How to buy IOTA in the US Using Coinbase [Shockingly Easy]

what is up guys happy Monday evening evening what's Rodney here with crypto bros and today what we're doing is we're gonna do a tutorial on how to buy iota I've been posting about this coin a lot over the last couple days last night I shot a late video of this thing just going AWOL on the charts I was up over 50% at one point today and I just think there's a lot of long-term benefit for this coin I'm sitting out of myself I'm gonna continue to buy it so anyway I had get I've been getting a lot of questions on how exactly to go about that how to get this into your profile so tonight I am doing a video on how to buy iota from your coin base account now don't confuse that you can't actually buy iota on coin base but we're gonna show you how to start there so I'm the very first thing that we're gonna do is you're gonna go to buy Nance now Finance is the site that is recommended for us buyers from iota itself so that is why I use this if you're outside the states you can get this on this next but we are going to be using buy Nance for this video so anyway down below I do have a referral link that will take you to this I don't exactly know all the ins and outs of the referral link I think you might get maybe 50% off your like trading transactions for your first month on Finance but I'm actually not positive and to be 100% honest a dude yesterday posted his referral link on my iota video and I was like oh they have a referral link so I'm gonna have sign and grab mine itself I didn't do any research into it but it maybe it pays me a commission maybe it's 50% off your referral or your transaction fees I don't really know it doesn't matter but the very first thing you're gonna do is when you go to buy Nance is you're just gonna go up here to register right very very simple when you go to register brings you to this page we're just pop it on our email password confirm it and this is where you would put my referral ID if you wanted to use it again you don't have to not a big deal I will say that I do and am very active and using other people's referral links think that's just good for like the community here so by all means go forward but you don't have to after you confirm all this you obviously click this little X here and agree register then you of course are gonna get that email confirmation thing so when you hit register it will take you to a page it says go check the email that you use so in this case if you have a gmail town or yahoo account or whatever it may be you'll use that email account you just go to verify email that will take you to this page so I've already brought this weird thing up and I'll explain in just a second but right here is where you're gonna put your email address and then right here is where you're gonna put your password once you hit this like sign-in button it brings you with this goofy please fit the puzzle piece carefully just to make sure you're not some type of weird thing trying to sign onto their site so all you're gonna do is you're gonna click this and you're gonna drag it and a puzzle piece will pop up on the screen you just make sure it fits and that's it umm next thing you'll get you won't have the Google Authenticator setup yet I highly recommend that you can get to that option on the next screen but since I've already I already have this set up it brings me to this and I put in my six digit code from my Authenticator you won't have that yet but you can get there so then after you sign in it brings you to a page like this and just up top will be all the normal stuff of a website it'll have your name your email a bunch of other stuff I just didn't want this in that video but the main in the meat of the page is this stuff right here so you can change your password you can set up SMS authentication which basically means they text you a code to sign in I don't recommend that cuz if you lose your phone and somebody knows that they can get into your stuff but I do recommend the Google Authenticator but that's also on your phone – so anyway definitely set this up but what you're gonna do from here now we're gonna get in the meet the video of actually how to buy this stuff so and I've said stuff a lot of feel like anyway the next step we're just gonna do is we're gonna go up to the top of the page here this will be up at the page we were just on we're just gonna go to funds and then deposit withdrawals and this is two different things – pi it should say deposits and withdrawals but just says deposits we're gonna click this and it's gonna bring us to a page that looks like this now what you'll see here is just a list of all these different currencies and it'll be a lot bigger on this page but since we're using coinbase and we bought Bitcoin what we're gonna be doing is retrieving our wallet address from finance so in this particular example we're just gonna slide across here in the Bitcoin sector we're gonna click deposit it'll look like this but we'll click deposit and this little square will open up what you'll see here is your deposit address and all we're gonna do is click this first button right here and it will copy your address now we're actually done on the finance page for now so what you then need to do is open up a new window so the thing that we're gonna go to is coinbase so WWN based comm I'm assuming that you guys have already set this up if you're looking at this video or you're trying to get Iota so all we're gonna do is you're gonna log in your coinbase we're gonna go to accounts you can actually see this list from today because bitcoin was one thing or I'm sorry eleven thousand two hundred fifty bucks so click your accounts button it will bring you to this page right here that shows your wallets you are going to be sending in Bitcoin you can see I had nine bucks and eighty cents now this was actually referral so I'm I did send this and it cost me three dollars to send which was stupid but I didn't care I wanted to do it for this video so the address that we got from our by Nance which is this right here we copied it we're now over on our coin base and all we're gonna do is paste it here we're gonna be sending nine dollars and 80 cents from our Bitcoin wallet you're gonna click this box right here and then send max or whatever amount that you want after you do that we're gonna go down the bottom page you click continue once you click continue continue you will get this little window that pops up it's gonna read retell you your your Bitcoin address it's always good to double check it so if you wanted to scroll back to your your finance page here again this is finance this is where your address was you can usually by the last four or five digits so if it said CX 3t here you would want to make sure the last you know four or five digits say CX 3t here so whatever that may be at this point you also have to put in your cell phone factoring code so it'll text you a seven digit code you punch that in there then all you do is confirm and your Bitcoin will be sent to your Bitcoin wallet that is on Finance from there you're probably gonna take 10 or 15 minutes for anything to show up in your wallet and what all we're gonna do is we're gonna go back to the finance page this is actually where we just rat on finance what we did I have it cut off here is that little deposit button was like right here so we go back to this page and we're just going to kind of watch our transactions so we're gonna go to funds and we are gonna click history from history it will bring you to all of your your recent inbound money to your wallet on Finance so here's the one that I did earlier today in right now what it's saying is confirming one of two basically it just has to confirm your money in a couple different ways so when I think when I did this one it always confirms when it hits two of two but this one I had to do like a four wave thing and this one it does one of two so it takes a minute probably took a total of thirty minutes by the time I sent my Bitcoin from coinbase to my by Nance wallet for it to be good but when you are in history the the tab that we just came from history you can actually kind of watch your transaction go through a refresh the page every few minutes once it goes through once we they say I have two of two confirmed we can go to the exchange and now by our iota coin so what we're gonna do is at the top of the page we were just on you know we're just on the funds page we're just gonna go to the exchange and we're gonna click basic the number one thing you have to remember is that since we bought Bitcoin we've got to go over to the right side and go to the pairings that we were at so I have bitcoins selected here because that's the coin that we're going to use to be buying Iota and all I do is I scroll down like here's the iota / BTC which is Bitcoin pairing from there it gets me set up to actually make my purchase now depending on how much you're buying really will make a difference on one whether you want to limit you want to do a limit buy or market for this example since I was only spending six dollars worth of Bitcoin I just did a market buy and you you know unless you're really deep in or doing hundreds of thousands or just a hearty purchase like a few pennies isn't gonna make or break whatever purchase in in where you're getting in it so I recommend for starting it off until you have a better like feel of using them some of these tools on here just do a market buy from there all we're gonna do is put in our the amount that we want to buy and this is in iota if you click that it'll actually tell you the amount you can get with all of your Bitcoin and I'll show you that in just a second so we'll enter that there then you buy a iota so this is kind of what that looks like so all I did was click this I could get a max – I hit by iota and then I'll get like a little green box that pops up and confirms my order for me so it's that easy after that the last thing you can do it just in case you do want to confirm your order is you'll go back up to the top page and this next bar that'll show you what would be up there so we'll scroll back up to the top and we'll go to the you know scroll across from Finance we were we just came from the exchange page we are now on orders and we're just gonna check out our trade history and our trade history will bring us to a page like this and it'll show that here on this time I exchange traded BTC for iota and I got two of them and my order has been filled and guys that is it that's how you get iota and right now I'm holding my iota in the platform um their wall is a little shaky I am trying to find a better solution on how to do that but for buying and selling and trading you know I could have cashed out today I made a couple hundred bucks but I am sitting on this for the long haul if you haven't done any research in iota I highly recommend it so yeah guys that's it that's why I'm such a this is such a easy easy transaction to make and if you haven't had a chance to look into this coin yet I highly highly highly recommend it I'm doing a lot of posts lately I mean I just think there's some cool things I've said a few times before other partnering with Microsoft but if you're curious to like what I owe – is there actually a data monetization company now what that means is like all the stuff that you do online is all captured like all the movements that you make all your searches whatever it may be it's all captured online and what what this coin lets companies do is sell their data that they've collected from one company to another so like if you're searching something on Google and let's say there's another company that wants to see what people are searching for whatever it is they can actually sell that data to another company through this technology the thing that they knew like oh a big deal but the thing that makes us crazy is that a lot of the data that they have and that is collected is just wasted so they're taking wasted data and figuring out a way to make it useful for someone else or they can turn a profit on there so it's really really cool and I mean it's kind of creepy but in terms of crypto currencies I just think this is a good one to get in and it's cheap right now guys it's under three bucks like you could go in and continue to collect collect collect collect collect as this thing goes up I don't know where the ceiling is I definitely think this is a long term hold but guys check it out at least do the research so you don't have to get it but at least do the research but that's all I got for you guys tonight so if you have any questions leave a comment below I'm happy to answer by no means am I am I an expert what I am is an enthusiast so yeah guys do me a favor also if you'd like this information if it's helpful if you'd like seeing this base um subscribe to the channel give me a like leave a comment all that stuff helps the YouTube algorithm hey my dogs are chewing up bottles here's something to wrap this up but it does help the YouTube algorithm and applluse sorry it does help the YouTube algorithm kind of project my video out to people that may also be interested in the same thing and making videos about so that's all I got you guys tonight see ya

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  1. Hey bud, a quick question again. I've been following you since day one, and a coins I rarely see posted about but has made me good profit so far is R-2B. This is the sign up page

    I invested a little, but could you give me your expert opinion?

    Thanks again brother!

    (Is has my sponsor code in the link because you need a sponsor to sign up for pre-sale)

  2. Hello! do you always use coinbase to finance or you have any other platform you use?  PS.  I use your referral code.

  3. Oh I also forgot about this important news:

    You may know it already, but a small head-up: Binance will be introducing RaiBlocks into their exchange soon. Perhaps you could make some good quality video about them? I know that I could find some info on other channels, but I choosed only few that I want to follow and I think of them as reliable. So I wrote to all those few people and hopefully you will find this topic interesting.

  4. Hi,
    such a great content. I really value your input and effort to make those videos. Thanks.

    Im sorry that I will write a little bit off-topic, but since Im following your channel – I would like to ask you about your opinion.

    How can we explain this crazy volume on pair BTC/LTC from yesterday?
    BTC – average daily volume 1-2 mln (today it jumped to 7mln)
    LTC – average daily volume lately is less than 1mln (today it jumped to 4,7mln)

    And the most IMPORTANT is the fact, that almost all that volume is done between those 2. So some huge amount of resources are being moves somewhere.

    I have heard that the founder of Litecoin sold out all his coins in december and he claimed to purchase Bitcoin Cash.
    And that is the only huge connection between those two. But I still dont understand what is happening. Both currencies are having all time record high volume, but at the same time both are losing their value and price is steadily dropping.

    Any view on this? Please share.

  5. iota great idea, had 400 coins in at under a buck- sold it all to get in more XRP- small regreat, but at 400 coins not much

  6. this was great. Had a major problem with the whole "binding failed" situation but able to fix that> thank you so much for the help.
    Looking forward to making some money.

  7. I send 300 from gdax to Binance and I don’t see anything under history, does it take time to show up ?

  8. I think IOTA is the way of the future for crypto and IOT. It may take a bit of time for the tangle to catch on though. Just an FYI, Binance withdrawals for IOTA are currently suspended. Hopefully with the recent wallet upgrade that will be resolved soon. Feel free to use my referral

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  10. What up CB. Here's one I think you should keep an eye on. They're getting ready to go public with an IPO, not an ICO. DNotes could be a huge gainer coming up. Currently trading on cryptopia. They will be swapping their current coin for their new release soon 1:1.

  11. This may have already been said. But, in registration on Binance where it says you can use sms authentication, that is only for users in China. So, not relevant in the US. Just a little bit of info. Thanks for all of your info. I'm just getting into cryptocurrency and all of the info I can gather from you is greatly appreciated.

  12. Do you folks prefer Bitfinex or Binance for trading/investing LTC and why? THX

  13. Hello fellow cryto fans, use my code and you will receive 500% as a blessing from the cryptocoin King when you top up $100 in coinbase using this link!

  14. ok, i got lost at the google authenticator step. You just glossed over that that and didn't explain how to get around it.

  15. if i buy some bitcoin on coinbase for lets just say @17k….then i go to binance to cash in the bitcoin to buy IOTA. will i lose money if the binance bitcoin is worth a lower value such as 16.5k on the binance exchange?

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  17. Ena Fuste
    1 second ago
    I use coinbase and never had a problem. Easy to use, here's the link to sigh up. Friends this is a Gold Rush and we have approximately 3 to 4 months to really cash in. Good luck and take the dive……
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  19. Binance suspended IOTA Withdrawals for some reason. Does anyone else see this in their account?

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  21. What he said in a nutshell

    1) Use your existing coinbase account to send Bitcoin to Binance

    2) On Binance deposit the BTC and use it to buy IOTA, Ripple, Monero DASH etc. (those are the four I would reccomend getting though).

  22. so wait. how would i get my funds back to coinbase to transfer to my bank account? can you send from binance? or as us citizens are our coins forever stuck in binance?

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  24. Question do you provide a paying site to assist in an informational basis with establishing accounts and trading?

  25. IOTA is a step ahead of blockchain and creates further decentralization by having no miners/ transaction fees. Gives full control to the people. I can't believe citizens haven't taken control of how we use our money.

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