How to Avoid Coinbase Fees and Bitcoin Fees When Buying, Withdrawing and Transferring!

hey everybody Aaron here and in today's video what I'm gonna be doing is a video that I've been promising about how to avoid fees with Bitcoin and transferring Bitcoin and buying Bitcoin withdrawing it and all that stuff so I'm going to show you first you know the best way to buy it with the little the least amount of fees on how to send it around with the least amount of fees and also how to withdraw with the least amount of fees okay so first of all let's talk about how we you know can purchase Bitcoin with the lisanna fees first of all the number one exchange that I would recommend purchasing Bitcoin one is cracking if you can okay now most people are doing this through coinbase so I'm going to do this demonstration through coinbase and a platform that's linked with coinbase called G Dax as far as purchasing bitcoin okay because I feel like the most amount of people watching this are gonna this will apply to them however I would recommend most people sign up to crack and link your bank account with crack and and purchase Bitcoin directly through cracking because I just prefer it over the coin base in G Dax however if you're already with coin base and G Dax there's really no point in you going over here it's just most people do prefer a crack and okay I just want to first recommend crack and if you're if you don't already have a GD X or a coin basically I would actually do it over here and it's gonna be the same exact process and I'm gonna show you right now okay however we're gonna be talking about coinbase and G Dax okay so first of all you know most people when they're purchasing bitcoin they goes straight through coin base which is the most common way to purchase Bitcoin online which you know people come over here they'll come down here and they'll you know purchase one of their bitcoins and you're going to be met with an obnoxious fee when you purchase with me okay so let's just show you what I mean if you're about to purchase $1,000 worth of Bitcoin you come over here it's not that bad but you know most people see this okay so today's like the night people are gonna see this they're gonna be like holy crap I don't wanna wait that long for Bitcoin what do I do well if you link a debit card or a credit card to your account what happens is you can actually purchase instantly have that Bitcoin available instantly but look at that crazy freaking fee over there now if you want Bitcoin instantly you're going to have to pay the fee there's no way to get around these fees okay if you want it instantaneously in your account but let me show you a better way of purchasing Bitcoin funding your account so if you already have an egg coinbase accounting by the way if you don't already have one I'll put a link down in the description below if you sign up through my link we both get $10 okay okay quick little plug there just for those of you who do not already have coinbase however you know if you have going business once you have it you just come over the G deck so it will automatically log you in okay you don't even have to log in the G Dax it just knows that you are in coinbase because they're both connected to both the same company okay over here is where you really want to make your purchases for Bitcoin litecoin and whatever else that you're making a purchase for because this is how you avoid the bees okay okay so in order to purchase Bitcoin with minimal fees if any at all what you want to do is deposit United States dollars into your account here okay now you can also do this over on coinbase through your accounts you can actually fund your your wallet over there but United States Dollars and then transfer it over here like I said it'll be the same thing in G Dax and in coinbase but I would just rather do it in G Dax right why do I do it on coinbase so what you want to do is deposit it's going to give you a couple options okay you can do a bank wire this can be available within the same day okay I've had people do Bank wires where the funds are available in the same day you just go to your bank do a bank wire fund your account and it's available like it almost you know by the end of the day so that would probably be the best way to do it but you can also do this from your bank account over here and you can just say you know deposit whatever you want right so however much you're allowed up to whatever it is that you're trying to do right so a thousand is usually what most people start with so if you want to do this it'll say over here three to five business days okay so you either waiting three or five business days by linking your bank account or you can just do a bank wire and this can be available like I said usually within the same day there is a $10 fee though for doing this there is no fee if you do it this way okay so you can just transfer this you know at the end of the week if you do this on Monday it's probably gonna be about but Friday now let's say you have $1,000 right here it once it clears it'll say $1,000 you at USD over here what you want to now do is buy your Bitcoin okay so what you want to do in order to buy that is you want to come over here um right here where it says limit and let's just say you had a thousand dollars you would just click that and would actually fill this out for you automatically but when you want to do is like a limit price right so this is what you want to do you want to set a limit price like the maximum amount that you're willing to pay for a Bitcoin so the easiest way to do this is just pre fill this right here and let's say that's just like the what its selling for right now that's the max you want to pay and you would just click the top number over here it would say pre-fill also it actually put the amount of bitcoin that you're actually able to purchase with the amount of USD that you're able to use right now so if that was $1,000 they would all automatically pre-fill this okay so we've prefilled this and then you would just click right here at the top number okay and you'd hit place by order and your order would be filled and now you just purchased Bitcoin with zero fees okay so that is the end of the first part of this video okay so that means now you know how to purchase Bitcoin with zero fees now the next part is sending the coin around the internet with minimal fees and you know how to get money on a trading exchange to start trading with minimal fees and also how to get your money off of the exchanges with minimal fees so in order to do this you want to avoid Bitcoin altogether okay you don't even want to touch Bitcoin this is my recommendation this is what I have done I would have actually instead of buying Bitcoin through G Dax I would have purchased litecoin okay so if I bought $1000 I want to start trading with for the purposes of trading I would actually purchase litecoin not Bitcoin just because it's you're eliminating one extra step right so in this case you would have fund you would have a united states balance over here and you would purchase like coin the same exact way that you did with Bitcoin right so you just come over here limit you would hit this number it would pre-fill all and then you would come over here to the limit price then hit place order now that you have litecoin now you want to send light coin off of G Dax to whatever exchange you're gonna be trading on you may in fact be trading on G Dax and you know how to do anything but if you want to send it over to somewhere like you know bit tricks over here for instance right what you would want to do is you come back over to your G Dax account over here and you want to hit withdrawal okay so now you want to hit withdrawal let's say you have light coin withdrawal to a light coin address okay so what you would do is you again hit this right here max it would pre fill with whatever your amount of light coin is and then you'd put your light coin address so if you wanted to transfer over to bit tricks over here what you would want to do is find your litecoin address over here and that's gonna be a little bit hard for me at the moment since I have so many open orders where is Lake Point actually we could just type it in up here LTC okay this is how we do it and then you would come over here you'd hit this plus number meaning that you're going to actually send you know litecoin to this address so what you would do is you would take this address here copy this and come back over to your GDX account and this is where you would be sending your litecoin right and this is just an example 4-bit checks if you were sending to your wallet you would do the exact same thing right so if I was using my Exodus wallet over here litecoin and I would hit receive over here I would use that okay and then it's same thing right so no matter where it is that you're sending you would put that over here and then you would use your two-factor authentication and it would send the reason you want to do this is first of all there's no fee for sending anything off of GDX even if this was Bitcoin you're not gonna pay anything but it did the transaction time is faster own like coin this is why I do this okay now let's say that you're on bit treks or your wallet whatever if you're trading cryptocurrencies on bit trucks finance ku coin you know whatever it is that you're using Polonia X and you want to let's say you wanted to get your balance off of the exchange for whatever reason what I would do is can whatever amount that you're trying to transfer off of the exchange I would consolidate into late coin okay so yeah I would transfer whatever my Bitcoin balance was into litecoin and send light coin off of the exchange and this is because you're gonna get charged much less for sending light coin off of the exchange and you would with Bitcoin okay and let me just show you exactly what I mean right now by this okay so let's see how much it costs to send light coin so if I wanted to withdraw with like one doesn't matter how much it could be my whole entire portfolio right if I had 10,000 on here a hundred thousand on here this is exactly how much they're gonna charge me and let's see how much this comes out to this is a site I recommend everybody use so this is how much they're charging you to send light coin right so 250 for now let's come back over to our bit wrecks account now let's see how much they would talk charge us to send Bitcoin off of here okay so I want to withdraw Bitcoin and this is how much they're gonna charge us come back over to currency IO and let's do this with Bitcoin and as you see here it's fifteen dollars instead of three dollars to send Bitcoin off of bit treks okay so that's just one example that I can give you it's like this on pretty much every exchange they're going to charge you more to send Bitcoin and you know withdrawal Bitcoin then they would like coin now the better way to do this is actually sending ripple off of here because a is faster than liquid and it's even cheaper than like coin you know but you're limited in terms of where you can actually send ripples like coin is pretty much accepted by every wall in every exchange right so so that is how you actually transfer your funds between places for the minimal amount right so again you you fund the money that you're putting into the marketplace that you want to I guess trade with for instance you would go over here to G decks fund your account and purchase like coin send light coin off of here to wherever you want to send it right it could be to one of your wallets it could be to you know one of your exchanges it could be to your your blockchain wallet right and this is I'm gonna get to this in just a second about blockchain info but that is how you transfer between places I like sending light coin because it's faster and cheaper okay like you've seen it's only like three dollars and they send it off of G Dax I'm pretty sure it's absolutely free it's just you know get any off of like somewhere like bitch hikes you're probably gonna get charged okay you know if you are somebody who is using Exodus as a temporary wallet which I recommend if you you know I don't I do not recommend storing anything in coinbase it's just not recommended I recommend as temporary while it's Exodus and blockchain not info okay but there's actually a workaround to getting around the fees of sending off of Exodus because if you send money off of here let me just show you what I mean let's say you just want to send point one Bitcoin off of here you'll see down here Exodus is gonna charge you 17 dollars that actually used to be a lot more than this they actually have recently reduced their fees but as you can see you're gonna get hit with that 17 other fee what you can do and I'm gonna link you down below I'm not gonna show you in this video and how to set this up it's real fast it takes like five minutes to do but there's actually a way to send off of Exodus to reduce your fees you can actually link your Exodus wallet with your blockchain info wallet over here and you can actually you know control how much you want to use as far as and you can control your fees with your ex as well through blocking on info now this is why I recommend probably just going with blockchain info wallet and kind of skipping Exodus altogether however some people say that Exodus is a more secure wallet the blocking because blockchain is a web stored wallet where Exodus is not it's a local stored on your machine so you know some people say block chains more secure some people say Exodus is more secure I use both that's beyond the point of this video the point of this video is to show you how to reduce your fees when sending and storing money so like let's say that you you know purchased your like coin or your Bitcoin or let's say that you want to withdraw off of the exchange like you want it you just don't want to keep this much on the exchange and let's say you send $5,000 off here where do you store it if you're not cashing out I would recommend you know exodus right so Exodus or blockchain it doesn't matter which one but if you are storing in Exodus you want to link your exes to your blockchain account and this way when you send money watch what happens right here let's say that I want to send some money over to you know wherever to the exchange for instance right let's say I send $1,000 if you come down here first of all you'll see that the disease are already cheaper than Exodus just right now right regular but we can come over here and see is I can customize fee and I can change this number to whatever I want and actually reduce the fee to pretty much anything like literally you can go down to like 50 right and you're only paying a dollar 69 now this is probably gonna take like over 24 hours to send right you'll see right here the the lowest recommend it is 194 you can go below this I typically do the recommend it so we've cut the fee in half essentially and this will take probably like 12 hours but like I said you can actually go below this right and minimize your feet even further it's just gonna take a lot longer to send so if you're not in any rush you can actually send your bitcoins slower with less fees and you can do that directly in blotching and again you can link your Exodus wallet with blockchain and actually go into your Exodus wallet and send from your ex's wallet and also control the fees that way okay so that's kind of a workaround if you want to learn how to do that that's in the link down below okay so now we've covered how to purchase Bitcoin with any without any fees I'm also how to send it to the exchange with as little fees as possible through litecoin and now the final thing is just how do we cash out with his little fees as possible right so it's pretty much the reversal of everything that I just showed you right so let's say that you're over here on bit tricks and you want to take like five thousand dollars out in cash out to your bank account right what you want to do is consolidate five thousand dollars of your Bitcoin or whatever it is you want to consolidate your coins in the Bitcoin and then transfer that into litecoin okay so you just basically purchase like coin with your Bitcoin and then withdrawal like coin from the exchange over here to G Dax and then you're gonna have a light coin balance over here what you're going to do is come down here you're gonna want to sell like going right into United States dollars okay so what you need to do is when you have a balance of light coin you're just gonna pre-fill all this and you're gonna go over here and you're just gonna you know click your light coin balance it's gonna fill this right here and then you're just gonna come over to sell and you're just gonna place a sell order right and you can actually get your solder fast or if you come over here and sell at a limit that's even lower than the current market price right if you want to cash out instantly and then you have a United States dollar amount and then when you have that United States dollar mountain back over here so you're like coin is now United States dollar amount then you go over here you hit withdrawal and you go to let's say your bank account withdrawal boom that's how you do it okay so in in conclusion to purchase Bitcoin without any fees you use your GDX account you can use a bank wire does have a ten dollar fee but it'll be available usually in the same day or you can wait like three to five days for your your funds to be transferred over to your GDX and then you can send off of GDX with very little fees to anywhere you want whether it's an exchange or a wallet but remember I recommend sending litecoin as it is much faster okay okay now once it's on the exchange you know you can do all your trading on the exchange and then convert it back into litecoin send it back over the GTX convertible a coin back in the United States dollars and then you know United States dollars back into your bank account okay and that's the simple process and also the tools that I recommend using as temporary storage because you don't want to use coinbase would be blockchain dot info probably number one and then Exodus is another alternative as well and also to avoid the exodus fees if you are using Exodus again there is going to be a link in the description to show you how to link your blockchain and Exodus together so that when you're sending even from your Exodus you can control as I showed you here how much you want to pay in fees right you can lower that 13 other fee you know down to as little as like a dollar if you go down to like 100 so 3 dollars that's by as low as I'd actually go but hopefully now you know all the different workarounds and loopholes in order to purchase cryptocurrency with very little fees how to send in between places with very little fees and also how to withdraw on cash out with as little fees as possible ok if you have any questions leave them down below hopefully you got some value out of this this is exactly what I do and so far this is the best way that I know of how to you know send how to buy send and withdraw cryptocurrencies with out getting killed by all the different fees if you were just using the traditional method of purchasing bitcoins sending Bitcoin and withdrawing Bitcoin right and finally if you want to know how I've been growing this bit treks account to about $300 a day on complete passive autopilot click the link in the description below which will take you to the crypto trading bot that I'm using that places trades for me actually I could show you one of those right now here's one of the trades on you know I think we got in right around here and we're already up quite a bit I don't really know a whole lot about technical analysis and trading but I have a crick robot that does this and like I said it's been adding about three hundred dollars a day to this account I started with you know just over thirty five hundred dollars in this account and we're already actually just a few days ago we were at ten thousand dollars but Bitcoin dropped a bit here but yeah like I said about on average about three hundred dollars a day USD accumulation in this account from the crypto bots that I'm using okay if you're not already aware of what that is or already using it I highly recommend you click the link in the description to check that out okay you have any questions at all leave them down in the comments I'll get back to you and also leave a thumbs up if you got value out this okay this is gonna save you a hell of a lot of money if you didn't already know all the different tricks in here that I showed you okay thank you so much and I'll see you again in the future

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    I made a trial deposit from Coinbase into Blockchain and cannot find my funds. Can you please do a lesson on using Blockchain? Thank You, Thank You.

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  3. Great video, my bald brother!
    I accidentally discovered this same secret of how to send BTC without any fees a couple months ago, but I like how you break everything down here.
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