How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card

You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum,
Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash or Ripple with a credit card right in Atomic Wallet interface. In this video let’s buy some BTC. Download the latest version of the App at Open the “Buy crypto” tab in the left menu. Set BTC as the exchange pair to USD or EUR. Go through the process and fill out the billing info. Verify your email and phone number. Enter the payment details and click “Pay now”. Enter the Secure code and click “Submit”. Fill out the security standard form, attach
the scan of your document, and click “Upload”. Now your payment is being processed. Click on the “Return to Atomic Wallet” button
and then you can see the transaction in the “History” tab from above. You can exchange Bitcoin with Atomic Swap
decentralized order book right in Atomic Wallet and manage
your assets in a decentralized way. Now you can store and manage all of your cryptocurrency assets in one secure interface. Download the App now at And enjoy your cryptos being safely managed!

18 thoughts on “How to buy Bitcoin (BTC) with a credit card”

  1. charges or extra fee will be applied for buying or only will charge the amount for required or requested amount for specific crypto currency?

  2. As of today, I have been unable to withdraw, exchange or essentially do anything with my crypto's that are held on my atomic wallet.
    I get error messages that say "transaction failed, try again later" and "unable to connect to block explorer".
    I updated, restored, did all I can do here. I may not feel so upset if I only understood the messages better.
    -Will the wallet eventually connect with the block explorer again?
    -Will Atomic repair the issues?
    I have sent in tickets and await a fix.
    if I could get some answers I wouldn't think I need to abandon this possibly defective wallet asap.
    I will wait if the issues will naturally resolve themselves, but it's hard to know what to do with no answers.
    These are the trial times in crypto and companies need to prove themselves worthy.
    I and the global twitterverse await a resolution to this.

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