How to Buy Cryptocurrencies FOR MINORS: Under 18 Edition

one of the easiest ways to get involved with cryptocurrencies is through coinbase the largest wallet and exchange on the market but I'm sure you already pissed off because you are under 18 and you found out you're unable to sign up for a majority of exchanges because you're a minor this leaves thousands of you wondering how to buy cryptocurrencies well today I'm gonna teach you teens how to get your hands on your first cryptocurrency so to make things clear storing and spending cryptocurrencies is 100% legal they are a decentralized currency that is intended to be used by anyone no matter who they are their age just like regular money however the issue is being able to purchase cryptocurrencies through exchanges like coin base since they are run by real companies who have to follow government regulations so the problem is getting your hands on those Kryptos not storing and sending them which anyone is allowed to do let's first discuss some of the obvious and easy ways for you to purchase Kryptos first i don't want to be freaking Captain Obvious but talk to your parents they may be more open-minded to the idea than you think and they may even open an account through a service like coin base under their name first show them this video up here which explains the basics of what bitcoin is since a lot of people don't understand what it is and why it's so important after they understand what it is which is pretty important if you need some convincing arguments tell them it's your money and you want to get some experience with investing tell them that sites like coin base are actually real companies that operate under US law and make sure to tell them that coin base is FDIC insured so your money will be safe and insured if anything happens if your parents do decide to open an account through coin base I made a coin base tutorial here and in a description to help them open up an account and buy and sell cryptocurrencies if that doesn't work which it probably doesn't since you would have tried that by now don't be afraid to ask a friend or sibling who may be over 18 to purchase them and send them to your cryptocurrency wallets which is where you personally own and hold your coins just like the normal wallet oh break down how you get your own wallet towards the end of the video if you aren't able to find anyone to buy for you no need to fear there are many more alternatives let's get into them all the links to each service I'll be discussing will be below this video the first option is to look for a local Bitcoin ATM I'm using a site like coin ATM radar comm all you do is deposit your cash into the ATM and they will send Bitcoin directly into your personal wallet some of the downsides to this is that there are limited ATMs so you might not have one nearby which is always a bummer and some ATMs do require identity verification but this is typically only for large sums of money so it shouldn't be a huge concern unless you're depositing hundreds or maybe even thousands of dollars the second option is local bitcoins it's essentially eBay but only for Bitcoin you can buy a Bitcoin from other people or you can sell some yourself you do transfer funds directly from a bank account so that might be an issue for some of you however they do offer local meetups for you to purchase the Bitcoin with cash in person if you do meet up with someone make sure to be safe just like mom says and take at least one other person with you a third method is through bit quick which is a great tool but does also rely on a bank account click buy choose your bank fill in some basic info how much you want and that's it it's very simple and straightforward a more complex but clunky variant of bit quick is the exchange wall of coins you click buy let them find your location add an email how much you want to spend and you will get a list of banks that you can use to submit funds to the seller you'll be able to submit an order and they will deposit it into your Bitcoin wallet address if you're a stickler or you have no luck and none of those options cut it for you the very last option is trying to join a local community and asking if anyone is selling or willing to sell around your area personally I think local Bitcoin reddit communities will be your best chance of success I'll leave a link below to this page with local communities which you can reach out to there are also some Facebook communities as well so don't be afraid to do some searching around your area maybe Zuckerberg will see your go in there and go with you once again stay safe and bring someone with you so you know just like mom says that wraps up the main methods of purchasing bitcoin with now ad verification even though a lot of them require a bank account which maybe not all of you have the lack of identification requirement may increase the odds of a friend or relative purchasing them before you make sure to offer them a little something for their help as well get them lunch give them a hug do something nice now the last little thing I want to talk about is creating a wallet to deposit and store your funds this is that address you've been seeing everywhere luckily wallets are super easy to get ahold of and there are no restrictions for the most part you can use a web-based wallet like bit go but I'd recommend avoiding websites since you don't personally store it and control your coins and private keys a simple and easy to use desktop program is exodus but it relies on proprietary software and has some of the problems web-based services have regardless it is awesome and super simple and convenient to use it's personally one of my favorites I love Exodus if you want something more secure electrum is great for all computers if you're super heavy-duty consider using a paper wallet or even a hardware wallet like the ledger Nano is an excellent product as well as one of the most absolute secure options out there I'll leave a link to it in a description below and there you have it everybody I hope that you're now able to become a part of the extravagant cryptocurrency community after watching this video you really are part of a new revolutionary technology that's going to transform the way our world runs if this video helped you out make sure to give it a big like below and let me know your story in the comments I'm curious what method works for all of you if you become rich from your money make sure to donate 10% of it to me because I helped you out here just kidding if you don't want to donate 10% don't forget to subscribe to see more awesome guys like this in the future and to become a part of our awesome community thank you so much for watching and have a zdenka schlimmer is just freaking awesome super delicious nikola haha day

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