How to Buy Bitcoin, a Beginner's Guide to CoinBase

hello today's tutorial is for people who are curious about buying Bitcoin or people who are interested in how to sign up with coinbase a bitcoin exchange and or people who are interested in getting ten dollars of Bitcoin for free just for for buying Bitcoin if it's your first time signing up with coinbase hmm so at the making of this video twin base and I'll talk more about why I chose coin base in particular supports Singapore Australia a bunch of countries in Europe pretty much all the major countries in Canada and the United States if you're not in one of these listed countries go ahead and see if anything has changed there if you're interested but if you're in the United States then you're good to go if you search Google for Bitcoin exchange reviews this is the first page that comes up it's by 99 bitcoins they do reports on Bitcoin all the time they recommend coinbase it does have a very good reputation it's safe it's easy to use the fees are pretty low they accept a lot of different payment methods including credit cards so if it's if it's your first time buying bitcoins I I always recommend people to use coinbase and you can always transfer your bitcoins to a different wallet later and if you want to know more about Bitcoin wallets that's beyond the scope of this video but there's plenty of information out there so anyway to get started you want to go to coin base hmm Oh interesting I don't know who Joshua fineries well anyway this is part of the Bitcoin referral program and this is why you'll be able to get $10 a free Bitcoin if you follow my referral link that'll be posted along in the description of this video how it works is you sign up and once you buy $100 worth of Bitcoin or more you earn $10 I own $10 we both get $10 of free Bitcoin if you just do the regular sign up without a referral then you don't get the $10 um but anyway uh you just go ahead and enter information so I already signed up so it takes me straight to the dashboard um normally it'll have you enter your email address but I'm you saw and you enter your email address but they have you verified your email address and you then you go into email and you click the verify link and you're good to go next they'll want you to have if you're if you're buying Bitcoin you'll need a phone number and either a card or bank account they can confirm your bank account the same way that PayPal does by temporarily depositing two different deposit amounts and then it takes a couple days but you enter the amount that they deposited and then that verifies your bank account I think it's easy I think you can skip that step if you're using a card see clicking add payment methods so you can can use PayPal a bank account or a credit or debit card but with the bank account like I said you have to verify it with the credit card you just put in your card number your billing address blah blah and you should be good to go however there is this 3.75 percent convenience charge with a credit card you don't have that with the bank account that's it's verified there's there's no fee at least in the US there's the ACH transfer I think there's something equivalent to that in Europe but I'm not sure I live in the US so I haven't had to deal with that let's see I forget to deal with paypal is um hey I don't believe there's an extra fee with paypal anyway you go to the dashboard and you have this graph you can kind of zoom in by the time increments here as you can see there's been a lot of activity recently here's basically all of 2016 it's gone up quite a bit it's gone up more than twice as much over the course of the year she's pretty impressive you can also buy cerium I don't think it's performing quite so well as Bitcoin but it looks bad when you look at this chart but well it's only seven dollars different whereas Bitcoin I mean it's it's going up by five hundred and almost thirty dollars this year anyway you can once you're signed up you can also make money doing referrals referring your friends you get ten dollars if they sign up etc anyway yeah it's pretty easy to use and so good luck to you all out there go ahead and click on the referral link I'm going to make an additional video about how to make some passive income with your bitcoins I haven't made it yet so if you don't see it come back and visit I'll post it soon and have fun

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