How To Buy Cryptocurrency in 2018. Kucoin Acceps Registration! Lots of ALTCOINS like BINANCE

what’s up guys in today’s video I’m
gonna show you how to purchase Altcoins since the most famous exchanges like
Bitfinex, binance and Bittrex are currently closed to new registrations so
for all of you guys that are new ish to the cryptocurrency space and want to purchase altcoins this is the way to go. It’s Kucoin, it’s basically like a copy of Binance it’s very similar in almost all aspects
they have a lot of coins that Binance has and also they have a lot of new coins
that are not yet into Binance and that’s such a great deal and I will explain
you why now so before we start if you find this
video valuable please leave a Like and Subscribe. So let’s get right into it.
Okay guys so as you can see Kucoin it’s basically a copycat of Binance okay
let’s check out Binance, look at it it’s very similar both pages, they both have giveaways and they both have a referral program , now the referral
program is very good because since you get commissions from other people that
join with your link it basically attracts more and more people because
you are incentivized to promote it so it makes the exchange grow hence all the
coins that are in there might grow as well depending on the people’s thoughts
okay so I will very quickly demonstrate how you can get your money into Kucoin. You first obviously have to purchase Bitcoin and so you would have
to put the coinbase you go to buy or sell, you attach a credit card or
your bank account, you purchase Bitcoin Ethereum or litecoin I personally
recommend in purchasing litecoin or Ethereum, to then send it over to Kucoin because the transactions are faster and way cheaper in fees, so once you buy
your litecoin or ethereum you would have it here in your dashboard in your
balance and so all you would have to do is go to accounts quickly go to your
ethereum and withdraw basically You go there to send, you copy and paste your Kucoin address and that’s it. In the description below you will see a link to
make an account withKucoin. Now that is an affiliate link so that means that I
will probably get a percentage of the Commission’s that you spend purchasing
Altcoins. Once you create your account in
Kucoin, it’s very simple, just follow the steps through, you will have to go to
your assets and then in your assets your balance you will have to deposit and
withdraw however in order to deposit you as you can see you have to do a google
2-step verification and I’m going to do that right now with you guys okay so I’m
gonna grab my iPhone… now let’s see alright so I’m just going to scan the QR
code there we go Kucoin, now the code that appears here is very
important so you always have to write it down so for right now for the time being
I’m just gonna take a picture of it and later on I will write it down in my
notebook where I have all my keys for my
cryptocurrencies exchanges so right now it’s asking me to put the number so I
will put it nine three two five eight submit okay perfect
now let’s go back to assets. let’s go to Deposit, so right now I’m going to
deposit NEO, I have 3 NEO in Livecoin I think and in Livecoin they don’t pay
you GAS okay so if you hold NEO there are certain exchanges which
pay you GAS so right now this one is one of them, Kucoin, so if you have NEO and they aren’t deposited in an exchange
which also pays you out in GAS depending on the amount you have of NEO, this is
the way to go so I will right now find NEO right here… what’s up guys it’s been
15 minutes already since I’ve been waiting for my new address to get
generated, so I’ve seen some other people that are having similar issues
with certain coins so as you can see let’s try randomly some coins see that
for certain coins they give you an immediate address but for NEO for some
reason it’s not oh… there we go finally okay
I’m gonna quickly send this… my three NEO to this address so we copy this and I go
to my Livecoin balance okay my three NEO I want to withdraw my three NEO and I want to send it to my Kucoin, payments easy yes
confirmed okay so it’s telling me that I have to
check my my hotmail so I’m gonna check my email very quickly on my other screen
okay perfect so I just entered my pin code I was little a little bit scared
there for a second because I didn’t have it written on my notebook, the pin code
but I usually use the same one for four digit code so that’s why I was able to
remember it so I’m just gonna quickly write it down right now
I suggest you to do the same okay to write down any codes for Google
identification codes, passwords everything, you know, all the coins
because since in cryptocurrency you have to use a lot of exchanges, if you use
different passwords which is recommended you have to remember all of it. alright
guys so as you saw it’s that simple now that I have a balance if I want I can
just go to markets and right here you go to Bitcoin the Bitcoin tab if I were to
basically sell my NEO for Bitcoin you would click here you’re redirected
here alright guys so once you’re here in the exchange page for whatever coin
you’re trying to trade it might look a little bit overwhelming but don’t worry
about it I’m going to quickly show you everything that you need to know so on
the top here you have the coin that you’re trading you can change it at any
time and if you want to trade it with Bitcoin Ethereum or whatever then the
last price the change in Bitcoin the percentage, the bid and ask, the high and
lows of Bitcoin’s price etc and if you are too used to checking the prices in
US dollars and you’re not too sure what the prices are in Bitcoin just
quickly go to and instead of having this in US dollars
change it to Bitcoin and so once that’s done you check your cryptocurrency right
now we’re looking into NEO and so as we can see right here 0.08 however that’s
an average of all of the exchanges that it’s not just Kucoin, there’s a lot there’s
a lot more exchanges as you can see Kucoin being number 12 and then it goes
all the way down so right here in the bottom left corner we have a depth chart
okay and they have the buy orders and the sell orders so whenever a price
reaches a certain point all these orders will be filled
this is just a spreadsheet and this is the order book so it’s exactly the same
thing so the most important part here is to buy or sell, so it’s very
straightforward: price, it says best price zero point zero zero eight two nine
that’s the current market price so if you click here it would apply that same
market price, however you might want to if you want to buy you might want to buy
a lower price so you will put a lower quantity as we can see right here these
people are putting up to below zero point zero eight. The same thing
applies with sell if you want to sell your NEO you put the market price but
however in this is scenario you would want to sell higher so instead of eighty
to ninety nine you might want to put 83 or 84 whatever you want as you can see
here people are putting way higher numbers and here way lower than in
current market price and then here’s the amount of the actual coin that you want
to purchase or sell so one NEO is worth 110 dollars one 108 at this current
price so if I want to buy a NEOl but I if I want to buy it at a
lower price and I just changed this by zero there we go it’s cheaper let’s say
that we put seven it’s way cheaper etc etc and whenever the price dips all the
way there then your order will be filled and you’ll be given an accredited your
NEO at that certain price. that’s it you just put the number, the price, the amount
click buy. that’s it they only charge you 0,01 feee which
is not too bad. that’s pretty much it so yeah it’s not as hard as you might have
thought and I hope that was clear enough just one more thing guys that I said
before in the introduction. There are certain coins which are listed in Kucoin
but are not listed in the top exchanges like Biancen, bitfinex bittrex etc
and that’s actually a pretty great opportunity that you have to take into
consideration because since they aren’t listed in the top exchanges yet once
they do their prices will skyrocket because there’s a lot more people that
are willing to invest and they have the ability to
invest in them so it’s more accessible and so it’s actually great so whatever
coin you see that you might be interested in do a little bit of
research and then invest in it and just wait until it gets listed in the big
exchanges and thank me later okay so that was basically it guys I
hope you liked video if you did please remember to Subscribe and leave a like
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and i will make sure to answer all of your concerns, so thank you so much and
see you next time, peace. you

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