hey everyone is soldiers here in this video I’m going to show you how to buy athyrium it’s becoming really popular right now many people are looking to switch from different material because it’s outperforming the current and in the short run at least we are seeing the massive growth over cerium so let’s have a look at the website that I’m using to buy cereal ok so let’s get started the first website we’re going to look at is cranberries too much popular one is if you’ve used this control volume probably familiar already with coinbase it’s one of the easiest waste by different and now a Syrian because since last year they started offering a Syrian by default you have you have on tth walnut this is a theorem and you can just buy US administration share by going here to buy and sell and with the by option you can choose if you see how you have oceans here is going on in Syria you can just select a cereal then you will just scroll down and I have my credit card already my master car accelerating the system and using it so you know this is my preferred method you might want to just have makeup on deposit and wait for the money to arrive in your in your wallet which is your currency wallet whether it would be you know or USD you know which have a country you’re in in my case I’m using euro wallet so if I make a bank transfer it will go into the euro white and then i will be buying exists a power with the mind that i have in that account but if you want to just like straight with your credit card this is what i’m using and it’s quite immediate so how you have to decide how much you want to spend that I want to spend 150 year old since I’m in Europe I’m working in you but for you you know it will be your local currencies I’m not telling you that for that amount i can buy six-point 2599 ATM and also there is a fee so it all together I’ll be paying 250 998 so that extra ten euros p and i believe there will even be another fee once i pay because i’m paying with a British cut so in thinking pants and this is working in euros and my pant is charging me for the non non pounds not know studying transaction with the aconnick because it’s in a different currency so i’ll be paying even more so what I do is I avoid buying am in in home base I mean I did buy it my foot athyrium here just because it was really easy back in December and you know just to kind of just for the sake of having some I got 50 which at the time cost is about four hundred and fifty euros I think we paint maybe four hundred and 60 disease whatever right now I see that it’s costing the two thousand over 2,000 you ten dollars so that’s around two thousand euros anyway all right you know just a couple of month guys I turn four hundred and fifty euros into two thousand euros the next last time that we are going to look at is be tricks it’s one of the popular exchanges and I like it because it’s actually quite simple as an interface it is not very complicated it doesn’t give you way too many groups and things to confuse you and you know for someone who’s not really used to the trading interface a bit rates will probably be easier to understand then the next one which is Colonials i’m going to show you colonia 10 minute it is the most popular ones that is the most widely used because it got better liquidity in a case if you know someone who is not trading actively and you know it’s not trading a lot it doesn’t really make a big difference for you to be where you’re going to be buying it from so it’s better to buy from a place that it’s easy to navigate and kind of more simple to the eye so let’s say log into the tricks and have allocated and we’re in so here in the tricks you have a few different options and what you can do here is you can control it and I was going to show you by default i’m going to show you a lot of options you know all of the different currencies and pretty much everything will get not pretty much everything will be on 0 when you first stop so what you will be doing is you need to deposit your Bitcoin in here and then with this coin you will be buying other currency so you will have to go you will have to find the ptc symbol or you can search for it just change the hungry this is the search bar so this you can just enter BGC and show you the pic on single 10 you will just click here on the plus and this way it gives you the ones where you need to make the deposit so if you are using any of the mobile apps you can just come this barcode and from your wallet on your mobile you can just send the Bitcoin in here otherwise you will have to copy engines to be standard procedure of going into your wallet in whether it’s on you know a website or an app on their wages and pasting these codes sending whatever you want to send confirming everything and then within maybe 20 minutes half an hour sometimes an hour it should arrive depending on work what what are you using I mean blockchain is quite a slalom and coin basis you know also slow example sometimes it’s very slow so if you’re using a worry that is not one of those major one it might be even faster because they just have a lot of traffic they get a lot of owners anyway so this is how you deposit a basic see once you have your Bitcoin in here you can go to market and you can choose which currency you want to be buying and you know the top ones will be listed here and acknowledges now if the money looking for is not listed here you can search for it but you’re going to be looking for a theory amenities the first one because it cereal has the biggest volume after bitcoin and dash and you know there are a few other ones that are always here at the top just because right now they are really really and so fast that you know they’re being traded a lot so let’s go to the serum that will open the graph you just click on the sign and it’s going to open the page now this is your etherium trading page so we’re going to see the graph and so people who don’t stand grab it might be a little bit you know too much don’t worry about it you don’t really have to follow this all you need to do is the price is here in red but how you have to do is let me hide myself here on top it’s showing you what is the last price so this is what time on just so this or someone just bought it yet and it’s also showing the total price in Bitcoin but it’s also showing you the value of a dollar so the it right now $42 if I think that this is a good price I can just go and buy it right now well this here is gonna show you how much because you have available here you’re going to enter how much is hearing you want to burn like the ones by five or if you want to buy you know more than that whatever it is then you know you can choose what price you want to pay and you can either choose the last price that someone just paid for or you know the left that was the last time that a transaction occurred or you can choose the last bid so whatever someone just bid you might want to beat that many people just do that and they change the last digits to a slightly higher amount so now they are bidding more than the last person but you can just choose whatever you want or if you really want to buy it straight away and you don’t want to wait, you can choose the asking price and that way it will set what is the last asking price of if I click ok now, I will buy it
at this price and it will probably be immediate because someone just asked for it and if you choose the last bid, this is what someone else did but it’s not the asking price and
if you look at the asking price and
the bidding price you will see that they are different – the asking price is 0.03934 someone just bid 0.03920 so the asking price
is more than the bidding price which means that if you
just select here the asking price the bit sorry the last if you select here the last bit it will give you a price that it’s much less than the asking price it means you might have to wait until someone sells it to you for that price
or it might not happen so this is about it. this is the easier interface, now we’re going to go into poloniex and this is
where we’re going to have a few more graphs
and things and it could look a little bit more difficult but it’s not really.
If you need to withdraw, by the way,
you go to your wallet again it’s really simple.
You just click on the minus icon, so let’s say I have 6 Ethereum and
I want to take out, I want to maybe put it
back into Coinbase or in my Jaxx wallet, I have another tutorial for
Jaxx wallet, I will just go on this here,
confirm withdrawal i will enter here the wallet address then I will enter how many I want to send and then
i will go to withdraw. There will be another step
I need to confirm there might even be
an email that you need to open and confirm
because i have a 2-step-Authentication this is all you have to do, so that’s about Bittrex,
llet’s have a look at Poloniex …and here is the most popular exchange Poloniex it’s got the biggest liquidity and therefore the prices are slightly better than in the other exchanges I mean
at different times the prices might be better somewhere else for instance I’ve seen
DASH being a bit cheaper in Bittrex than here but generally
Poloniex has the most users,
so it is probably the best place to buy especially for Ethereum I noticed that it’s usually the best price so this is….
you need to make an account here
you need to verify yourself, you might
not have to verify in the beginning
but I mean you can’t go around these things,
verification is something that you need to have in in most of the places that are using that you will be using the base and one of the world that doesn’t have very thick that doesn’t require you to verify is Jax and that contribute to the last time that I’m gonna show you so just let me go into polonium very quickly and when you go to deposits and withdrawals here they will be released if if you don’t hide the “ZERO” balance in fact I’ve hidden it but here is the list
of everything and one of these is the USD so in here it goes here is the USD Tether ,
so you will have to find it and if you can’t find it you can search for you can just search for USD and it’s going to show you here USDT That for you doesn’t
really make a difference if you want to deposit dollars you will do make sure you deposit USDT from your coinpayments wallet what you might want to do,
is just deposit straight in Bitcoin and here you’re going to Bitcoin,
not BicoinDark It’s a different currency you go to Bitcoin and you go to deposit and now you can either
show that QR code and you can send it straight from your wallet app from your mobile or you can copy the wallet and you can do it manually, so once you have the Bitcoin here, you will go to exchange By default,
you should have here all of these currencies listed.
If you don’t want to see all of them or if you don’t see all of them you
go to settings and that first option is we’re going to select how many currencies
you’re going to see how many rows
and right now it’s on ALL but I don’t really need more than 10 or 20 rows so I select 20
now I have 20 displayed. and I can choose whether to see them being arranged by volume we can see the ones on the top have the biggest volume meaning that Ethereum will always stay on top and Dash I am looking at BTC here
if I’m going to be using USD dollars and I’m going to be buying with US dollars I will go here,
so now I’m seeing all of the currencies that are trading against the dollar
that I can actually buy with the dollar
but if i’m using Bitcoin i can have a much bigger selection
you can see that everything else is being trade against Bitcoin but not everything
is being traded against the dollar you want to buy Ethereum with Bitcoin you will go here you will click on ETH
there is another one called
Ethereum Classic it’s the older version
it’s called ETC you can see it here they are different they have different prices and this right now this video is all about ETH
the new version we can see ETH
and we scroll down we can select here
how many we want to buy
if I had a balance here I could really show you exactly how it’s done but right now we’ll have to just assume let’s say I want to use all of my funds,
I will just click on this and it goes automatically here
this here is the current price so automatically it shows me what I can buy with
the amount that i have i can alter this price i can choose to make it something less than that let’s say I choose here 29
and if i place go to buy I will be placing an order and if I scroll down
I will see it here in my own orders.
once completed it will disappear from here and then I can go to my trades and I will see it here
you can see all of these are my personal trades that I’ve been buying.
but you know when the orderr is not yet completed
it will be here listed
also you can sell these are the main two options i’m not start explaining about stop limits and things like that
But generally, this is what you do and what you should be doing is like right now it’s a good time to buy so i might want to buy it but on the other hand it is going up because you can see it green so if i want to buy it at the price that it’s less than this like let’s say i want to wait for the next time when it goes on red
when it starts falling a little bit let’s say i want to buy it here, just drag this here i can see what is the value and i can maybe decide “okay i’m gonna buy
it at this low point here” which is 0.3909 and i can go here and i can just input 0.3909 and then this will automatically
tell me how much I need to spend
and say Iwant to buy 2, so now this is what I need to spend if I have more than that and I want to just spend all of it, I will click here and i will click on my balance and automatically
it will show me with my balance, all of it,
what I can buy thishow it’s done here in Poloniex it’s not that complicated but I know that the interface in the beginning can be a little bit confusing so if now this is really working for you you can go to the JAXX wallet that is probably the easiest option I don’t know why I left it for the last but Jaxx is really good wallet you actually have a choice of a few different currencies in there and i’m using it mainly with the extension on my google chrome browser so it’s like an app and it’s got exactly the same interface as the app on my phone if you want you can actually download a separate software
it’s going to be like a its own application that is not just linked to your google chrome for me it’s kind of easier and more useful this way and the good thing about it is that you can exchange the currencies within the wallet so right now i have 0.30 Bitcoin in my wallet here and you can see here on top i can select different currencies that this is supporting if i click here in… wallets
I can “tick” the ones that i like that i want to be using so what I want to do now I want to transfer this into
Ethereum so what I will do is go to “send” here instead of entering a wallet address, I will just click on the icon in the middle which is the shapeshifter button and now with this it’s going to ask me to choose what currency I’m going to transfer this 0.30 Bitcoin in and in my case I’m going to select ethereum
also what i can do is i can select to spend the maximum,
all of this amount and that’s what i’m going to do i’m spending all of this So I am spending 0.30 bitcoin end after the fee it’s actually 0.2995 and so on so now we’re going to shift that shape-shift bitcoin
into Ethereum Let’s do it
and this is done transaction sent so now i can see that it’s 0 in my bitcoin wallet let go into my Ethereum wallet and let’s refresh sometimes it’s going to take a little bit of time to for the funds to clear and to show up and also sometimes you actually have to click on this refresh button in order for the transaction to show up so if it’s not coming up you need to wait but I had to wait for about three minutes or something in order to receive this transaction and it’s coming here 7. 4651 and I’m also getting an email well as well ok so this is how i use Jaxx
this is the app on my computer by the way so if I’m not using that expression I can just use the app from here and that’s how it looks pretty much the same but the one on my phone is having exactly the same interface as that extension here that we see on google this is why it’s really simple and easy to use I hope this helped again if you want to find a way to store your ethereum safely offline if you’re going to keep it for a longer period you don’t really want it to be in a cloud storage online I’m going to show you how to use it with the ledger nano s
which is the offline wallet that I ‘m using
just go to that video and I’m going to show you how to use that with Ethereum

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    Now You Can Buy & Sell Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)
    you can ping me on skypeid : hemant_136 πŸ’΄πŸ’΅πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž
    and e-mail : [email protected] g m a i l . c o m and whatsapp 91 7838888 080πŸ˜ŠπŸ’΄πŸ’΅!β—„β–ˆβ–ˆβ–“β–’β–‘β–‘!!
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