How to buy BNB Binance Coin with Coinbase(GDAX)

today I would like to take you through
the steps to buy BNB coin also known as buy binance coin
this coin gets you 50% off all of your trading fees on the binance exchange
and buy Nance being a top exchange this is a very important coin as they are
burning the supply every year and they even buy back some and then they burn
that as well after they take their profit
right now they’ve been reducing the supply they just did a supply reduction
and if you look at the chart where you see it at its top peak that was where
they did a burn and a lot of people speculate this coins going to about a
hundred dollars roughly soon so it might be a good coin to invest in and you get
50% off your fee so it’s definitely worth it
so let’s go ahead and get started there’s three things you’re going to
need you’re gonna need a coinbase account A GDAX account and a binance
account coinbase and gdax are the same thing but you need to make sure that you
can make an account on both and that you can make an account on binance as well
the reason I tell you to take these steps first is you want to make sure
you’re all set up before you start buying the stuff that way you don’t get
stuck on coinbase and can’t get to binance now I supply a referral link that
works when the registration is sometimes shut down so if you want to use that
by all means I’m very thankful for it so let’s go ahead and get started if you
are going to be in the crypto currency market I highly recommend this is how a lot of the prices get put onto the exchange and how they
stay stable with each other so you go to and it gives you the
top 100 and top exchanges and it has a lot of features but for instance I’m on
the B&B ticker and if I want to know what markets to get that in or any coin
or anything about this there’s a lot of different stuff like website
announcements but I’ll click markets and as you can see only place you can get it
really is finance now this
so a great coin because you can trade it back into other coins so if you make
money with it and you decide you want to go another route by all means you still
can but I’m going to show you how to get it
the fastest way with the least amount of fee is possible so you go into your
coinbase account you get logged in you get set up and you’re gonna attach your
debit card and your bank account now your debit card is 99% gonna be
instantly with a small fee your bank account however can take anywhere from
nine to ten days to deposit its felis but it takes a very long time so if that
price is getting ready to jump up and you want to get in the game fast you got
to use your debit card you don’t have to but if you want to get
in quick that’s the way started
signed in to our coinbase account go to buy and sell
now you can use Bitcoin ethereum or litecoin all these will work and this is
how I decide which one to use I normally use litecoin but I’m going to show you a
little bit differently today when you go to and you’re signed in you
look up here so there’s almost always a service outage of some type
so go ahead and view the gdax status you scroll to the bottom and you look
for transfers and you see all are operational now I’ll tell you from
experience that litecoin is most likely the fastest but to make this a little
bit easier for you today we’re going to just use Bitcoin so I go to coinbase I click on Bitcoin a method it’s always gonna automatically
on mine go to checking always make sure you change to your debit card and when I
click my debit card watch down here it switched to instantly but then I type
in my USD amount now if you’re gonna be getting into BNB coin you need to look
at the price I recommend you at least buy two at the minimum so it’s that
price right now I’d say a safe bet would it be go about mmm maybe thirty dollars
that way you definitely know you’re gonna secure two of them if it’s at that
price right now obviously it’s going to change so I by the light the Bitcoin instantly it’s going to drop into my Bitcoin
wallet on coinbase and you’ll see the value here then you jump on over to gdax you go to here
select product and you click BTC – USD now you’re gonna drop the Bitcoin from
your coin base account in it don’t worry because this is free and instant because
if you look right up here coin base is apart
of GDAX it’s their advanced version basically so come over here and I’ll click deposit
because I’m depositing money in I click coinbase account BTC wallet have a decimal number here most likely
if you only did $40 or $30 you type that whole amount in in the parentheses
exactly how it looks and then you hit deposit funds and if you look over here
it’ll tell you it’s instant and free so not to worry so you click deposit funds
your funds will show up right here in a BTC value now to send them to binance you’re
going to click withdrawal and because you’re sending them outside
of an exchange or a bank account you go to BTC address and the reason that we’re
using GDax instead of coinbase is coinbase charge is a four percent fee to
transfer out as you can see here with GDAX it is free so we’re going to go
ahead and hit max it’s gonna fill it in and populate it for you automatically
and then you’re gonna need your destination and your destination is on
binance so we’ll head on over to binance and like I said using B&B to pay for fees you get a discount so this is a
good coin to buy once you’re logged in go to funds and change they say you should just be
deposit withdrawals but you click balances once you’re here you’re
depositing in Bitcoin remember that so you type BTC you’re gonna be making a deposit into
your Bitcoin wallet on finance click deposit and you get your BTC deposit address
which is right here and it’ll say you send only BTC to this address so copy the address you’ll back over to
GDAX paste GDAX address for that wallet in been on this this is your coinbase
2-step verification or SMS code so you go ahead and type that in and hit
withdrawal funds then transfer and there is a way to track it
believe it or not now I’m going to show you just for
educational purposes how to track it so if you used Bitcoin it’s gonna be called
blocked chain info you go here
and you take that address from the binance deposit and you paste it in
I’m gonna hit enter and you will see
right here all these different transactions I’ve made
from my Bitcoin address my Bitcoin wallets from other
exchanges into binance so you can see I’ve received a total of
1151 dollars into this address and this just kinda shows you what’s going on so
if you see it on here there’s nothing to worry about it just might take a little
bit of time so once it’s done it’s going to show up in here on your balances page you’re going to
have an estimated value and it’s going to show it in Bitcoin and in USD
don’t worry when you buy BNB coin it’s still gonna show in a Bitcoin value and
a USD value so now that the money has arrived and
you see your value here you go to the exchange and I use the basic sure here you’re going to be using
Bitcoin so BTC and you’re going to be buying BNB so you
go to BNB and you’re going to be buying BNB with
Bitcoin so if you want to buy the to all BNB
coins you can use if you know how to use the limit function go ahead and use the
limit function if that’s something that you don’t understand I recommend that
you watch a separate video on how to understand the limit function if you
just want to buy it at the market price and the market price is usually whatever
the last price is market and you’re buying 100% you’re
using all your funds to buy this and you hit by BNB
so like right there I just bought Oh point zero two which isn’t a lot but it
was something to show you so then you have BNB Quine
if you have any questions about this please leave them in the comments feel
free to reach out to me I respond to a lot of people thank you very much for watching if you
like this video give it a thumbs up if there’s anything I can improve let me
know but anyways have a great day thank you

3 thoughts on “How to buy BNB Binance Coin with Coinbase(GDAX)”

  1. Thanks that was help full. Is there any difference if I choose Ethereum instead of bitcoin to purchase the binance coin?

  2. when you withdraw USD from coinbase into a bank account, whats steps do you take after, do you need to report gains to the irs or stuff like that??? (not planning on withdrawing anytime soon)

  3. Thanks, this video was very clear and helpful.
    Question, is there a certain amount or minimum I need to have of BNB in order to get the 50% finance fees? Or do I need to buy BNB and then use those same BNB tokens to buy other alt coins in order to save on fees?

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