How To Buy Bitcoin With PayPal Using VirWox 2018

hello greetings ladies and gentlemen I'm on a site called ver ver wax and basically it stands for the virtual war exchange what I'm gonna do is show you how to purchase some Bitcoin through this website using PayPal okay and there may be other sites out there that may be cheaper but for this demonstration purposes I'm gonna show you guys how to do that okay and a lot of other website you've got to be verified or so some kind of ID with this you don't have to worry about it at all so you can just register or you don't have to register but I registered and I something purchased me some Bitcoin through this website right here so I'll be walking through the step um to buy you some birth Bighorn through this website alright let's get started so you simply will just click here to register register like I did and say username or good email address and write that down so you don't have to do anything right here so just put your first name and the country and all that stuff and agree to the turn and you simply just obviously fill in the CAPTCHA okay a damn once you do that you will get a registration email with a temporary password and all you simply do is just change the password okay so you get a lock in so anyways I'm Michael login to my actual account and once again the link will be below to sign up dude very wax with our virtru box I can't wear watts whatever I can't say right so pardon the clown with y'all right now I was gonna withdraw some coins so they call in early because I had made a purchase earlier okay but I decided since I'm gonna do it so I would like to saw a video why don't I wait and make it a pump make a withdrawal later on so you see what we're gonna do is make a deposit and then second we're gonna make a dude withdraw once you purchase off Bighorn okay now the first thing we're gonna do is well clicked up the pot alright so as you see this on it is ll got stands for basic linen lineage so that's the type of curtsy that we're going to convert US dollars okay but I buy some of that okay so right here it is this word says all US dollars this is for the SSL the linden dollars and this is the BTC the big coin so that someone's I have big fun right here which is makes you like forty five dollars in that in to come okay so what we're gonna do is we're gonna do the PayPal so let's go down here real quick okay now now they have a max okay what you can deposit and day they got euro US dollar and we're pounds I don't know what that is what we gonna do US Dollars and I think I'm on i'ma do 28 and they have other methods you can purchase this with okay what we're gonna paint have for this video game stretched so long check out right there Oh okay so I'm a parish myself shoot the right foot I don't want to use right hey continue all right set your payment has be receipt and is already reflected in your account okay so now I have 26 US dollars and 75 cents and as you can see the fee so 28 goes so that's a dollar 25 okay and that's shown right here all right lady yeah so you know the next thing I'm going to do is you're gonna do is buy some big corn so we're gonna comfort the US dollars to SS so we're gonna go right here with you basically Linda Douglass so I'm gonna change all my dollars to SS pill no me next I'm place order and it says your order has been in place feel concluded all right now the next step gonna do is actually see right here now I just have 75 cent you know right here the linden dollars just went up so next I'm gonna do is click down here we'll set BTC yes yeah alright so what I'm gonna do is exchange sll to BTC alright so I really want exchange although but I'm gonna do is working so much 25 so these point five in that case so early out just showing how it's on I don't do comparison with the SSL to BTC you know just hit goo you know just like I do it go to Google so you can know what the exchange rate you wanna hire okay so tell me sir see see do that much go back chris says your order has been placed on feel complete all right now as you see my BTC aka Big Horn has one up from where it was okay now the next thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna withdraw so goes up you click withdraw and I said I want to the jaw often it will draw all of my BTC okay big horn copy paste after and they have a feed right there as you can see 0.001 bait corn so what I'm gonna do is go onto this corn base account and we're going to get our big coin wallet email I mean address not to eat matters okay now I'm gonna go to count and something will click receive and I must click that so my dress login to the coinbase okay simply kick copy or you just highlight it like that as will our and I'm uh okay paste there we go I want to make sure the same wanna make sure you got the right bait corner just and that's the correct one so you gonna hate request withdraw he says well jar has been able to see however many steps that what about ministers before it can be completed so they man you'd infinite manual check it so the process you know process it within 48 hours so that's the long as it would take to be processed up to 48 hours to a couple hours so that's it that's how you buy bitcoins to your PayPal to using Fireworks and that's the way that you don't have to worry about using ID or being verified to some other sites like for the example point base okay which is you can buy to there as well I have a link to fireworks below for you to sign up and I also will keep me updated on all result of the phone shine into Bitcoin wallet so that's all

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  1. Buying cryptocurrency is coming under more and more scrutiny by Australian regulators.They dont give a crap if you are buying drugs or whatever, they are pissed that they cant exploit you as easily. is pretty much the only way to trade btc reliably in Australia.

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