How to Bond to Oracles on the Zap Marketplace w/ Boss Crypto

what is going on ladies and gentlemen this is Alex with boss crypto and today I'm bringing you guys all a tutorial on how to bond to Oracle's on the SAP marketplace alright so if you guys aren't familiar with SAP their Oracle marketplace and they have this unique feature where you can bond your zap to individual Oracle's and receive and receive sort of sub currency known as dots and each individual dot allows you one instance of data from that Oracle so if you want to get data say you know there's an Oracle for coin data from Polonia X if you want to use that coin data and say your Bitcoin futures contract then you would need a dot every time you want to use which is gonna be every time the price updates which you know very often so you're gonna need a lot of dots which means you're gonna need a lot of zap to bond to those Oracle's ok and I'm gonna show you that process today of bonding to these Oracle's all right so you're gonna need just three things you're gonna need some aetherium you're gonna need zap and you're gonna need meta mask alright so you're gonna send your aetherium and your zap to your meta mask address and then you're gonna come to admin zap dot org ok and this is gonna be your main hub for bonding alright and I also think my Oracle wallet is going to be a hub as well but I don't know if that's live or not and also keep on the lookout for Oracle market capcom as well that's gonna be another place you're gonna see all the Oracle's once they're live I don't think the team has put Oracle market cap on main net yet because there's only a few Oracle's live right now and they're really just meant to be kind of like beta Oracle's for enthusiasts but they do work you know so they're gonna be around when the platform is you know fully on maintenance all right so let's get right back into this again you're gonna need aetherium zap and meta mask and then come to admins a Korg make sure you choose the main aetherium Network right we're not gonna be on Kovan tests network agree or read if you choose read and agree to the terms and service and then click the login button under meta mask login all right and then you'll be logged in to the Oracle bonding service alright you'll have your wallet info how much SAP you have how much f you have and this is just your meta mask account alright and keep in mind zap has 18 decimal places afterwards now I think eventually the team is gonna try and find a way to get the actual decimal place put in here so you don't have to count every single time 18 decimals but there's something wrong with ya the technical side of things they're they're just they're working on things in that it's not like an easy fix like you think so they're they're working on it yeah there's 18 decimal places I just copy and paste this in a new tab and then I count over 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15 16 18 you can see I have just four zap in here because I've already bonded some to Oracle's alright and then you can send your ëthe and your SAP out of here as well so what we're gonna do next is we're gonna go to browse Oracle's and services and you can see we have all the different Oracle's available right now have some by max crypto max finance P to fin tag P to stocks and market signal and Oracle eyes now some of these don't have endpoints meaning they're not yet live so we can't really get any info on those but on the ones that have endpoints you can click on that endpoints and you'll see the name here how many dots are issued and then you'll see the bonding curve that's used for the dots right and then if you want even further information like I want to know well what is the Polonia X API well you can click on that and then it's going to give you all this information for what that is it gives you the bonding curve here for the price increase of dots zap and then it tells you exactly what it does it's Polonia coin price feed for example a result might be the price of Bitcoin in USD as an integer instance and so this is gonna take the price of any coin on Polonia X all right and then up here we can see right we see the bonding curve which is gonna be again there's 18 decimals so this is probably 1 X plus 7 so each dot is gonna be increased by 1 X plus 7 and then you can see how many dots you have bound or I have bound how many dots there are in total for the entire Oracle how many are currently issued and how many zap are bound and again if we copy this paste it in our new tab count 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 we can see we have 690 mm zap that is bonded to this Oracle alright and we see the providers address max crypto and the endpoint and there's also one for bitstamp but we're just gonna be focusing on the polonius one today all right so then to actually go bond to that you'll go click bond you choose the one you want max crypto aloni X API and then how many zap you want to bond for your dots you can exchange these you can bond and unbond at any time but the goal go back here the goal is always to bond above or at where you originally bonded so right now there's eleven thousand ninety dots issued if I was to buy a thousand of them by bonding a thousand or not a thousand by bonding however many SAP it takes to get a thousand dots right then there would be twelve thousand dots issued and then if someone comes in after I bond that thousand in they unbond say five thousand so that would go from twelve thousand dots issued to only seven thousand dots issued and then I tried unbond my one thousand well i'm unbonded here we're here let's start the beginning I'm bonding at a rate of a hundred and eighteen to like a hundred and twenty-five zap for my dots and then if I try to unbond when there's only seven thousand bonded I'm gonna be selling my dots for 78 to 68 is that so I will be getting back about half as much SAP for my dots so this is a speculation game just like trading right this is not something you can just do and get all your SAP back whenever you want you can make a lot of money off of it potentially but you could also lose a lot of money if you don't know what you're doing all right so always no only put in what you're willing to risk okay same as any other investment alright so going back we're gonna bond choose our address hello next API now I don't think I even have enough in this test account to get one but if you do you know you put in however many you want to get it'll tell you how much zap it requires all right and for example a hundred and forty two dots which I currently have would cost I'm not sure exactly how many I think this is sixteen thousand eight hundred and forty three zap I do believe and so and I bought these dots for about twelve thousand zap so you can see someone's come in and bonded dots since I've bought so now if I unbond I get more zap than I originally bonded right but if but if someone comes in and unn bonds five thousand dots now you know this might go down and I would only get like ten thousand or something right so you definitely got to be careful with this it's not something to do willy-nilly but you type it however many you want you know I'm assuming you guys are doing this responsibly right I'm not gonna type in any cuz I can't afford any with this account already have some but then you click bond and you'll get a meta mask confirmation I'm not sure if you guys can see it with my screen capping program but you'll confirm that and it's gonna say approving up here for a bit and at this point you do not want to click on any of the other tabs here you just want to leave this open don't touch it you know you could use other tabs if you want or whatever but don't mess with it alright and then after you know a minute five minutes however long another meta mask confirmation is gonna come up and you'll click confirm on that one as well and then after some short time approving should change to bonding and then you'll know it's done when right next to bond over here they're gonna have a nether scantling with your transaction on it okay so if that's not there assume it has not worked yet and it's not you know there's no harm and clicking out and going back to try it again if you want but you don't want to be having a bunch of pending transactions on your meta mask right so just be patient wait for it to bond if you're not getting meta mask confirmations maybe log back out and try again but you should get two confirmations this will switch to bonding and then when it's done you'll have a nether scan linked right and then unbond is the exact same thing come to unbond pick the one you want on bond from right unbond however many now one thing they haven't done when you bond it tells you how many zap it costs to get how many dots but when you unbar and it doesn't tell you how many zap you get for your dots so I think that'd be like the nice little feature for them to add soon but um you know this just kind of like quality-of-life stuff this is the beta of this platformer I keep that in mind this is the first thing finished product they've built all right so we're in the early beta days these are mostly just enthusiasts doing this right now but you know I've already up a hefty percent on my original bonding to the polonius API so it can definitely be very profitable but you know just like people who buy the top and trading and the same thing can happen in this kind of platform right and you'll see a lot of these have different limits on how many dots can be produced for example the bitstamp api is 6,000 so if I was to go and try to buy all those to bond all my zap to that it tells you how many it's gonna require and it would be just a ridiculous amount you can't actually buy it all up okay and that's how that's how it really is going to fluctuate as it goes up people who bonded earlier are gonna want to unbond for more zap and then as people unbond it'll get cheaper and people are gonna want to bond again unless there's a better alternative right you know just like the ICO market we have the ioo market now and there's gonna be white papers and videos marketing all this crazy it's gonna be something else guys so I would I would strongly encourage you to give bonding a try if you're interested in zap if you're already a SAP owner maybe just you know use like 10 zap or something small and give it a try give some dots that's really cool really cool stuff and keep up with their telegram too because they're gonna keep you up updated with all their updates and all that right and I think that's really about all I have to go over here for this bonding tutorial guys so I appreciate your time and effort if you guys want to know more about our team boss crypto check us out in the links below peace

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. I started bonding yesterday and have already seen an increase of over 220% to my stack! The potential gains through bonding are crazy. I feel very lucky to be learning about this right at the start of the IOO era. The time of hugely profitable ICO's has past, now is the time for the IOO (Initial Oracle Offering) 😀

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