how to buy bitcoin

this is bitcoin atm was located at R. Cidade de Sintra Macau near whyn hotel and Suns Hotel be sure you have own wifi on your mobile device before you have to start to buy bitcoin are you ready now to buy bitcoin press the button touch the screen to continue select buy bitcoin they are three option to select scan your blockchain wallet insert your money in the left corner you can see the green light blinking you can insert multiple currency but its defends the maximum value of the ATM click finished and you can see now the value of your bitcoin into digit!! wait for your official receipt yes offcourse you have to print your official receipt!! i can take my reciept now and almost done Exchange rate HKD 6381.42 money on hand is HKD 2000 value of bitcoin=.03134088 Dont Forget to Subscribe and Like Button CHEEERS

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  1. Hi, I'm from the CNBC digital video team, and we want to make a video featuring how people are purchasing crypto in person? Could we use your footage in our video? Thanks!

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