How to buy #BNB with a credit card

Binance Coin is one of the high performing
assets in the current cryptocurrency market. Let’s learn how to buy BNB right in
Atomic Wallet interface! Open the “Buy crypto” tab in the left menu. Set BNB as the exchange pair to USD or EUR it will be automatically converted
from your local currency. Enter the card number, expiry date,
name on card and security code. Fill out the billing info: the address, city,
ZIP code and country. Enter your personal details and click “Pay now”. Verify your email and phone number. Attach the scan of your document and enter the identity document details
in the security standards form. Click “Upload”>Enter the security payment
code>And click “Submit”. Now your payment is being processed. Click on the “Return to Atomic Wallet” button, and see the transaction in the “History” tab from above. It is usually completed in 30 minutes. Atomic is a decentralized wallet
that supports over 300 coins and tokens so you can manage all of your cryptocurrency
assets in one secure interface. Download the latest version of the App at 👈 and enjoy your cryptos being safely managed!

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