How to buy Bitcoin on Coinbase with a credit or debit card

I'm going to show you how to purchase Bitcoin on coinbase with your debit or credit card or checking account so once you have signed up and logged in to one base account you will be taken to the dashboard basically gives you a brief overview of current Bitcoin price and u.s. dollar your recent activity box if you bought sold or sent Bitcoin and your portfolio which is your combined balance of the three cryptocurrency wallets that are hosted on coin base so to get started buying Bitcoin you're going to go to the buy sell tab and if it's your first time here you will have to add a payment method you add a debit or credit card and they will make a few dummy transactions and you'll want to verify those amounts before you're permitted to buy anything so here you have option of entering what you want to purchase in u.s. dollar or a Bitcoin amount if you know exactly how much Bitcoin you need to purchase you can enter that in here if you know how much US dollar value to purchase you enter it in here so just for demonstration purposes we're going to put in five US dollars and automatically converts it to Bitcoin over here says we're going to be buying point O 1 7 o 163 Bitcoin so we're going to look at a quick overview which card we're using make sure it all adds up there are fees associated with buying Bitcoin generally they are one point four nine percent for a purchase or a sale but looks like they do have a minimum $0.99 fee for these small transactions but we'll just go ahead and make a purchase so another overview and confirm our PI says our purchase was successful and our Bitcoin will be available in our Bitcoin wallet instantly so back to the dashboard we see that our balance just changed it went up about five bucks so now it's available for us to do what we want to do with it if you are going to send Bitcoin someone else you will go to the send request tab the person you are sending the Bitcoin to will give you a unique Bitcoin wallet address for you to enter right here for demonstration purposes I'm going to just send it to myself in a different address probably a good idea to verify the first four to six characters and the last four to six characters in the Bitcoin address with the original address you were given copy and pasting it is always smart but double-check so you can once again enter the amount you wish to send in Bitcoin or US dollars so I will enter US dollars once in five US dollars to myself to my other bit coin wallet you have option to leave a message here if you want and go right okay I'm going to send the funds just an overview confirm that we're going to send so I'm not actually going to send it but that is how you send Bitcoin once you have sent Bitcoin there is a way to verify that the transaction has been sent you can go back into your recent history check out and a transaction where you've sent Bitcoin to somebody else takes a few minutes to to start getting confirmations through the blockchain but you can go back here and confirm the transaction did happen and that it was deposited to the person you enter their address so that's pretty much it as far as purchasing Bitcoin if you have Bitcoin and wish to exchange it out for US dollar it's more or less the same principle you will be sent a Bitcoin and once you receive it you'll show it up in your portfolio your Bitcoin wallet in order to sell Bitcoin you'll go back to the buy or sell tab sell Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet to your US dollar wallet which is another wallet hosted here on coinbase so once you exchange your Bitcoin back for the US dollar you can move that US dollar back to your debit card checking account or leave it in your coin base account and that's pretty much it you

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  2. Is there any reason why a first time debit card purchase would show a transaction completed in the BTC wallet overview but the account balance in the BTC wallet remains 0.00?

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