How to buy bitcoin without verification or ID!! Using cards!

hi that's Dana Craney quick video just to show you how to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies through CX diet so firstly what you wanna do is you wanna go to the link in the description which will bring you to a page similar to this and then we want to do is you wanna get to these two buttons and after you and lead to be login or create an account so you want to do whatever one of those is relevant for you and then what you wanna do is when I go to deposit what you bring you to this page here and here it shows you what you can deposit so see if the dollars euros pounds rubles or Bitcoin so for this example are going to be depositing dollars now because I'm unverified on this website the maximum I can deposit each date is three hundred dollars which for most website is that very high most websites only allowed one hundred two hundred dollars so one put three hundred eyes there shows you the commission you're okay so it's eleven tons for $11 fourteen and then payment card and then you don't need any any verification for this which is excellent so just add your card goes through the payment process and it's deposited straight into your account so once you've done all that you should then have a $300 showing up here give it a little bit to come in take a little bit of time so once it's showing up in your account then what you wanna do you wanna go to trade and then for this example we're going to do in Bitcoin so it will put you straight on the Bitcoin to your SD page so they're showing you the graph then it comes on a bit of a downtrend so it's likely going to be a good point wire somewhere along the line so you can look at the price you can think oh I want to buy at this price but I do want to buy it when it gets lower so then what you want to do is you wanna go down here and you want to put in how much one place with Bitcoin so at the moment this is what it's currently worth you can set in order slightly buy it when it gets to a hundred dollars if it ever gets that I highly doubt it maybe you can do that if you want so when I guess 100 dollars if the order will go through and you'll buy the Bitcoin so let's say we've got three hundred dollars in the account so then you put in how much Bitcoin you want to buy so if I put in how much should it be see this mark 0.009 worth of Bitcoin it's worth one hundred and eighty dollars so then you just go along find out how much you can buy so we do that and then five yeah so we can buy 0.015 of Bitcoin and then what you do is you press place order obviously I can't do like so I don't have the funds through then what you do is scroll down and you'll see the active orders here so y'all have your order here saying at the date or the date type your and a Bitcoin you buy the amount of Bitcoin left why because you could be buying smaller amounts as it comes available so then the price you're paying the amount of actual dollars it's gonna cost and the fee gonna pay the fees that are extremely low usually when I've been buying Bitcoin it's only been about 23 cents so it's very useful you can then cancel it you want to once it gets to the price that you've set to buy up the order will go through and it'll be deposited into your account here I haven't got any big crayon moment it's quite sad I saw gold it's silly but Horner wasn't really silly I did cash out for the dip so that was very lucky actually so then you got your Bitcoin and then if you decide actually I want to sell my Bitcoin what you do is you go to sell Bitcoin put in the amount you have sell it and then when you want to cash out you go to withdraw and then select bank transfer USD $300 there we go and then as you card and then withdraw it to your card it's extremely simple process to use this website and it's very easy so thank you for watching I hope this helped only doing small videos on how to buy other cryptocurrencies on other websites and exchanges so subscribe for those and thanks watching goodbye

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  4. so once you have bought the bitcoin, can you then transfer the bitcoin you just bought to a bitcoin wallet?

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