How to Buy & Sell Bitcoin for Cash!? No Coinbase or Polionex Needed!! BitQuick Review FREE BITCOIN

THE BOSS OF BITCOIN! Check-Check can You Guys Hear My Voice okay right Now I’m uh Jumping in the chat How’s Everybody Doing today i hope Everybody’s Doing well Ronald Thanks for Other Great Advice Doubled a Bitcoin investing in me oh? Hey thank you so much Ma’am for the tip i do appreciate it That’s awesome You made some Money I’m Glad i was Able to be of some assistance and I do appreciate the tip That’s cool That’s what it’S all about right there Man i appreciate that Thank you so much Ronald Where are you from What City you from Yeah If You didn’t get on a on on the ant Ant coin train i Think we did a Review of That Thing Like Not a week ago two Weeks ago you Know it was primed and ready to go That’s Why i’ve covered it so you know iF you’re looking. To make some Money You know it’s it’s different types of People Right it’s different Types of People it’S it’s People that you know are Just curious What is this bitcoin Thing Right Here you Know this guy on YouTube is Kind of cool Calls Himself The Boss you know and They Just come to check out a video and then it’s other People like my man Ronald you Know That uh that uh that i listen to – What a Boss Saying Felt some Money Down on it you? Know and cash Out and That’s Exactly What Today’s video is about it’s how do we Protect our profits how do we cash out That’s That’s a Perfect intro Man i appreciate That Alright Cool so What uh! What do we Want our question of the day to be so you Guys Know how it works If you don’t ben this is how it is we have a Hundred and Nine Viewers Right Now I’m a Push Out a Little bit we Need to get up to 75 Likes I’ll give You four Minutes to do it and if we do it Somebody in the Check is going to win some cash Payable and bTC from my wallet to Yours The question of The day Is Hmm Let me see let me see let me see What’s going on in the World today i don’t even know What’s going on outside of These Charts What do you Guys think the question of the day Should Be Hit that Thumbs up button right now Let’S see i’m trying to think i’m like lost for Words Right Now Everything is like Been bitcoin and bitcoin cash i don’t even know what What else is after did all These Charts oh? Let’S see let’s see let’s see okay Here we Go ant Shares is Taken off again How much do you think and Shares Will Be By The end of the week so by Sunday night how much Will and Shares be That’s gonna Be our question of the day five Minutes Everybody four Minutes Now to get 75 likes iF we can Do It Somebody in the chat is gonna win some cash straight in Bitcoin from My Wallet to Yours three Minutes we Need 75 lights Let’s go How Much Will aunt tears Be Sunday night Right Now it’s at Like What What is it at Right Now Seventeen Dollars Right Now how much Will it be This Time Sunday Night Right What are we at Now What are we at Now we got a Hundred Thirty-One People We Need to get Up there real quick if this is gonna Happen We Need to get to 70 Likes on this video if That Happens Somebody in the Chat Right Now is go get some cash People and bPc from Me to you if It Doesn’t then we don’t. Have to keep It moving we were able to get it done Yesterday Today Is a New day so Let’s see what happens and Then also One more Thing So let’s see did we get it that We Get It time my man time i’m i’m uh Filling This Thing Out Right Now time did we Get it Sixty-Seven Ninety-four How Many Lights do We Got Keep It honest Keep It honest how many We Got All right But my man My man uh i tell you what my man Threw it Threw It down earlier Master Crypto scrilla i saw you in the chat the other day i might have to look Hillsong Up and see what she was talking? About all right Let’s Get This Thing Started I’m gonna be up top i’m gonna take It up top this time All right Got That Got that bam. Bam bam Imma take It up top and i Just Got one more quick thing This Is gonna Actually be a Really helpful episode you Guys so Just Bear with me while i Clean Up these images i want to make sure that we Have you know i Have Everything on Here Because When i do these Things live so i have to basically Go like from slide to slide window to window and I’m freestyling it So i’m not Able to like go in and chop It out and you know Make sure everything Looked Clean so i Kind of Got to do this stuff Right Before We Get on and You guys Man Listen I’m got that i got that i still need that They Whipped me one second That’s it We Got It Up there yet no There it Goes i Think that Need one more Should be over here Alright So yeah we’ll go ahead and and do the Thing with that i need to Email This guy Real quick and tell Him wait a minute Wednesday What okay Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry They send like a Big quick since these emails that I’m trying to screenshot so i can show you Exactly how it happens Where we Go Not 340 87 horse 328 Good okay Almost done It’s pretty Cool the Way That They do It Though okay We’re gonna be Able to fly through This Thing right quick Alright Good oh and then This guy Cool Good Hopefully Everybody’s Making Some Money in This Market That’s Pretty Much the point of This video i’ve had a Lot of People Hit me Up one on one in and the Facebook Group – more or less you Know talk about How they can Make sure that They’re profitable right and then That’s What That’s what the purpose of Today’s Video is so i do appreciate Your patience and Allowing me to get everything like That Together Without Further Ado Let’S Keep It Going What’s going on miss Alexis hey i gotta get Alexis you gotta send me your wallet So i think i Messaged you back on trade in view but Yeah send me your wallet so i could send you to have Money From Yesterday i Don’t think i sent it to you yet alright Let’s Get started Live From The usa helping you get paid every day This is the Boasts of Bitcoin the Creased o of Crypto is he a boy bk and if you don’t like me you must not like Money Today Is Wednesday august 9th 2017 Bitcoin Is sitting strong North Of 3,300 dollars Bitcoin cash is hiding in the Shadows at 350 and we Have a bull Market Everybody Is a Beautiful time to be alive and it’s a Wonderful day to be on the trade right Hopefully You Guys made some Money today i know i sure did and with that being Said you Know that Money Again at The end of the day it’s Just a Number on the screen Until you cash it out right and as we Will see There will be a lot of Money coming into the game and over time there will be some money pulled back as Well so my biggest goal for you guys is to put you in the most the best Position to be profitable to be prosperous you know and and it Puts Yourself in a Position to take Advantage of Every Opportunity available and accessible That being Said one of The best websites i have found Throughout The last Two Years of Dealing in bitcoin and Dealing in Fiat and Converting Over Is called Bit quick we Will get to that in a Second i Got It i Got a Really quick Analysis for you Guys Really quick Review show you guys how to get Just gets a paid set Up and Get some cash to bitcoin and bitcoin of cash Keep The Money Flowing and Keep The profits going But You already know you already Know you Know bk’s Channel Every day you Know somebody Got to get paid so with that being Said all my People that came Early we had a Little contest you know the contest Happened so now The question i had question of the day Is how much do you think ant Shares Will be This time on Sunday Basically Three or four Days from Right Now if you do not Know Now you know ant share is a Banger Right This is the Darlin This is like China’s Baby Over there and it’s it’s Been Going Up non-stop i think i did a little quick analysis Called Enter The Matrix we’ll Talk about That a Little Bit to where i went over i talked about It you know the Possibilities of It and Then Next Thing you know bam It took off right so that is our question of The day How Much Will It be Worth Will It keep Going Up Will it go down Only time Will tell But Until That time comes You Know Somebody Got to get paid Just for Just for Throwing a Two Cents Out there you know Let’S see who do we want it to be who do we Want. It who do we Wallets Go Let’s Go up top let’s go up top let’s go to my People up top came Up here Early came Up here Early you Know Where we are where we at where we at Bam my man Adam Miller Said 2750 Next Sunday i like It i like It what do we Say is that Right Now 17 so you predict in another ten dollars That’s Pretty strong That’s true Pretty strong But That’s a Very Very possible and with That Being Say It you know Let’S list Let’s Check it out Right So this is what we Go do this is what we Go do to my man Adam i am Going To uh i just took a picture of Your name right and so Now this is how you get paid man That’s how you Get paid Earlier Um a Couple Minutes right before i got on the air i Put a post Up you know to let all my People know in a Facebook Group if you don’t know Now you know You are now Rocking with the best i am the boss of These Charts and on my Channel Every day Somebody Got to get paid right and And That’s What i do That’s What i do i take Money Out my pocket about a Couple Hundred Dollars a Month you Know and i do my best to try to empower others Through This Crypto game and My Man Adam is the man at our right This is our Facebook Group by the Way it’s called The Number One bitcoin Group in the world there is a Link in the description Right There come Join Us the doors are always open Seven Thousand People and Growing Every Single day with That being Said let’s Check out bit quick calm This is where it’s That Bit quick dot ce o a link is in the description for this as Well It Says buy and sell Bitcoin Sell bitcoin for cash Whatever It Says buy bitcoins Just look a Few Links down in the description It will take You straight Here the reason i embedded in like a url Mascar is first of all you Know Half at Half of These websites are like Really Really long especially Like With trading view and coin Market Cap all that so i Just Throw It in like a Little Thing Go you are Url master and also That Helps me like to see who’s actually Clicking on Stuff How many People are clicking on stuff and if you Guys aren’t clicking on something and i’ll Get Rid of It you Know and Bring something in That You are interested in so it’s Kind of like a Little counter Just to let me know how many People click on it and Then It also You Know Keeps YouTube from Knowing all of The websites that I’m sending you guys to because i don’t want them to like Triangulate you know the data and you know they could do anything They could do anything Google owns all the data in the world but This is the topic of discussion Right Now Big quick nazi oh i have used these Guys personally i could Bounce for this Company right Before Bitcoin cash Happened i probably sent Between five and Ten Thousand Dollars Through This Through This website and The Way It works it’s Very Very easy either you’re Buying or you’re selling right and at The time i was buying and so How the Buying Part Works is you click on that Little Button right there and it’s Real Easy It Says How much that you want to buy you say i want to buy one Hundred dollars They automatically convert It right There You Pick What Kind of bank you have Now this is the thing if You are not in the united States This may Not Work? for you You May Need to get but you might still be Able to get account i wanted banks if you can Get a TD Ameritrade account or a Bank Of America account or wells fargo account all you Need is an account Number with a Routing Number To where somebody can Deposit cash in It right so for Example i did a Bank of America Right Click That It Asked What State you in It looks like it’s Just limited to the United States Not It Actually look at It you click you stay fill out your email Address Now you do Need to have Your bitcoin Address Right so you Need to have you Know your bitcoin wallet from a Blockchain That info already Now again This will Be part of a Playlist That Beginners What for Onboarding so this Will Be One video in it but in Addition to that I’m not Doing it tonight i haven’t done it yet But I will make another Movie another video on the blockchain that info and getting Your first bitcoin Wallet for free Everything I do Is for free right so to bitcoin While it’s free this website you know you Just pay for the Transaction and bam You Pay two dollars and four Cents right Amount do One old 204 you get a Hundred you Pay 102 Somebody Do that Math Real quick and tell me how much Better that is then no scam Artists over there in the blue right I don’t even call them out by the name i Just call them the Boys in blue right The Basic Boys in blue you know So basic Right So That’s how you buy it’s Just That easy and What They Will do is in Turn They Will email You and Say ok you Need to go deposit 102 dollars and 40 cents into this bank America account They’ll give You the account Number two person’s name you go to any Local Branch anywhere in the country anywhere in the World for that Matter and you put the cash in and that person verifies it and This is What It Looks like on the other side so say i Had Earlier I don’t know When this Was i had sold i had sold 0.35 bitcoin Right Put That on the Market When it Was like 3,500 because i figured we Was going down for a Few Days you know i can cash Out take my girl out to dinner you Know buy my dog a New Little New little treat for her to chew on you Know and Jump back in When the Water Got warm again So this is this is the email they send you know i took out My information so you don’t need that but you already know My name Because we Family you know so they Say hey you sold 0.35 bitcoin This is the wallet that They sent it to And The Confirmation process is Very Easy Very clean so for Example if you want it to sell this is what you do you Type on Quick sell right Say hi my name is Brandon Kelly I Have a Wells Fargo account and I would like to sell 0.35 bitcoin a Day What’s your account number well it’s bk, the boss You’re one – can You confirm That account Number please sir yes i can i’m glad You Asked it is bk, the boss 0 1 2 how much bitcoin WouLd Be like so pacer 0.35 please Would You Like Dynamic pricing What is that can You Explain That You well Dynamic pricing is when we take The average of all the different websites and We Say When this average Increases The Price you get will increase Why i think That’s a That’s a Dandy Idea Why don’t you add on Dynamic pricing well What’s the best website for me to use It’s actually Bitcoin average they Normally are five to ten percent higher Than the Market So Just By listing on bitcoin average calm By Using That with Dynamic pricing You’ll probably Get you know five to Six percent more Than You would have on Bit tricks or any we’re Just selling it so low back to the Market wow That’s amazing So i put my email Address bk bitcoin you know a One-Eyed email That time bam Right you Know i hit that little button and This is What this is what It Does right i Say My account number i confirm my account number and then on the next page I put in the wallet That I’m sending it from They They Will send me The Wallet to send it to i think this is what it Was this was the wallet i had to send a 0.35 To so i already did that This Money is Already gone The email Was to confirm it the person then Got My Information and This is like a Lot of Transactions i’ve Been i’ve Been selling that Ish Out of btC lately You Know Because like i said man you know Saying Girl like to go out you know i’m i had dude in town you know you Know Just Little Stuff Just Little Stuff Look Stuff This ain’t even like a full bitcoin Know there’s Just Pocket change i could change in a bitcoin World But Anyways i digress so That 0.35 bitcoin Was Actually That three Hundred and Twenty eight Dollars and Eighty-five Cents so When i sold that point o three five That’s what the person? Deposited in and This is how they do It Every single Transaction They Will identify The dollar Amount for That One Transaction and It Says Please confirm This Deposit so i go to my bank account i Say okay i’m looking for three to eight point eight five bam there you go cash Money in my account and i can use That anyWhere anywhere in the World right it’s real Clean it’S real easy it is cash Money But btC you Know this is so much Better in coin Boys coinbase will make You wait three weeks to cash Out and then They go charge you right i Just Showed you if you want to buy a Hundred dollars Worth of Bitcoin you Only Got to pay them two dollars and it’s cash Money Inside of Like a Couple Hours you Get your Money right cuz this it’S real easy it’s real clean i click that Little Green Button Confirm The Deposit It lets the It sends the bitcoin to the person that Put the money in my account and Both Sides are happy i Got my Money cash in my account and he got his bitcoin i sent to the wallet This is by far the best website That i’ve Seen that converts bitcoin to cash and cash to bitcoin Quick Bit uh I’m sorry Bitch quick that co again a Link is in the Description a Bit quick that ceo Just Type look in the description i’m also gonna put It in the first comment on This video But look in the description it’ll Say buy sale bitcoin Bam Click That button and you are all good to go this is an Amazing Eyes I sent probably five ten Grand Over The Past Couple Weeks and you can See i’m cashing it out Just Little By Little you know one you Know Just Little By Little i got People all Over the World putting Money cash Money in my account right and it’s amazing This is how bitcoins Should Be right This is the Beauty of I don’t need to know you – to offer you something that provides value to your life you don’t need to know me to put cash in my account because we Trust The System We trust the process People often ask What is the value of bitcoin What is it Actually Worth It is Priceless Because That You can’t buy my trust right The minute you lose It you lost It Forever you you can’t buy it back But something Like This That if The rest of my life you know Cash Money Just The Way i like it so don’t matter if you cash it in or cashing out This website Will do It for you ten times Better Than The Boys in blue over there Working with the fans with That being Said you know i wanted to make This a Real quick call This is Just gonna be like part One of a New Series I’m Doing it’s a Lot of People Just getting on Board with This bitcoin game so this is They’ll Be like the Abcs of btC you Know where i break it down step by step for you guys and i’m Actually gonna be Breaking Off a Few new Channels to where it’s Just Beginner’s Stuff you know how to make a Wallet how to you know set a Limit order on a Conan Exchange What is in exchange What is bitcoin What is the black Chain different Things like That You Know a Lot of Us older Guys Take for Granted but it’s still Very confusing to a lot of newcomers so i’m gonna make A new Channel you can look Out for that i’m also gonna Make an Advanced Channel so you can Look out for That Too Whereas This Channel Will Just Be like The everyday you know new new content Market Market Trends That those Two new Tunnels Will essentially Be for The newcomers and the more the more the Sharks Swimming Around The Water We ain’t i’ll i’ll swim in no Wills i swim with Sharks you Know i need some Killers with me All right so with that being said a Couple Things We Got if you Check out the website And our digital community Boss a Bitcoin comm i’m Working on Upgrading This Thing as We Speak To new things we Got Actually not new but the two things we Got to support Community First is Called The profit Package This Thing Is a Hand Selected list of The top ten coins On the market right Now as far as i see it you Know a Lot of People Ask how long is it Good For is It Long-term As a Short-Term It is right Now and so Much That this this package right Now i didn’t even count The last Two Days Is probably Up 20 to 40 percent As of Two Days Ago It Was Up 25 percent and i know for a fact that a 3-2 coin zone There Just Went Up another 20 percent today So it’s probably about 30 40 percent i hand Select these Coins They are Validated Through Many of The discussions i have in our Facebook Group When i Just Throw Stuff Out there you know to get People’s Feedback? One of The Guys we’re talking about a New coin today about Library We Always Talking about Bitcoin cash about neo you know so all that and put all that Knowledge all That time Two hours you Know of sitting in front of Charts You Know coming Up with Harmonic resonance Frequencies you Know that That Looks something Like They came Out of a Movie you know coming Up Coming Up with with Charts That oh no where’s That Where’s That Where’s that you know This is what i’ll start Doing Just showing This Stuff you know if y’All didn’t see this this this this in itself is Amazing This is all i talk about Guys This is all i talk about This while the Guys on wall street Will never Be Able to beat me in the harmonic based fractal trade Because This is infinite repetition from a single source Right That’s my Method Fractal Bass Harmonic trading Everything Is in Frequency with everything Around It and That is impossible to replicate if That Was not The case That’s basically One of Those Infinity Mirrors We were like you you move the mirror and it Image inside Shifts From One side to another but It Always Goes to infinity That’s essentially What we see right Now you know Go into Infinity so this is how i trade this is how i know When things break out this is how this is how the Charts talk? To me right the fibonacci levels are all the same on three different? You Know waves That’s Because it’s from the single source so essentially you get all that Knowledge Dump inside a Nice $25 package Called The private Packages like That on the bus bitcoin comm slash Shop Just Click There Bam Shop you got it if you want to get a one-on-One meeting with me i’m actually Late for a Call right Now but i do two or three meetings a Day Guys I’m literally putting Hours into this community you can do that as well you click on shop Click On One-on-One Meeting With vk. Bam that Will take you over here? To a page that looks like? The Calendar i don’t know where it went but You will essentially Be Able to pick a time any time you want That Works After You Pay 225 dollars My Calendar gets Opened Up and Say You wanted to do you know afternoon Folk Like Session boom There you go right there you Know it’s wide open Waiting for Somebody to take It right Now you know also when you do order That profit Package When you click on profit package and Click submit This is the screen That You download It from so That’s Actually The Link right There Where it Says download the profit package you Just click that Link Guys and You’ll Have It right i think it’s a Little bit easier now but some some People are still having Difficulty With That and It Also Emails This Thing to you so even if you don’t download It right there you Just open your email Right Check your Spam Maybe Just Type in bk and your email and it’ll pop up and you can download It from the email it Will Be The exact same message With The Exact Same Hyperlink built into it do me a favor if unit if you and uh Chat Right Now shops Your country Out we are wrapping This Thing Up inside of 30 seconds so shout to country out i want to Show y’all some love too and Just getting back again This is our Facebook community It’S a Beautiful Beautiful Group the doors are always open 7,000 People from all Over the World and all We Talk is how to make each Other Money Right It ain’t no fun if the homeboy don’t get none and every day is Thanksgiving cuz we Eaten and breaking Bread Together Right So this is how i work this is the community the three phases of It right Now we got a few new Channels coming out Look Out for those in the next couple weeks and Just Remember When you come the doors are always Open But there are some you know Guidelines that we Have first of all we are a community be be supportive be positive and Be Helpful right That’s the biggest Thing you guys as we profit Let us not detract you know What i mean is you know as as we accumulate more Financial Wealth and Financial Capability Let us not look Around us To those That Have not? In a sense in a sense of Dismay Let us let us you know extend positivity into the universe that is how you attract more Positivity and upon Yourself That’s how this community is about right Now we Got 7,000 people on Facebook every day Looking to do the same with that being said again i invite you boss of Bitcoin comm Come in the doors are always open it’S a Beautiful Thing Guys? – Just two Months of Doing These videos We Got Almost 10,000 Subscribers a Thousand People You Know see these videos Every day and soon as They’ll be 5,000 after that it’ll be 10,000 right That’s awesome That’s awesome and so i hope i appreciate the patience you give with me as i continue to build out this community Lay Down the Groundwork the Infrastructure i had no idea this was gonna be happening two months Ago you know i Just started you Know you’re on Mines on a – Chart Yeah And i saw i saw It move i saw a move through One of the lines and i Said wait a minute I said hold on Said – Look Like it’s cash Right Now and that Was it that Was the beginning of all this stuff So so here we Go right Here i Just wanted to you know tell Y’ALl a Little Bit about Myself you know in my Vision for our People So let’s see let’s see let’s see where we’re at right Now who we Got live on the line with your boy bk We got We Got us a Young top we Got straight Yeah we got Cleveland James G and Cleveland What’S going on cuz you know sam 4008 e north – 71 right There right There off Rocks i Rolled You dig They Still Know me in bed four high school boy they still know my name Up there Let’S see let’s see we got cali texas cali Netherlands cali Man We Got Three Callie’s Back-To-back The west coast is strong Right Now a big Layoff Holding The down for cape cod cape Town and africa appreciate the Support sir boise idaho florida Texas right Oh a stan Big time Holding me down the new My Ohdn y’All Better Not give time no problems or i’ma come looking for you right Crypto Phone yeah i see it Connecticut Detroit Stand Up toronto Porto Rico Rally missouri right Colorado Springs San Diego Minnesota The usa is strong Today it’S strong Right Now so but this is what i’m Saying all Over The World Guys you can see from from from puerto rico to cape Town You Know we Got People all Over the world and that and that Facebook Group is amazing i even talked to a guy to canada God Just Got Married Threw Down some Heavy cash in the bitcoin Just Got Married you Know and Looking Looking to make some Money so you know i sat Down with Him for about an hour And talked to talk to get into him so it’s a Beautiful community Guys we come together We Play Together we We Eat Together you know i’m sam and we We Journey into this new World Together And with that being Said That’s the opportunity we have so i’m Happy i could be a Part of It and facilitate the process the best that i can do Hopefully This video Helped You If you if you think It did if you think It might Help some somebody else By all means copy and paste the url Text It to somebody You care about Say Hey this Thing is taking off i didn’t made Money Be cater Made Money 7,000 People on Facebook Than Made Money Nine Thousand subscribers then Made Money It’s time for you to make Money Too you Know they got delta Airlines accepting Bitcoin on The airplane right Now you can Pay You could be over to ocean Right in the Middle of nowhere But You can Still Pay in bitcoin on own American Airlines That’s how you know this Thing is coming Around Mark My Words we We are The Early Adaptors we are the future and The future we create is manifested Every day and the inner inner Energy We Exuberant Around us Don’t let it go they go back to where you don’t tell somebody you care about Don’t let it they go by where you don’t care about Yourself Within our Minds Within Within Each Other We can We Will and We Are Changing a future every day We Wake up that being Said it’s that time of the day This Young Boy bk signing off no Matter Where you stay From Brazil to the Bay in california All the Way back Out Through Jerry Monday Good night Good morning and Good day Until we meet again i Appreciate Your time if You appreciate mine Like subscribe and share Stay Cryptic Y’all please

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  1. To buy on bitquick it cost 2% on coinbase to buy is 0.75 of a percent. So it's cheaper to buy on coinbase. On bitquick is 0% to sell. Coinbase it's 0.75 percent to sell. It's cheaper to sell on bitquick

  2. Great video! Hate those fees! Got trashed on the FB page over a discussion about avoiding the taxman. Geez! ? I pay them. Apparently one of the few.

  3. BK when buying btc there, you have to deposit the dollar amount (cash or check) into another individuals name at the same bank, for instance WFC or BAC that they give you via email? Then your money (cash or check) goes to that other individuals account, gets verified, then they pay you the btc you ordered to the wallet you supplied?

  4. How can I get my ETH, LTC off the boys in blue(CB)? Im new to the game, should I put it on Poloniex, and maybe transfer it to Blockchain and then take it out on Bitquick?….Yeah Need the new channel for newbies.

  5. I just received this response from Coinbase:
    "Unfortunately we're not able to increase your Coinbase limits at this time, but you're welcome to try again in the future. In the meantime, please keep in mind that your limits may automatically increase as you build up a purchase history with us.
    Also, please know that we are currently unable to grant limit increases for instant or debit card purchases."

    Thank you for using Coinbase!
    Kind regards,
    The Coinbase Team

    So this week alone I have bought 2 bitcoins using BITQUICK, deposited them in my Kraken account both times in less than 5 hours total time each. I am sorry but how can someone buy if a $4000 bitcoin if they are limited to $1000 a week?

    I will post this on social media so no one else has to go thru this and BITQUICK was awesome.

  6. Emergency check Google news on Bitcoin China crackdown , China Blocks entire country the Shares in Bitcoin have Seriously Dropped September 2017 Latest news

  7. I'm a newbie as of this month. I guess my first question to you is. Bit coin is about 300,00 per 100 shares. I would like to start investing in certain ICo Do I have to start off in bit coin or could i use other coins?

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