How To Buy Crypto & How to Actually Own IT!!!!

yo Aloha it’s a little frustrating but it’s okay I think I finally got the screenshare thing figured out okay all right so you know I’ve been getting a lot of people interested in getting the cryptocurrency there’s still no you know they don’t even know if they even own it they don’t know how to get a hold of it you know I’m saying so I’m here to assist you in your crypto journey you know I’m saying and I feel like this information should be free and because of how important it is and it’s only just the beginning because once you you know I’m saying take go down this rabbit hole once you take this red pill call Bitcoin and crypto you ain’t never coming back you ain’t never coming back to centralized government fiat currencies once you see the freedom and potential you have with crypto currencies and the power you have you’ll never go back in fact you can’t you won’t even believe that you used to use that kind of money you know I’m saying because now you know a new kind of money and as as it is I’m saying having different aspects the old kind of money so what is money you know I’m saying but anyways so people are interesting didn’t hold a cryptocurrency people want to buy some Bitcoin what’s the best way was the bush should I do you know I’m saying so here I’m help you out I’m gonna spit some game this is for free it’s on the strength I just let you know just to get you started so we’re gonna screen share cuz I finally figured this out J’s share my screen got it now come back over here all right so we got coinbase coinbase is probably the most popular one everybody knows especially if you live in America don’t get mistaken it is the new bank it is the new cryptocurrency Bank unfortunately they are limited by the jurisdiction that they are you know and and therefore they have to comply by kyc which is know your customer know your client or AML ant I’m under an endtime month money laundering and those are just sophisticated ways for governments and regulators to control people you know and it’s actually more specifically block out people than it is to assist anyone and anything it’s a way for the criminals to stay criminals and should try to penalize anyone who wants to play on their level so that’s how jurisdictions and regulations work now back to coinbase coinbase is where you can purchase your crypto currencies such as Bitcoin in theory unlikely now the don’t get a mistaken it’s a centralized platform which means there’s a central third Authority which means there’s a central server so this is awesome Chula centralize anytime I’ll slow down anytime you are exchanging your fiat currency for any other product or currency especially and I’m saying online you it’s got to be recorded it’s got to be regulated they make sure that you’re not a terrorist they literally have to comply by so many rules and that’s and you have to give up your ID you have to give up your personal identification when it comes to dealing with fiat currencies and decentralize currencies you don’t have to give up any ID or provide any ID whatsoever so that’s the main difference between centralized and decentralized currencies is you one currency you have to give up your privacy to even access them the money such as bank accounts loans credit cards they want to know your mother’s maiden name they want to know your dog’s pet name they want to know everything about you is complete invasion of privacy crypto currency you don’t have to give up any any any ID whatsoever to gain ahold of decentralized currencies so don’t don’t get it mistaken you when you purchase crypto currencies from Fiat when you’re going from government money to decentralize money that’s when you have to give up your ID because you’re dealing with centralized money the whole name of the game is to never touch centralized money it’s to get paid and to pay for things in cryptocurrency you never touch the system you’re untraceable untrackable you know I’m saying so as far as getting the hold if you’re in America I would suggest or I necessarily wouldn’t suggest but I’m just know that people you purchase using coinbase so but what I would suggest on a better exchange it is up hold up hold calm it’s essentially the same thing guys coinbase I just been using them longer I though the fees are cheaper and their customer service is better coinbase and uphold both have apps for your phone that’s what you learn in the mentorship how to be a crypto preneur how to make profit through cryptocurrency on the go from your phone that’s one of the things you learn so it’s important to have enough space to have the crimp decrypt open your apps and buying Bitcoin is is an app you definitely need to have if you want to be a crypto preneur you want to be able to get a hold of some Bitcoin now these are both in the u.s. I’m sure now if you’re outside of America if you’re somewhere else and you’re listening you still want to get a hold of some Bitcoin I don’t know your exact exchanges in which exchanges or if you do not have a government ID because you will have to submit your ID if you do not have a driver’s license or ID but you still want to get a hold of cryptocurrency without having to go through a necessarily crypto exchange a centralized one you can also go to local bitcoins comm and the way I like to refer to this as is it’s the crypto it’s it’s the Craigslist of crypto exchanges it’s the Craigslist of Bitcoin exchanges and it’s and what it is is that you can buy crypto for any type of payment anywhere in the world and you can accept crypto for any type of payment so for instance you can take bank transfers money gram cash deposits paypal credit card you can accept any type of payment that exists any type of payment really and you can sell your crypto for any type of payment you can sell your crypto for for instance someone can buy you whole food someone with a whole foods gift gift card can pay for your your whole foods or your Amazon list and then you send them Bitcoin or someone can pay your phone bill and then you send them Bitcoin all right you know I’m saying or they can make a cash deposit and your bank account from another state and then soon as you see it on your phone you can send on the Bitcoin on your phone you never have to meet these people so these are different strategies and we’ll go deeper into you know I’m saying what’s you know ok different strategies on how to use local bitcoins dot-com to make a profit you know because it’s a privilege if you’re if you live in America it’s a privilege to have an American bank account and you know saying and you can charge a premium rate for someone else who doesn’t have that who can’t get ahold of Bitcoin who can’t doesn’t have an ID who’s outside of the US doesn’t have a bank account you can charge a premium rate that’s just how the game goes now that’s a brief overview of how to obtain Bitcoin regardless of whether you’re in the US or not you just need to figure out what works best for your budget and come up with I would say a monthly budget of purchasing cryptocurrency you know it’s called dollar cost averaging you just put in a certain amount every time of a month and regardless of the market as long as the market goes up in evaluation your your-your-your ups are gonna outweigh your downs and you’re going to make a profit in the long run so that is a brief intro on how to obtain cryptocurrency so with coin base and up hope you can purchase other cryptocurrency such as aetherium like coin it all depends I can go on forever time talking about it but I would definitely say start off we’re getting some definitely start off forgetting some bitcoins if you got a little extra money to spend I would definitely recommend you getting something theorem as well definitely recommend you getting something there as well so when you purchase these cryptocurrencies you’re gonna have a wallet on these platforms okay it’s gonna you’re gonna have a Bitcoin wall you’re gonna have theorem wallet but as long as it’s on these platforms it is not your cryptocurrency you need to own the private keys of your cryptocurrency and the private keys are either 12 or 24 words it’s called a mnemonic see phrase where that’s attached to a very long mathematical number that’s attached to your wallet is it’s deep and complicated and I won’t go there but as long but you need to have write them down if you have to enter your email or password to log into a website to get a hold of your crypto it’s not your crypto I’m letting you know that now so one of the best ways or best wallets out there the ones I use as far as mobile wallets hot wallets or you know desktop wallets will be Jack’s Liberty you know I’m saying you could get a jacked Liberty all that you can download it or your desktop I got a Linux computer so it’s going to be a little different process for me but you can also download the mobile app on your phone as you can see here and this is what I have a mobile app on my phone and so that’s where you can store different types of cryptocurrencies within the Jack’s wallet especially Bitcoin in the etherium as you can see over here and it will give you once you back it up it would give you 12 were phrase that you write down you want to write down on a piece of paper you don’t want to put any of your emails you don’t want to put your private key and anything digital because anything digital can be stolen from you so it’s very important you write down your private keys on a piece of paper or memorize them in your head and store that somewhere safe because if you lose that there’s no access to your funds this is decentralized there’s no one to call okay there’s no central authority there’s no hotline there’s no calling so if you lose it your crypto keys and you can’t get back in your wallet there’s nobody file but your own and you’re gonna have to charge that to the game another another popular wot is popular popular crypto wallet is Exodus I personally haven’t tried this but I’ve heard good reviews about it seems pretty secure they have a desktop wallet and they also have a mobile wallet you know and it’s another crypto crypto wallet that you can that you can store your crypto on the go so just so you know these are called hot wallets anything digital is called a hot wallet now I’m not saying it’s not secure it’s just saying that your private keys are stored on a digital format so it’s it’s not the most absolutely secure way but it’s it’s it’s pretty secure so that is a brief introduction of how to obtain cryptocurrency and how to actually own cryptocurrency by transferring you’re gonna have to transfer and both it just to make this so you know both these exchanges all these exchanges not only do they charge a fee to purchase cryptocurrency but they also charge a fee to withdraw the cryptocurrency remember that about crypto exchanges they always charge a withdraw fee that’s how they come up they come up from the but your fees for buying and selling and they come up for the wolf draws fees as well so you want to keep that in mind you know you want to at least withdraw enough where you you have something to deposit you know I’m saying into your actual wallet and once it’s in your wallet you fully owned that cryptocurrency it’s unseasonable no one can take it from you and it’ll give you a live evaluation of what the market rate of the currency you have in your wallet so you will see the price go up and you will see the price go down and but don’t worry about that in the short term just focus on how how many satoshis you stack in and your wallet and just say just just feel confident that you stacking Satoshi’s and you are ahead of 98 to 99% of the world by owning cryptocurrency all right so let’s see let’s see all right people so you know I’m back to spitting game I’m back to spitting game I’m excited you know I’m saying I’m back on the hustle and I love to go deep I’d love to go as deep as you’re able to you know handle be information it’s a lot to process understand but the more you get used to hearing it the more you get used to familiar what they do like I know I know I get it what’s the next step and there’s always a next step especially when it comes to cryptocurrency all right folks much love Aloha

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