How to Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – The Safe and Easy Way!

yo guys what is up Randall here from crypto love and today I put together this video for you to show you how to buy Bitcoin on coin base in 2018 now 2018 is a big year because they say this is the year that bitcoins going to explode now I'm not an expert I'm not a financial adviser I'm not a professional trader and I'm not telling you what to do with your money but if you're interested in getting into Bitcoin I'm going to show you the easiest way to do it to where you could own some Bitcoin today now what you want to do first is at the bottom of this video or any other video I have a link down there that says get ten dollars a free Bitcoin if you click on that you get $10 free Bitcoin and I get $10 a free Bitcoin when you sign up now I'm making these videos for you free of charge I just ask if you are gonna sign up use that link that helps me out that helps to support the channel and helps make sure I can keep bringing you some quality content here's how you'll do it you'll go down here and you'll click on any video now if you're new to the channel I definitely recommend checking out these new to Bitcoin and cryptocurrency videos these ones I've put together specifically for people who are just getting into Bitcoin and cryptocurrency to help you make the most money the safest and to make you a millionaire again not a financial advisor but anyways you'll just go down to any one of these videos like for instance this is a good one start investing in crypto with $500 so once you click on the video you're gonna scroll down and you'll have to click show more here but when you do that you'll see this right here get $10 free Bitcoin on coinbase you're gonna go ahead and click on that link and when you click on the link you'll be taken to a page like this that says Randell invited you to try coinbase all you need to do is fill out your information here including your first name last name email address choose a password click I'm not a robot and certify that you're 18 click that to sign up and then you'll be well on your way now I'm gonna log in to my coinbase account to show you what it looks like on the inside so you can follow along ok so once you log into coinbase this is going to be what it looks like this is your dashboard basically your homepage on coinbase now why do I recommend coinbase because coinbase is one of the safest and most secure ways to buy Bitcoin I mean listen there are a lot of snakes in the grass you don't want to lose your money so coinbase is a very safe and reputable way to do it at the time of making this they have over 11 million accounts for people buying bitcoins so I highly recommend coinbase for that reason alone safety security and also you can implement some vaults here to help protect your Bitcoin as best as possible when you do open an account here the first thing they're going to have you do is link up a credit card or a bank account and there's a little bit of a difference between the two when you open an account with a credit card and you make purchases of Bitcoin those purchases of Bitcoin will be available immediately if you use a bank account it's generally going to have to wait about 7 days before that Bitcoin you purchased will be available so that's the main difference you want to keep an eye out if you want to buy Bitcoin today if you want a bit to be available right now you're gonna want to buy it with a credit card now if you already logged in you can't figure out how to add a credit card or bank account what you're going to do is go over to this settings tab and then you're going to want to click on linked accounts and you can just click link a new account here now you may notice I've whited out a lot of things here that's just for my own privacy I realize a lot of people are gonna be watching these videos and I want to try and protect myself as much as possible but generally your coin based account is going to look very similar just might have a few differences so let's go back to the dashboard and I'll show you around this is the dashboard here so first thing is going to show you is the price of Bitcoin now when you're looking at this the price of Bitcoin is going to be different that's because the price of Bitcoin is always changing the price of Bitcoin changes all the time there's no opening and closing of the markets the price is always fluctuating so if you log in here at any time you'll see different prices and basically the price that you'll be buying it at is what bitcoin is selling out right now on an exchange associated with coin based called GDX if you want to you can also look at the price of aetherium and the price of lik litecoin now these are some of the most popular crypto currencies out there I just recommend you buy Bitcoin and here's why there's evidence out there that there's no benefit to buying crypto currencies over just holding Bitcoin and sometimes people will say ha tling Bitcoin H odl ing basically all that means is holding on to it so you buy it you hold it and then in three to five years you look back and you're a millionaire that's the goal we'll see if that happens just to save some time I know you're here just to learn how to buy and sell and I can do a tutorial later explaining a lot more of this stuff but here's how you buy it so good at this buy sell tab and when you do that you'll have the option to buy Bitcoin a theorem or light coin like I said I recommend buying Bitcoin it's the easiest it's the one that keeps on growing it's the number one cryptocurrency out there and expect it to be for a long time so you'll want to click that and then you'll want to choose your payment method now remember what I said if you pay with a credit card your Bitcoin will be available to you immediately if you pay with a bank account it could take up to a week for you to be able to use that Bitcoin so for instance if you want to buy Bitcoin to later buy crypto currencies you may want it available sooner so in that case you may want to use a credit card so you'll want to select your payment method and then you'll have the option of purchasing purchasing a certain amount in u.s. dollars or purchasing a certain amount of Bitcoin so let's say you believe that Bitcoin is going to be worth a million dollars in the future and you just want to hold on to one Bitcoin all you do is put one there and then it will automatically calculate up the up-to-date charge for one Bitcoin and you would be able to buy that the other option that you can do is purchase a certain amount of US Dollars and this is helpful for if you have a set amount you want to invest like let's say you have $500 you want to put in well it'll automatically by that amount of Bitcoin that you can buy with five hundred dollars another option that I really like is something called dollar cost averaging so let's say you can put in a certain amount every week or every month like a hundred dollars every week you'll put in a hundred dollars and you'll want to repeat this bi-weekly and once you do that every week it'll take out a certain amount of money now that's going to be good for you because number one you're gonna be able to buy it regularly but second that's going to help you buy less Bitcoin when the price is expensive and buy more Bitcoin when the price is cheap and if you want some more information on that I put together a video called dollar cost averaging coin that you can check out on my youtube channel now what you once you've decided exactly what you wanted to buy and how much you just go ahead and buy a Bitcoin and then that's it you've done it you've bought some bitcoins so congratulations Patras Elf on the back you could be a millionaire at this point I'd like to shake your hand right alright so I hope that video helped you figure out how to buy Bitcoin on coin base so that way you can get involved in the market and you can start making money – I hope when you see this the price isn't too much higher but I hope it goes up a lot once you buy your Bitcoin now if you haven't please click that link down below in the description and that way you'll get $10 free Bitcoin and I'll get $10 free Bitcoin when you put $100 in your coin base account alright thanks for watching I look forward to seeing you again if you enjoyed this video make sure you click that subscribe button and if you're interested in seeing some more videos check out my channel alright peace

36 thoughts on “How to Buy Bitcoin in 2018 – The Safe and Easy Way!”

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  3. Being in Jamaica, whats the best and safest site to use to buy Bitcoin. Coinbase and Blockchain does not give a buy option

  4. So once I buy a certain amount of bitcoin what happens after that? Am I supposed to keep buying more bitcoin or once I buy bitcoin once if the market is good I get more bitcoin for free or what? I'm sorry if any of those questions were dumb, i'm a newbie.

  5. Sorry but I have already made my first purchase of Bitcoin a couple of weeks ago but, I have subscribed to your channel, like your videos and will be following your information daily for the unforeseen future.

  6. Can a person be penalized for too many transactions in a day on coinbase? What's acceptable usage? Want to make sure I'm using it correctly. Thanks in advance! Your videos are great!

  7. Coinbase is a terrible company, look up the reviews. People should buy btc literally anywhere else in the world.

  8. As soon as I started looking into Coinbase I got an email from Google about logging in from a different device and IP, and just now from Coinbase…what’s up with that? And it’s been verifying my ID for hours now…wth

  9. Thanks Cryptolove for telling us the best way to Buy bitcoin in 2018 Coinbase will always be the no.1 choice… All the time 🙂

  10. So I can buy with coinbase at for example 17k a bitcoin, 3 months later bitcoin is at 30k and I’m happy and I wanna sell, how can I sell those bitcoins then? And to who? Is that how it works?

  11. Great video Dude! Please make a video how to buy deeponion on cryptopia.. I cannot find anything like that. I want to buy early before other exchanges listed. Hugely undervalued TOR anonymous coin

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