100 thoughts on “How to Buy Bitcoins With PayPal – Avoid Scams! 100% Safe”

  1. Thanks for your help! I already created a wallet, but could not buy BTC with another site. Do I need to create a wallet on this VirrWox site?

  2. Wait a few days (I think around 10) and you will automatically be upgraded to a higher limit. You can also send an email to VirWox requesting a higher limit

  3. Thanks, again! I did create an account… However, the PayPal deposit does not work… Also, the debit card deposit did not work… Tried multiple times all day. It resulted in getting my cards being frozen for 24 hours. The only option left now is Ukash. This may only be happening to people with US-banks, not sure. ??

  4. That's weird. It worked for me several times. Also I know of a lot of friends with US bank accounts that it worked for them also.

  5. By my calculations the total fee is of 16.09%. Is this really the best way? I mean including fees right now through this method you pay 155USD/BTC when MtGox is at 115.5BTC/USD…

  6. This is definitely not the most cost effective way but it is the less time consuming way. So it really depends on your needs

  7. how long does it take from when you have Withdraw your Bitcoins to you have it in your bitcoins account?

  8. Try to wait until 48 hours, that's the max time it takes for the transfer to go through. I haven't heard of anyone who didn't receive their money to date.

  9. Hey, I messaged you please reply, I want to make you an offer if you can get me even more bitcoins weekely, can't wait for your response!

  10. I suggest waiting for 48 hours as the terms suggest. I haven't heard of someone not getting their money to date (including me).

  11. Still pissed off that they took 0.01 bitcoins even after the huge commission charge def not using again soz thanks anyway tho

  12. You're welcome. Keep in mind that you will always pay a 0.01 commission when transferring BTC – that's how the miners get their pay. It's not just VirWox as far as I know.

  13. You can do it as much as you like but the max amount changes with relation to how long you've been their "customer"

  14. You need to put something in. You can just make up an avatar. You won't have to verity it or anything.

  15. I have a problem. I withdraw a money then virwox write "Your withdrawal request has been received. However, a manual step is required before it can be completed." Money dissapeare and after several hours they return back on account.

  16. This sometimes can happen to new accounts – they check their validity. I've had this as well but the money was shown in my back account after a while. I don't think this happens if you withdraw cash to your Paypal account

  17. Is that still the case ? It usually takes up to 2 hours to process….let me know. This is the first I hear of this.

  18. hey man I still don't know how to respond to this announce every time I login says "Your connection with the avatar It hasn't been validated yet" and when I go to the terminals I don't understand anything and I don't know how to proceed…please help!

  19. You don't need to pay any attention to the message regarding the avatar. If you don't understand what to do from the video (which is pretty detailed) you can send me a private message and I'll do my best. Also there is a step by step manual in the site Bitcoin With Paypal (link at the end of the video description)

  20. Thanks for reply! Yes I understand everything thanks for making this video and for your help, just few questions, how can I deposit a large quantity of money or how can I eliminate the limit of deposit?

  21. As time goes by the max limit that you can deposit will go up. So just try again in about a week and you'll see that your limit has been increased. If you want to try and remove the limit you can probably try contacting [email protected]

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  25. hey man this video really helped but i have a problem how long do i have to wait until i can deposit the max again? PLEAsE REPLY

  26. pls tell me how can i buy a money for games like gold for some game from bank pls tell me i raly realy need this. Thanks

  27. so i did ever thing right but its not letting me buy anymore sll i bought 78 usd worth the first time and i tried to get more but it says 0 max n it wont let me buy anymore what do i do HELP PLZ

  28. can you help me, when i trie to buy bitcoins it says they only accept verfiëd accounts but do i have to verifie it on that website or on the paypal website??

  29. So to do this transaction they will take 50 SLL from USD to SSL and 2.9% and then another 50 SLL from SSL to USD as well as 2.9% again or is the 50SSL the 2.9%?

  30. hey dude its pretty fishy that you make many vids about this site i think your workinf for em im sending bitcoin to my wallet now on that site need to wait long im hoping not to get scammed

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