How to Buy Bitcoin with USD Get started with Crypto currencies

since 1994 say fast a more reliable name you want to buy some Bitcoin and have no idea how to get started well as you can see Bitcoin is on a high right now it's twenty seven twenty six so one Bitcoin is just shy of three thousand dollars pretty amazing considering a couple years ago was only worth a couple hundred this video is about purchasing Bitcoin litecoin or aetherium the site that I use to do that is coal coinbase and that's the site you see here it's a secure way to actually purchase cryptocurrency get yourself into the Bitcoin game so if you're looking to trade currency or you're looking to ascend cryptocurrency this is a great way to do it I'm going to go ahead and log in here real quick and it this is a lot like PayPal you're going to need to verify your account link it either with a bank account a Visa or MasterCard I'm going to need obviously a way to be able to purchase the cryptocurrency the left-hand side here you'll see actually the going price of Bitcoin so if I were to buy one Bitcoin it's actually going to be twenty seven hundred dollars and 25 cents the etherium market is right up here also it's at 200 which is actually pretty low I picked up a little bit of aetherium earlier light coins to the right and you can see that's about $40 this is a great way to be able to get into the crypto space and trade online I'll show you guys really quickly here how you purchase in Bitcoin I'm going to click on the buy and sell I'm choosing Bitcoin and it's going to show you a payment method I have a couple different methods in here what I'm going to use is my visa that way it's available to me instantly if I do it via bank account it's a little bit cheaper but it's not available right away and if you're trading like I am you want your money right away so you can take advantage of some decent deals that are out there I'm going to purchase $15 worth of Bitcoin you can see that's the actual number of Bitcoin there the satoshis and on the right hand side you'll see what the fee is associated with that so to buy $15 worth of Bitcoin is about 1649 I'm going to go ahead and do that and it's really that easy if I wanted to send this Bitcoin to somebody or to an exchange I go in to send and you can see a mount here so I can either type in a specific amount or use the whole thing and that's what I actually have in the wallet I would put the Bitcoin address right there you probably notice that Bitcoin transaction delay son and yellow we're in the process of Bitcoin splitting so there's actually going to be Bitcoin and Bitcoin cash really soon here actually the next couple days so the transactions are going to be a little bit slower than usual but the site will still be up and functioning just to allow a little extra time tight um's to go through typically bitcoin is really quick to do transactions make sure you secure your account with the really good password capital lowercase and a special character and they also give you the option to do the second authentication like Google Authenticator or all–they I've been using coinbase for about a year it's been pretty seamless I've hadn't had any problems things have gone through pretty smoothly everyone so while you may have a delay in transaction but they do get there and if you look below the video in the description area I'll have a link to sign up where it actually will give you $10 back on a hundred-dollar transaction or more it also helps support the next cat channel we appreciate it one thing I use Bitcoin for is actually control finance control finance if you're not familiar with it actually pays you 1% compounded daily and if you run the numbers on that it's incredible how compound interest works but let me show you how to do a transaction really quick here the amount that I have in the wallet currently is this here the point zero zero one I'm going to do a quick Google search BTC two USD and show you that actually comes out to twenty four dollars and ninety one cents I'm going to send twenty dollars of which to control finance so I go to control finance I'm going to make a deposit scroll down here where it says make your deposit I go to Bitcoin and I'm going to put in twenty dollars this is a great example because you can actually see what a wallet address looks like and that's this year I'm going to go ahead and copy this and I'm going to put this into my coin base this is where the address goes paste that in log me out here let me we log in again again it's a really secure site if you sit on it too long without doing anything it's actually going to log you out in time out just for your security okay there's the address and this is the total that we're going to send in Bitcoin so I'm going to copy that I paste it in here and I click send and we confirm it's that easy so you can see here that the transaction sent successfully and the market value of what I sent fluctuated a little bit so it's actually nineteen dollars and ninety three cents that's like stocks it's constantly going up and going down but crypto is definitely the wave of the future I really really believe in it and I've made a lot of money through crypto control finance is a great program I've been really enjoying using it currently my active deposit is seventeen hundred and sixty one dollars and this is compounding 1.25 percent daily let me show you kind of the lead breakdown here if you have anywhere from $10 to 300 you get 1.1 percent again compounded daily that they pay this out daily you also have the option to be able to reinvest at one point one percent which I'm doing if you have at least a thousand it goes up to one point two five and that where I am right now let me show you some of the transactions like yesterday we made twenty one dollars and seventy five cents and that auto deposited back in the day before that let's see here we had twenty one dollars and forty eight cents and it auto deposit they also do pay a little bit of money for referrals which is a great bonus also there's a lot to say about control finance I'm going to definitely need to do a video just on it so you guys can kind of see the ins and outs if you take a look in the description below there'll be a link there to sign up with control finance it's completely free to sign up if you have any questions you're more than welcome to send me a message or an email there's a lot of exciting opportunities with cryptocurrency and I hope this helps you get started since 1994 stay fast and more are reliable

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  1. not sure I'd sign up with any third party – lost everything on Crypsy when the guys walked off with everything

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