How to Avoid FoMo!

by its dock with ready set crypto with your 1-minute market report for Monday April 8th after enduring the past 15 months of crypto winter we finally saw some traction last week with BTC rising 29% or over 1200 points versus the US dollar if you've been waiting for the bear to finish you're probably checking prices every five minutes and wondering if you should just jump on board it's actually a proven fact that sitting on the sidelines of a rally happens without you is more painful than being stopped out of a live position for a loss this is called fear of missing out or FOMO for short most investors sit paralyzed on the sidelines watching the rally progress every day until they finally surrender and jump in only to find out that they bought the top tick and the market retraces from there leaving them an agony until it bounces what can you do two things can help you today first know that markets in a primary bull will always pull back eventually if you missed the breakout then never chase a market higher based on your intuition always wait for it to come back to you on your terms and secondly for you to enter on your terms you have to have a strategy and rules that tell you when to enter and when to exit if you don't have a system like this then you become part of the herd that gets punished now is the time to separate yourself from the pack in the next couple of days I'll share some different trading strategies that you can use to give yourself an edge on your next entry so that you can let the trade come to you and FOMO no mo thanks for listening and see you in the next edition of one minute market here at ReadySet crypto [Applause]

24 thoughts on “How to Avoid FoMo!”

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  2. Did u see that Pavel Durov started a final round of sales concerning Telegram tokens on ?

  3. The most perspective ICO of this year GRAM Coin in a year can have a cost about 50-100 dollars. Considering that now it is sold at 1:45 dollars)

  4. Я не знаю, сколько X – es будет сделано с помощью токена Telegram, но я считаю, что первоначальные инвесторы будут гарантированно зарабатывать / ico

  5. Pavel Durov opened the final ICO round! And now he is open for ordinary users of ) Cool!

  6. Please clarify to your audience between getting in as a trader and dollar cost averaging as a long-term investor cheers

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