How to buy IOTA with coinbase(GDAX)

so everyday for numerous days I've seen this question how do i buy Iota well with a few simple steps I'm going to show you just how you can buy iota if you live in the United States I know this way works in the United States so I definitely recommend it there's some other ways you can get it but I've tried them and they did not work if you live in the United States first things first if you want to check and see iota is doing and where the places you can get it from you can go to coin market cap and this is going to rank all your coins by volume I believe so CA otis here and if you click on it and then you go to markets it's gonna show the markets that it's being bought from as you can tell it's not very many uncoordinated bitcoins like 400 so the place that we're going to be using today is finance and if you wonder how legit finance might be all you have to look at is 24 hour volume as you can see they're second in their category so how do you get money to finance but the only way that you can buy Iota in the united states as of right now is through bindings there's some other unethical ways to get it from these other places but we're going to play you the legitimate way so I use coinbase this is my coin base account but what you're going to do is you're gonna move everything to the G Dax for Less fees so as you can see I transfer everything to G Dax I can tell you if you want to buy it quickly to use your debit card you will pay some fees but you will not wait seven to eight days like I did so just a couple pointers if I was to go into my accounts and I go into my USD wallet and if you look I deposited funds from a bank transfer December oh one and it took well passed right there the 8th so that's when it finally showed up and I could transfer it to G Dax so once that money is there you go to G Dax which is the same thing as coinbase so my account login is the same exact for my coin base once you get here you're going to deposit coinbase account USD wallet you're going to move it in here and then you're going to deposit funds now this stuff if you don't understand it you can do it the easy way and you can do a market buy and it's gonna buy you in at a higher price than what you would normally pay if you're watching the price you can do a limit by amount and limit price and you can watch it and see if it goes through a lot of people are saying don't use Bitcoin right now to transfer because the fees are higher and the price fluctuates so much that you could literally lose twenty dollars you know out of a hundred just by transferring it in the time change of the price has gone up and down so much a lot of people are suggesting litecoin or retune so if you're in a hurry and you want to do it too quickly like I have in the past you can market by Bitcoin or litecoin or ETH once you've bought it go ahead you're gonna go to Finance and of course you're gonna have to have accounts on both these and be verified so cheer finance and your verified and you login which we're gonna have to now how they recommend that all of you use 2-step verification it's the safest thing that you can do so of course I have an app on my phone and technically you should really let people see this but it changes I think like every 30 seconds you know they can recover your account with just a few of those numbers so once you're in and you're verified the way that you're going to get your Bitcoin or litecoin or ETH from the GTA X is you're going to go into funds and then deposit withdrawals and then because whatever you're sending over you're gonna need to know your deposit wallet so because I've been using Bitcoin I'm gonna go to deposit because I'm gonna be making a deposit and I highly recommend you read these because for instance iota has a little bit different so it's situation even though you're not going to be transferring i/o to here in the future you may be so you're gonna get this address and you're gonna copy it you're gonna come over to the GTA X and you're gonna withdrawal whatever you bought because you're gonna have to buy something because they only do Bitcoin or litecoin or e th so then you would draw and then the BTC address it's where you're gonna want to go the amount which you can hit max whatever it is and then the address so my wallet was this address and then I use my 2-step verification and then which are all funds once that's done you can take this address and go to blah chain info because sometimes this takes a little bit of time when the times or when the network is congested and you can search and see how many confirmations it's taking so if you go here you can see some of mine and what I've transferred and once it's got two confirmations it will successfully be on Finance once you're on Finance you can go to the exchange and you see your money which you should get an email like I do you can go to iota if you're watching this video as of today I highly recommend that you let it fall in between 380 and 410 before you buy I've actually bought extremely higher than that but that is pretty much how you're gonna buy it if you only do let's say ten dollars you can't limit by iota you have to market by it and you can't I almost believe you can't do that from your phone I believe you have to be on a test a desktop to be able to market by thank you guys for watching if you have any questions leave them in the comments and I'll be sure to answer

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