13 thoughts on “How to buy Crypterium using Coinbase”

  1. What do you guys think about Crypterium? Just bought 500 around $750. Hopefully it will go to $1000+/coin lol… I think it will be big in a few months at least. All comments welcome!

  2. LOL. purchase via card and pay how much in transfer costs and commission? 20% was it? You still need to buy BTC. The only difference is that it will be done by them, through a third party. They give fair warning thought.

  3. We have purchased tokens, we think its going to do great! please feel free to come over and subscribe to our channel too.

  4. I noticed $31.550.000 collected today December 29 acoording to Crypterium website. Yet I watched another youtube video it shows $31.750.000 on December 10.

  5. The bonus is down to 3% for Crypterium, but if you purchase using this link you can gain an additional 1%. https://tokensale.crypterium.io/?ref=036301f3066e5c9ec52665e6

  6. what do you mean by deposited into your account, crypterium ? also how do people store their tokens they purchase from crypterium or do they stay right in crypterium acct.? Thank you I enjoyed your video. I skipped thru the whole beginning (wanted to get to the heart of your title) Thank you

  7. i did the same but 15 hours now i dont have any ltc in crypterium website. contacted support still no answer. wierd….

  8. The page after logging in does not look like authentic and it has no information and no links to any other info about crypterium. Do you think we can trust??

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