hey guys my name is Trevor I’m the CEO of Midas investments and today we’re going to talk about how to analyze price charts and trade master altcoins I will tell you about a few goals that I came up with with about a few years of trading they slowly quitted see mostly scam coins so I hope this will save you some money and will create a nice source of profits let’s start the first pattern that I want to show you is the the rising of the new coin let’s call it this way there are a few types of coins but mostly they separate on to the ones that are driven by the community and the ones that are created by the developers the ones they’re driven by community have pre-sales have pretty natural price and price decline all the time obviously and developers do do not support the coin usually or they do this with a really small amount of money the next type is the coin is driven by developers they have no presale they they’re launching their coin with their own funds they’re listing on crypto bridge master notes online maybe cracks and then they start to draw the graph that will attract investors and will try to convince them to buy their coins and from selling coins is their main income in the first case the main source of income is from the product that the coin wants to develop and they need presale to launch this product so first of all we’ll speak about highly manipulated coins the recent example of such coin is Betty you see the nice growth in the first week are from the lounge and then the flat obviously can make a lot of money such coins because you can buy from the start and then it goes up and then this flat I can lace you nice profits while being one of the few masternode robot owners but but beware of the silent waters because this can end up really really badly first of all the well of all the coins that put their masternode price up to 2/3 for bitcoins right now the maximum price is for bitcoins and this is quite a lot the support is provided only from the developers it seems and as you can see you don’t even you won’t be able to even sell the whole master mode if you try to invest and even if you would buy on the flat price the continuous selling of robots by other investors will destroy the buy price the bipolar is created by the developers not by the investors and the problem here is that you can see that almost no real investors have the master notes online because they would destroy this by support only with robots so 30 by T I think the masternode provides in a few days almost the same amount which would be destroyed the volumes is created fake fake volumes created by developers and you can see the potential outcome of such projects in here let me get on for our graphic you can see the nice growth are similar to beta 1 then flat and then back this price this chart may not seem so so awful because you could buy on this price but then you move closer to understand that this is basically zero price almost like zero is here so the coin went from 2.5 BTC to zero in in a few days without holding for even even a week and if you would see the buy orders it is only 0.1 so the developers basically threw the project into the trash can this is not really great and you should beware of those kind of projects with overrated Mastan old price that is controlled only by developers so basically developers so here all their coins for those investors that they wished they had they had quite a few if they had enough they would remain they would continue their Ponzi scheme one of the best ways to trade real coins those who don’t those who have enough investors to keep on going and those who have nice developers nice product public team is to trade not levels or Fibonacci or both waves whatever but to trade trends because this is the only thing that shows the public how the public reacts on the coin you can see the nice trend here on since and basically you can buy here and sell on the break out of this trend over here as simple as possible as straightforward no need to analyze for hours they graph because it will not give you anything with the low liquidity market anyone can create any type of graph and your your drawings on the graph will be irrelevant because of the parties that can affect the market how to trade trends basically you draw apple Tran here so here once you salt you you’re drawing the trendline over here and once it broke out nicely for you can buy again and after you buy again you’re drawing another trend oh my god yeah so you’re buying here and sewing on this breakout and you still keeping on profits because because you bought here on the breakout then you see that this trend broke almost immediately and then you buy on this candle for example and selling here this is a small trend but it could last for months like in this case and what you want to do when the trend is uprising you want to accumulate your rewards and sell them only if they if the trend line has broken then most of the coins have this graph especially right now when the market almost got destroyed don’t destroy it but it lacks the credits you want thanks volumes etc so if you want to adapt this trend line according to the following market so it would be like that then you enter the flat and how you want to deal with the flat flat is when the price is stable for few platform month also it can go either up or down and how you want to handle it you want to sell all your robots right way on the market price only just to accumulate additional profits and once big flatline flat support has broken and you can yeah here you once once it has broken you can sell if it goes upwards and creates trend a new trend you can save rewards and accumulate them there are many great points that are undervalued like by wreck may be always may be out that I don’t know like a list of your own obviously my disinclined and when the coins are underrated and buy underrated I mean that the masternode costs like 0.0 15 BTC or 0.02 bit is even it can easily go up like making you three four times profit if it has a positive trend line so you should keep on watching on those trend lines not holding coins and by holding I mean if the coin price is decreasing significantly forget about it yes you should support developers but but by supporting it means that you should tell truth about the project to other people like helping them market it and and discuss with developers what they should do in your opinion and if they do not listen to you then what is the purpose of these developers they do not listen to their investors many of you would ask me to analyze the graph of the – and my opinion – right now have the pattern of happy dinosaur which has a nice firm sale actually the tail goes longer and longer backwards and then you see this bump of the backbone and and the candles are actually you know the spiky stuff that protects in the dinosaur from the attacks of the Predators and then you see there has the potential 34 38 percent of breakdown and after this a nice and firm neck and head and the fancy smile yeah this is my prognosis for – in the upcoming months I think it has pretty nice chance to succeed but I hopefully will not see the pattern of Zoar ahead you know these are like the one with the knot spear but whatever yeah in this case we can face for the flat for upcoming months but dinosaur is most likely here yeah I can see it can you see it guys let me know in the comments below if you can see the dinosaur here and in case of line I actually analyzed and saw the the winged Eagle yeah this is pretty common pattern when you can see the the wing how it goes upwards and onwards and it shows the direction actually you can see over here in which way the price will go oh my god it will go right side not bad not bad a great future upcoming guys so let me summarize the rules that we came up in this video so first of all be careful with investing in high-value masternode coins that do not have public team product price price history make sure that you protect it from this ridiculous dumps that can be made from the developers you can see the gene price it decreased six times before the announcement of the developers that they’re going to close their business which which makes me think that developers basically sold all their coins to the to the team not team to investors and buy orders so you cannot be protected from that only by picking decent projects once you picked a decent project that you are interested in and I will explain in the further videos how to make it happen how to choose those projects then you can start trading it with the trend lines you should analyze which trend it has flat upward downwards and downwards you do not buy upwards if it only started yes you can buy easily and then just accumulate robots until the graph will show you that the trend has broken in the flat it is up to you either to buy with a small portions and to accumulate robots just do not forget to sell this portion of your robots to get some profits by the way in this video in the next video we are going to talk about how to analyze white papers community and what questions do we need to ask developers make sure to subscribe to our channel there will be a lot of great content that will that will help you to navigate on this crypto world and will help save and earn money for you and there will be a few updates upcoming for Midas that you will be I think as excited as so thank you guys for watching this video I will see you in the next one


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