How To Build A Crypto Portfolio With Only $500!

what is going on guys my name is Nicolas Martin here at data' – and today i have a very special video for all of you who are new to crypto currencies so a lot of you out there are wondering how can I just get my feet wet on your crypto currencies I don't want to put my life savings away in it at the same time though I want to reap the benefits of getting in it early well guys if you're here today I can tell you you're in the right place because I'm going to show you all how to set up a very simple and small five hundred dollar cryptocurrency portfolio it can be very simple I'm going to teach you guys all the roads to get started from right at the basics and then also what route you might want to take whether it be investing in all coins or just simply investing in Bitcoin and I'll make sure to give you the entire procedure for all of this so let's go ahead and jump into it guys and get this done as quick as possible so you can go about starting to invest in crypto currencies so there's three main requirements I want to say right off the bat your view on the need I would say in my opinion though you can invest with any amount of USD I recommend you invest with five hundred dollars out of the minimum and the reason I put this number up there is because you will get eaten up by fees much like in traditional markets where you have to be commissioned for trading stocks you have to pay fees to purchase Bitcoin on an exchange there's cost associated with it time and management and also all the systems behind the run so they have to charge feeds pretty much in any exchange second maintain patience it takes time to transfer biklen whether it be to your wallet or to an exchange because the blockchain has a pace that it runs that it's not infinitely quick like that like bam bam bam you know you gotta give it some time there's millions of dollars worth of Bitcoin being traded in any given hour so we have to be patient on I guess the third thing I want to mention is know your transfer points now a lot of people even who are experienced traders would mean what is those I mean in my definition of transfer points I'm talking about where to send Bitcoin when you like how did how and where to send Bitcoin when you need it so for example if you want to send it to your wallet make sure you have your wallet address ready and make sure you have all your login information to get into your wallet things like that so make sure you have all your long information and all the stuff and we'll cover a little bit more about that in a while so let's go about starting up step 1 what route you're taking you're going to want to have a wallet downloaded on your computer or whatever device you're using I would prefer using electrum a lecture is one of the most consistent widely adopted and secure wallets out there for Bitcoin so what I would say is to go down in the description click on the link below I have one for electrum and you guys can download your operating systems version next up we're going to go ahead and click open on the setup once it's downloaded you get to pause the video until that happens but once you've done that we're going to go about setting it up so the first thing you're going to do is make sure to select the right download location which is most likely on your C Drive I would recommend that you just do their default when they have and then select a new wallet and make sure that it is a standard wallet not a multi-sig wall I think it should just be what the option gives you right off the bat so after that there are two very important variables you guys need to download okay these are two very important parts the first one is the wallet generated seed and this is something that the wallet is going to generate just for you and it is I think if I'm remembering correctly it's a 15 word a combination of 15 words in a certain order that you need to have written down and utilized to log into your wallet now you won't always have to use it I'm pretty sure you can wise use it every time but it's best to have this you need to have it so don't type it on your computer or someone can have access to it writing on a piece of paper and store it somewhere that you can not only remember but somewhere is that no one can find it so it's completely protected and then the second thing you guys have to have written down and memorize is your password and this is something that you guys get to make this is something that I would recommend you do not use even on any social media or any form of communication or anything like that or a password a friend might know don't use that make it something that's very encrypted and secure that only you remember all right now here's a few photos I just want to put them off and this should be kind of what it looks like there's on the right side you can see the wallet seat generator as I said the installation should be in your C Drive the default one will go make an electron file and then a standard new wallet that's what you want you don't want multi-sig hardware or wallet with two-factor authentication this night we're not going to worry about that right now this should be perfectly fine and secure and this is what electrum should look like once you open it up now what you'll see right on the screen is five tabs of you you should see history send receive contacts and console the main one we're going to focus on luckily the photos showing that is the receiving address now what is it receiving address to put it in simple terms guys this is the information you're going to have to plug in on our exchange which is which is what I'll cover next to actually get your Bitcoin into your wallet okay now some of you might not be exchanging it into your wallet so don't do it right away and don't go hop ahead to the next part I'm going to go detail by detail on how you should approach this depending on how you want to you know trade and everything with that so this receiving address is important them and it's the way that our exchange will send a Bitcoin to this wallet rather than you know that wallet or that wallet so it's important to understand what receive address is so next up we're going to talk about obtaining Bitcoin so how do we obtain Bitcoin what we have to go through an exchange and if you click on the link down below there's a link to an extension of this coin base and I really recommend you guys click on the link because if you click on it when you register you'll get ten free Bitcoin or start ten dollars worth of Bitcoin my apology and you'll get it added to your purchase of $100 or over so it's a pretty sweet deal and if you're doing 500 you get that extra $10 to you know invest for the long term or put it into all coins so I think it's a really cool deal guys and if you're wondering about the you know kind of the risk factor of corn-based there is little to no risk whatsoever when that and coin base is not only one of the most widely used exchanges it's one of the most secure coinbase keeps 97% of its reserve Bitcoin inside of highly encrypted storage offline from the network so there's no way that someone could just simply come in and hack it so it's very secure guys and it's something that you shouldn't worry about when base is kept very consistent so the next thing you're going to need is when you're signing up for an account you have to do all the standard procedures mean email stuff like that but it's going to ask you for not only proper real information but it's going to ask you for your your banking card so for you have a credit or debit card and it's also going to ask you for an ID and this is where it can take a little bit while excuse me a little bit to actually get towards your first purchase they need something to make sure you're identified and this is a this is a rule from kyc know your customer and it's a thing in the finance sector for exchanges to know who's making transactions on their stage it's just a nice – anything to have and it's a good way to secure that they know that you're a real individual and to have that information just in case for legal purposes so next up once you have been certified once you've confirmed your account through your email go ahead towards the bye panel to purchase your first Bitcoin now basically what you're going to do is type in on the dollar amount how much you want to order in a sense of US Dollars and on the right side you should see a certain numerical value with BTC next to it and that pretty much means if you're buying only 500 for example you're going to see a decimal amount and the reason that is is because you're buying what's known as mini Bitcoin or a fraction a Bitcoin it is Bitcoin it's just part of a Bitcoin that's the cool thing about Bitcoin is it's not like dollars where you have you know dollars and cents it's literally like a decimal a portion of a Bitcoin and it can trail on for a while these are what's known as Satoshi's if you're completely new to cryptocurrency so the second thing I want to tell you guys you want to type in the proper address and I can't I can't say it in words how important it is do you put the proper address when you did say now like I said guys if you're if you want to go trade off points do not put your wallet address yet we're not transferring it to our wallet if you want to trade all funds now if you just want a whole Bitcoin by itself and you don't want to get to take my portfolio advice and everything like that don't worry I'm not going to critique you it's your choice if you just want a little bit coin hold up in the long term or use as it means exchange go ahead and put your wallet address that it gave you on the receiving wallet address and put that into coin base and you can plug in your transaction it's pretty simple explanatory and easy to do but I want to talk about the two different ways you can transfer here okay so there's two major scenarios that people are coming with coming to me with in the sense of like look I just want to hold Bitcoin and I want hold for long term and I want to keep it with that one coin big wins the next big thing the second person says I want all those all points and you know my pops we want a whole Bitcoin as well or it might just be that they just want to hold it off wins well the way you can do that is through two different funnels all right so both of them start on corn base our exchange to get actual Bitcoin and then we have two paths one for Elektra and one for bit fix which is the exchange we're going to be using to actually go out and buy our own Flint if that's what you want to do so there's two ways you can do this okay so if you want to do it and just deliver to your wallet like I said before put the receiving address of your wallet on coinbase okay if you want to buy altcoins and it still hold your Bitcoin as well in an exchange you want to take the address from your bid tricks account and plug it into coinbase now we haven't talked about that yet if you want to buy all coins and you want to do the whole portfolio set up that I've been talking about we can go on ahead and we're going to talk about that however if you don't want to just put it in your wallet sorry if you do want to just put it in a while and that's what your objective is just a whole Bitcoin you're good to go the tutorial is over for you and that's how you pretty much definitely get Bitcoin into a wallet for the long term so next up we've got the idea of setting up a bit tricks account or what is bit tricks the tricks is another exchange where you can actually transact Bitcoin for altcoins it's been pretty much an open market where you cannot you can buy and sell different all coins of your liking and they have a wide variety of the actual stable study alt coins so how do we do this well much like on the point is we got to create an account and I would recommend I just go ahead and look in the description there's a sign-up link to create an account and basically once you've created an account on there it's a little less tedious than a coin base it's pretty simple especially you set up an account link up everything and then once you're confirmed you open up your account and you want to go to the wallet tab so definitely say pause the video if you guys I notice understand it's a lot to do but once you've done that go ahead and send your Bitcoin to your fitrah swallowing so this is the second type of channel and we were talking about sending it directly from coinbase to your Venture Swan now how do you do that well what you're going to see in your wallet is the list of different wallets that bit ryx offers for you you can store a variety of different coins in here and hold them and tell you what it's selling however now what's really cool is that you all you have to do is simply click the plus sign next to Bitcoin now there's like I said give me a lot of fun wallets make sure you click the plus sign next to Bitcoin okay and it's going to provide you with the receiving address much like you had with your wallet and now receiving address is going to be what coinbase sends the vic one two so it's now in your virtual bit tricks wallet so make sure you click the red plus sign make sure you get the right receiving address and one thing I always tell you guys a good way to check your receiving address instead of reading every single letter a number between look at the first letter number and the last letter number and make sure that they match up with what you're typing in coinbase and usually from there or not you'll be good to go so basically once you have that plugged in just click to the next slide you might have seen it for a second and it's a very important rule but the one that I really want to reiterate is basically you put it in your coin base it sends over and this leads me to my next point guys you've got to be patient okay especially now when things are kind of off and on at 7:00 to cryptocurrency market people are really getting interested the blockchain is a little backed up and just like any transfer with Bitcoin it takes time okay so just don't be fearful and checking it every five minutes a oh my god where's my big one I just don't worry about it it just takes a little bit of time to sing as long as you type down right address it will send okay so now that we've done that we're on to the fun part guys how do I build a proper portfolio if I want to buy some off points well I've talked about this in a previous video and I'm going to recap on it here you want to make sure you diversify your portfolio do not put all of your money on one point I don't care how much hype you've heard from one person about how this coin is going to be the next thing oh I'll just leave in theory I'm going to do the greatest point that you have to diversify and I'm going to tell you all why later on okay because you will get burnt if you don't follow these rules the market will rip you apart and they will rip apart the money that you best in there and steal it right from your hands unless you're smart about it so how do we do this well first off we're thinking in the long term and we want to make sure we have a diverse approach so there's three main categories of coins in a sense of their valuation there's large caps there's mid caps and small caps basically the different sizes of coins that fit into certain categories so for example I'll good a few examples of large caps would be Bitcoin if you're a bit like one there's a very well-known one there I would say that large caps are you a part of the top five coins they usually have a market cap over 1 billion now that is subject to change over time if you're watching this a year or two from now who knows how big crypto markets are what the average in evaluation will be for the top five or you know what should be the standard but I definitely say at least for now over a billion dollar market cap and why skill use of adoption basically meaning people are using it either they have business clients are working with it a utilizing technology and or they've got massive media coverage things like that where they're actually getting attention next up is the mid caps and I recommend you have 50% your portfolio in these mid caps some of them include neo which was a previously noted and shares see a coin and Stratos now basically some of the rules for mid caps go as follows I recommend that they be at the top 30 coins on coin market Capcom in the sense of valuation for a market cap it should be well over 200 million and there also has to be growing popularity in media coverage meaning that it's starting to get some attention people are covering it talking about technology I recommend – I didn't mention this but they should have good dev teams and actually have a concept that's ready to market okay meaning that it's built to actually provide a solution to a very large problem so the last thing is the small caps and this is what you make up about 25% your portfolio and a few good names these are digi buy you BIC and Mysterium now some of those coins incidents go out of this range but I'd recommend you only select the top 100 coins because once you get past that the market cap gets a little too small and you can be susceptible to Wales or pump-and-dump purse as a lot of we'll call them so the next thing is that it usually is under a 200 million dollar market cap now remember that goes for pretty much all the rest of the coins you don't want to invest in micro caps guys those are risky okay and that's something that's usually around the like five to ten million dollar range keep it above there try to invest in 20 million or Baba right and then the last thing is whether the rules is that it has to be a usually a new concept in early development maybe as a small dev team or has ambitious ideas and concepts around the currency it's used but hasn't actually fully implemented all the technology so let's go on to talking about a few rules guys there's not too many complicated rules but they are extremely important as you see the second live you will get burnt if you don't follow these okay have at least two different coins for each category and when I forget where I mean the different levels of valuation size so the large that made cap in the small cap and up to of each in the sense so maybe a good portfolio might look like have for your large caps some Bitcoin and some aetherium and then all the big caps you have some neo and you have some Stratus and then on the last one you've got some mysterion and some Ubik so you've got good six coins that's the minimum I recommend anywhere from six to ten coins is a good diversification approach in this stage of cryptocurrency guys so the second thing you notice I didn't give you guys just a list of cryptocurrencies to buy first off that would be stupid me to do because things are always changing alright so if this video in a year or two would be rendered worthless in the sense of giving units a bunch for that what I am going to give you that is going to last much longer and will always be applicable in cryptocurrency is doing your research okay guys do not buy into Hut and the reason I'm saying this is because I have looked around the web I've seen every single corner of the cryptocurrency sphere and I've seen people getting burnt in this market meaning that they just lose all their money because they put it into one coin they don't do their research they don't diversify and they don't actually invest money and coins that are built to succeed you have to look for teams or it sees a crypto parenthesis with good teams good purposes behind it good tech and a lot of other factors especially adoption because you can have all those great things but is it being adopted is being used that is a big selling point for cryptocurrency so they can market themselves well that is a good thing so the last thing I want to talk about guys do not trade with emotions okay in set price levels to sell and I'm going to explain the price level thing but I really want to reiterate do not let your decisions be made by your emotions alright you need to come into every single transaction this goes for crypto currencies or normal with other exchanges like drink stocks or ETFs or anything like that you have to come in with a strategy whereas other people are all bouncing in talking to their money and gambling it away with their emotions you're going to come in with strategy you're going to be smarter one here so basically speaking let's say for example you have a cryptocurrency that you've bought at five dollars okay and we're going to talk about two different types of sell orders okay so you bought a new cryptocurrency is XYZ cryptocurrency at five dollars per coin okay that's pretty cool it's good you got your coins that you wanted so there's two different types there is a stop in a limit okay now a stop is built as a protection device now I don't know if you can physically do this in dittrick some things lets you set stop and limit orders I know that bitch works allows you to set limits but I've never really set a stop before a stop is basically saying that I will sell all my coins if they hit four dollars in our case scenario so you're limiting your risk profile to a twenty percent loss so let's say for example things don't go the way you want and it goes down to four dollars in a cell time yet you lost twenty percent of your investment that stinks in that one coin however you're not losing thirty forty or fifty percent that might come in the future it's a protection device it limits in mitigates your risk which is a good step and it is a very disciplinary thing to do in fact you should feel good when you do it and sometimes when it happens you shouldn't feel bad about yourself it's a simple process that always happens in financial markets the second thing is limit orders start start limits limit sell orders so basically what that means is let's say for example you about that five dollar coin and you're telling your stuff you know what I can see this going up a hundred percent over the next two or three years I'm going to make sure I don't sell it was $10 which is 100% return it's ambitious but you're giving that time so what you're going to do is pretty much stay with the limit order at $10 and say I am not selling this until it reaches $10 okay now what I would recommend with you all is that I wouldn't do it at the big evens like that like five ten you know 15 letter I would recommend you do it 20 or 30 cents before those big events so you get had all those people who are thinking the exact same way so that's another human psychology thing is that for some reason and markets we like the beginning the numbers we don't like random generated numbers we like to sell at 100 or 200 or 50 or 20 you know those those round numbers that we can easily identify with and that are easy to type so anyways that's it with sellers but make sure to stay disciplined and come in with a strategy now this is an important thing to cover guys how to cycle your profits now what do I mean by this is something I covered in a previous video on building a long-term portfolio and I basically talked about how you cycle money so let's say for example you reach the sell point with one of your small caps and you made a profit good job awesome well here's how you're going to reinvest that money if you want to put it back into crypto I put 50% back into small caps and then 50% back into mid cash and then once we go to make caps if you sold your beta cap and made a nice profit hey man Congrats put 50% back into the mid caps and put 50% back into the large caps and if you made profits or sold your large caps I would recommend you just hold your lawn your large caps for the long term or you you reinvest it in different large caps if you think that there's for example if you think a theorem is going to go over a Bitcoin do that you know that's that's all you should do that were you should cash it out to USB tethering that the market is having a steady pull back or there's some fear coming in and us each other is a cryptocurrency you can use that pretty much has a dollar backed up behind every one of them so it's like holding cash and crypto so anyway that's pretty much it guys I'm happy I was able to do this video for you all I I really wanted best of luck and happy investing the reason I didn't give us any specifics is because I want you to run with it I gave you the rule set if so long as you follow that rule set and you really do your research you guys will most likely turn often in this market it's not too hard if you're thinking the long term rather than swing trading so you guys watch what you saw please consider subscribing I've got all kinds of content coming on this channel and remember I will be posting videos on the daily if you guys would like to check out my channel and get some more information but until then I will see you all in the next video stay tuned

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