How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Bittrex in 8 Minutes!

hey guys what's up this is Randall from crypto love and today I want to put together this video to show you how to buy your first Bitcoin and then if you want to how to go ahead and buy some cryptocurrencies so to begin with what you'll do is on any of my videos even this video down in the description you'll want to take a look at the video click show more on the description you wanna click on the video click show more on the description and then you'll see this get $10 free Bitcoin on coinbase you're gonna want to click that and that's going to bring you to a page that looks very much like this it says Randall advise you to try coinbase if you sign up here then when you do sign up and put in $100 we'll both get $10 a free Bitcoin so that's pretty awesome all you have to do is put in your first last name email choose a password click this I'm not a robot certify that you're 18 or older and click sign up and then once you do that you'll sign up you'll have a coin base account now when you go into coin base it's going to look like this this is your coin based dashboard tells you a little bit about Bitcoin aetherium and litecoin so if you'll see it shows you the prices right now a big coin of aetherium and also of litecoin also if you scroll down shows you a little bit more about your portfolio and recent activity any purchases you've made recently now what you'll want to do is once you set up this account and you'll have to go in there and either use a credit card or a bank account that you'll link it up with what you'll do is you'll click this buy sell tab and then decide if you want to buy Bitcoin a theorem or litecoin easiest way just go ahead and buy some Bitcoin so you'll click on the Bitcoin bump button choose your payment method and then choose how much you want to buy you can either buy a fixed amount in u.s. dollars or you can buy a certain amount of Bitcoin like if you want to buy one Bitcoin and hold one Bitcoin that's how you would do it then if you want to you can repeat that by either daily weekly every two weeks or monthly which is great for dollar cost averaging I have a whole video about that if you want to check it out and then click buy a Bitcoin once you do that you are now an owner of Bitcoin very cool and that's great because bitcoin is projected to be very worthwhile in the future once you have your Bitcoin you can head over to another site called bit tricks and I'm going to have all the URLs all the websites down in the description of this video but you'll head over to bit tricks and when you first get to bit tricks you're going to be greeted with a page like this now this shows what's going on with bit tricks which crypto currencies are movers and shakers and you may say hey there's a lot going on here and there is because there's over a thousand crypto currencies at the time of making this video there will probably be a lot more by the time you watch this video but this takes a look at some of the more popular ones and also the ones that have changed a lot recently in terms of gains or losses now in order to buy crypto currencies on bit trucks exchange or any other exchange you're going to have to deposit Bitcoin onto that exchange now you just bought some Bitcoin on coin base now you need to deposit it on bit trucks well how do you go ahead and do that you're going to click on this wallet tab and now for you it's probably going to have Bitcoin up top because you haven't purchased anything yet but for me I have holdings in a lot of different cryptocurrencies so if you need to you can type in a Bitcoin and you'll find a Bitcoin on there you don't want to do Bitcoin cash you'd only do Bitcoin dark you don't wanna do Bitcoin gold or any of the other things there you want just Bitcoin and the symbol is BTC so you can make sure that you're buying that you're exchanging Bitcoin and you want to click this plus button this plus button there is going to allow you to deposit Bitcoin into your account and you just make sure it says deposit Bitcoin here now right here is the address the Bitcoin address of that account you can copy that address and then go over to coinbase and you'll go to your accounts tab and with your Bitcoin you want to click this send and then enter your Bitcoin address there and you just want to make sure that the address here and the address on your bit rest exchange match up identically because if they don't that means the Bitcoin is not going to your bit trucks wallet and you won't be able to recover so you just want to make sure this is the most important part of all is make sure both of these addresses match exactly all right as long as they do you can determine how much you want to transfer and then if you click continue it'll send it and that'll send that right over to bid tracks now once you have sent it it can take a little while for it to be acknowledged so you'll notice that pretty soon after you sent it there'll be a pending so I'll show you here looking at Bitcoin there will it'll show up in this pending deposit pretty soon after but it's actually going to take a little while sometimes up to an hour to for it to be available in bid tracks and that's just because it has to verify on the blockchain multiple times that that transaction has been made now here comes the exciting part once you have done that once you have deposited Bitcoin into the bit Trax account you can go ahead and buy any type of cryptocurrency you want so let's just say for instance you wanted to buy one I'll just say aetherium and now theum is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies along with Bitcoin and you could just buy aetherium on coinbase but I'm just doing this as it as an example to show you what you can do you're going to find a theorem and you're going to click on the symbol there so eth and then you'll get a chart that looks like this now this is the 30 minute candles this tells us a bit about what the price action is doing the easiest way to go and buy cryptocurrency is just to go down to this buy aetherium and basically you're going to buy it and I had a limit so people are asking for this much you're just gonna go to this ask right here you're gonna want to click on that and if you click on that you'll notice it comes up here into the price for aetherium right now one a theorem is point zero six Bitcoin so then you can decide how many a theorem you want to buy you know you could buy a hundred aetherium but that's going to cost you 6.2 Bitcoin so if you don't have that much you could just do another thing where you could buy a theorem based on how much Bitcoin you have you could just click this max button and then it'll tell you exactly how much aetherium you could buy with that once you've decided that you want to buy it you just go ahead and click this by etherion button boom and then you buy it and you own it now last thing we're going to show you today is a really good website for finding out about crypto currencies about how much they're buying for how much they're selling for and a little bit more information about them that website is called coin market cap you can go there they have listed over a thousand crypto currencies in lots of different markets this is the most up-to-date data there are some other websites like this but I like coin market cap because it is one of the most generally adopted ones and if you take a look at this it has all of the coins listed in terms of market cap which is basically the amount of the market that they take up so you can see the first few we have Bitcoin etherium Ripple Bitcoin cash like coin but you can go down here and really you can research any of them in terms of which ones to buy your safest bet is staying towards the top of this market cap because as you get further away from there they get they get riskier they get to be more speculation so buying ones that are up towards the top there are generally safer however all cryptocurrencies are inherently volatile you do want to contact your own financial advisor before buying any I'm not a financial adviser but I hope that gave you a little bit of information about how to buy Bitcoin how to start buying crypto currencies and where do more research about crypto currencies so there you go you have it have a good one peace

24 thoughts on “How to Buy Cryptocurrency on Bittrex in 8 Minutes!”

  1. it shouldn't just be about buying cypto . 2018 gave everyone a good lesson on cryptocurrency and I entered the crypto market in mid-2018 after a friend introduced me to Bitcoin. I bought 3 BTC and left it in my wallet hoping the price would increase in a few months by following the instructions I received from my friend, but this never happened. Not until I found a beginners trading post talking about a strategy on how to trade and make a profit. I made contact with the manager, Mr. Erik Larsson, and he explained to me the different ways to make a profit in this bear market. I invested 2 BTC of my currency and it quickly went to 5 BTC end of December 2018, and I was convinced that it was the best way to get a good Bitcoin advantage. If you still do not know how to proceed this year, please contact ([email protected]) if you have any questions about cryptocurrency, strategy and beginner training.

  2. Thank you very much! your video helped me purchase some TUBE coins. If you're not familiar with BitTube you should check it out.

  3. Thanks for your video Randal, IQueston: Is there any way to pay fewer fees for transferring from coinbase to Bittrex? The fees are like 46% ! I am trying to send $50 (it is my first time) from coinbase to bittrex to buy some altcoins there and they are going to charge $73 ($23 fee!! ) for something called miners? That is like %46 of what I am transferring!! who is really making money here?! :))

  4. That's really funny. Can't even open an account with them at the moment, can't even apply. They can't cope with demand.

  5. Wouldn't it be better to trade with ETH? As you said, BTC is projected to be worth much more in the future, so I'm just wondering whether its best to keep as much BTC as you possibly can, and just use the ETH/LTC to trade for other coins? Great video btw!

  6. Has anyone else had an issue generating an address on bittrex. I keep getting an error when generating a send address

  7. can anyone help me. it sais my photo is too big for the id validation seems kinda stupid it can't handle a pic from a gs6….

  8. Can't buy on Coinbase anymore due to the ID verification, is there another website to buy bitcoin safer? Can i buy bitcoin on bittrex without using coinbase?

  9. why do u suggest bittrex and not bitstamp ? im pretty sure you suggst bitstamp on an other vid. .? soaking up all the info i can before the fork. thanks again man, keep up the great job

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