on that transaction from my card statement, after many attempts it never appeared on my statement so I gave up on it. That was over a year or two ago, dunno if they've improved anything since along those lines.
    I currently use Coinspot ( )
    which is exclusively for Australian users and is regulated by our government which does add a layer of security but also comes at the cost of the govt taking 10% gst tax on all trades including non fiat pairs. Aussies can deposit easily with bpay (our usual online bill paying method), but does take a few days for funds to arrive in your account, minus 1% fee. Their withdrawal fees are pretty high too making it costly to move crypto to someplace preferable like a personal wallet or other exchange. It's pretty easy to use, would recommend to Aussies just starting out but I am looking for a better solution. Thanks for your work, i'm definitely gonna look into liquid and would love to hear your feedback on some of the dex coming out. (sorry if you've already covered some – I'm a late comer to your channel and currently in the process of gradually going through your backlog of informative vids).

  5. Mr Lark, is Coinjar a good brokerage? i have used them in the past but for a while now there mobile app hasn't been working not sure if i want to continue using them anymore

  6. I’m still trying to familiarize myself with the whole “wallet “ thing. Forgive me if this is a stupid question, but I need help understanding. Can I use my IPad for wallets like Exodus, & Ledger, or must I use a regular computer? (ie; laptop) The reason I ask, is that my primary device is an IPad. & obviously it has no USB port. Thank you.

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