How To Add / Remove Funds From A Copy-Trade on Etoro

O.K so this one’s a quick one… How do you add funds to a copy which you already
have open? So let’s say there’s someone I’ve copied,
and I’ve copied him with $100 and I want to add another $50 or $100 – how do I do that? And also, how can I take money out, you know,
can you sort of have $500 on someone and take $100 out without closing the copy, and use
that 100 for something else… Yes you can – I’ll show you how. So, first if I go to my portfolio, I now have
here, you can see I have $190 and 3 cents available – yaaaay. And that’s because I closed a couple of Ethereum
positions because I was really over-exposed in Ethereum – I think something like 70% of
my entire portfolio was on Ethereum and I’m a bit worried about that. I still have these two – a couple of times
2 leverage trades in Ethereum – which they used to do times 2 leverage, now they don’t,
but I’m keeping them open because they’ve been open for a while and it’s now … Where
is it – it’s at 374, I think the top one I bought was here – 403. So I’m just going to leave it open – I think
it’s going to go up, but I closed a couple of smaller ones which only had times 1 leverage
and I just took those profits and there they are. Another one is – another reason that’s gone
up is … Do you remember last time when I was showing you, I think it was Rite Aid or
something – I was showing you how to increase a stop loss beyond 100%, but it takes some of
the funds to cover that from your available margin. Well I’d done that – during that time when
Ethereum really crashed, I thought it might go down to as low as, I don’t know, 80, so
I set my stop losses I think down at about 40 on these big times 2 trades because I just
thought “nah, it’s going to go back up” but I extended my stop loss just to cover it in
case it spiked downwards quickly, and I hadn’t put those stop losses back up, so today I
put them back up – I’ve put them to 180, I don’t know where I’ll move them… But when I did that, it suddenly released
like $45 that I’d used to extended those stop losses, – it released them back into my available
margin. So, I was looking around for people to copy,
but at the moment, I’m aware that, you know, Jay’s doing well so I just want to sort of
put some more onto my copy with Jay. I bought one position, here in AMD – AMD, they make micro processors and sort of digital components and the reason I did that
is really I was listening to Jay talking yesterday on his twitch channel and he knows so much
about the fundamentals of AMD, you know – he knows all about their processors, their different
products, what they’ve released, and AMD stock’s been going down. It reached an all time high and then it, I
think it was an all time high anyhow … about a month and a bit ago. And then, it just started to go down down
down down down and at first that looked like people were taking profits that was driving the
thing down, but it’s been going down… But, I’ve been listening to him talk about
their products and you know, apparently their products are so good – I mean they’re really
really good products, beating sort of Intel products and Nvidia products in the same range
on the market at the moment that he reckons their earnings will go up and that should
be good for the share price. So I’ve put, you know, $50 in. I was going to do times 10 leverage – I didn’t! I listened to my own advice and I went in
with times 5. If it goes up again, you know, maybe I’ll
put another position in – I’ll free up some money again, put another position in with
more leverage or whatever, we’ll see. But for now, I did $50 at times 5 on AMD,
so… Back to Jay. Here we are, so Jay – here’s all the stuff
I’m copying with Jay – these are all the trades I currently have open with Jay. And at the
moment you can see that I have a total open of $311.99 so I’m going to put another $150
with Jay. So how do I do that? So, here, on the right … Booooom, really
really simple, you know, “Add Funds”, “Remove Funds , “Pause Copy”, “Set Copy Stop Loss”
“Stop Copying” … blah blah . So I’m just going to go to “Add Funds”. So this – I don’t have to start a new copy,
I don’t have to change everything up, I don’t have to mess with the trades that are automatically
open, I simply add more money. So I’m going to just type here “150” – I have
190 available. So look it tells me here that the maximum
amount I can add is 20,190 – that will make me sort of equal to the amount he’s got in
there. “Average Copied Trades Size” is now going
to be $23.40 so that’s a thing. So, when I – let’s say I put it to 100 and
see if that changes… Yes. You see it’s at $20.98… So what that means is that – it’s that thing
about that the more money you have on someone, the more money they can make you. So at the moment whenever he opens a trade,
he’s got an average sort of amount of his entire balance that he puts on every trade. Say he puts 5% on avaerage on a trade. So it will put 5% of what I’ve put, it’ll
find out what his average position size is copy that to the amount of money I have in
there, and tell me what that would be. So the average copied trade size would be
$23.40 – which isn’t bad because you know it’s about half of the $50 minimum that you
can put on stocks and stuff. So, obviously if I put bigger trade sizes
on, I can make more money, so that’s how – it’s just kind of showing you the percentage increase
that you can have by putting more money on. So all I do is I put $150, my “Copy Stop Loss
will remain at 60%” and “Update”… Boom. That’s it. “Jaynemesis amount updated to $484”. It’s updated
my copy stop loss automatically, and my average position trade size has just got bigger. I look at my available amount… I now only have $40 available to mess around
with or as extra unused margin which keeps me kind of safe and I can use it if I see
a really good opportunity or if I need to increase another stop loss I can use that. So, let’s say I want to remove funds, I simply
go to “Remove Funds” and I can remove – let’s remove $100 – so I remove it – “Update” Booom… “Amount updated to $384.7” blah blah blah, it will update the stop loss as well – It
does it automatically, now I have $140 is now back available in my unused margin. So it puts it back instantly. So I’m just going to put that back in, “Add
Funds” – they don’t get angry, the system doesn’t start going “What are you doing!”
you know, it just does it – so I’m going to add the 100 back in, and there we are. So now I have 40 again, the amount’s updated
to 484, there’s no charge to add that money, and take that money away. When you add money to your overall account
there’s, you know, you have to pay the conversion fees which people have been questioning – “how
competitive are they?” So you might want to check that – go into
your local bank and see what they charge. But, there’s charges when you withdraw money
from the whole, your whole account, but when you add money and remove money from a copy
you’re doing, there’s no charge on that, you can just add and remove, and move it about
from within the system – it’s only putting money into Etoro, or getting money out of
Etoro where there might be fees. On the way in only because there’s a currency
exchange, because everything goes into dollars – so from your currency to dollars, there’ll
be an exchange fee, and when you take it out there’ll be an exchange fee as well to remove
it back from dollars into whatever your currency is to send it to you, but also there’s that
$25 standard withdrawal fee… But, so there we are, that’s how you add money
to a copy.

19 thoughts on “How To Add / Remove Funds From A Copy-Trade on Etoro”

  1. Hi, is this the way (remove funds) you can cash out any profits from copying a trader or do you have to use another method to do this?

  2. Do you know whats wrong on that: I copied a trader with $200 first, on friday i decided to add another $800 on that trader. Now I only see $200 invested, but total allocaded are $1000. Bitcoins, which he also have, are 24/7 tradable, but my position on that is still the same. Overall, a bit strange to me. Thank you and keep up the good work.

  3. Thank you for the great detailed explanation, it's very helpful. I have just a few questions left about removing funds from a copy-trade.
    Say I copy a trader with $1000 and he has invested only 70% of that, so the rest $300 are staying there idle. What will happen if I remove the $300 from this trader to invest them elsewhere? Will this affect the size of my opened positions with him or will they stay at $700?
    Also what determines the max amount I can remove from a trader at a given time? Thank you 🙂

  4. Hey, I have a doubt on the add funds functionality, could you pls clarify it to me?

    Lets say for example that I copied someone's investment that was "buy Bitcoin", at a time bitcoin value was 10k
    Now BC costs almost 17k, If I add more fund to this, will the money "buy" more BC at 10k or 17k?
    Tks mate, cheers!

  5. Hi I need some help on Etoro. For some reason I cant seem to click on they buy button on an existing trade, would you know why that would have happened?

  6. Hi. I’ve stopped copying a trader and my account is still pending and it’s been like it for a few days. Any help on this thanks.

  7. I think you can only remove funds that are not currently being invested in the copy. Like when you go to the bottom, sometimes the total investment is less than your copy amount. So if the total investment is equal to the copy amount, you won't be able to remove any funds.
    Also, there was one time where as I added funds to the copy, the average trade size was not increasing. In fact, it said 0 and was just staying at 0. I don't understand why. Maybe you can make a video on that if you do know about it.

  8. in your profit margin you had 194 dollars.  I want to know how to your remove THAT, and put it back into your available margin ?

  9. You are the best I m on etoro because of you one question if you kindly help pls when withdrawing funds what option should I use if I want money in my uk current account as it is very confusing for me like netril skrill…

  10. Hi, I've just started trading due to the crypto interest and found your vlog informative and clear it's been hard to find that on youtube, most are to fast and not clear, but yours is great, you make seem so easy, but because i'm new at this it would be even better if you could throw in some scenarios like if you press the wrong button what to do to correct it, that sought of thing.
    Through you, I'm on etoro with xrp and copying MrThor7734 who is great, more basic knowledge of the platform would useful, since i have a few panics on it lately, i can see a lot of new traders coming due to the cryto market who will need a lot of help with someone like you to hold our hand learning this.keep up the good work, hope to see more vlogs (coinbase as well:))

  11. I am assuming you cannot add funds via bitcoin ? right ? I dont feel like giving them info like personal utility bill.

  12. Hi, I going to add fund to the trader I copy. Will it affect my current open trade? And what is the percentage invested when my trader open new trade. How to calculate it?

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