80 thoughts on “How To Add Or Connect A PayPal Donate Link To Your YouTube Channel”

  1. Here are the steps to connect a paypal donate link to your YouTube Channel so you can accept donations from your viewers and subscribers.

  2. Thanks for sharing this info on how to add Or Connect A PayPal Donate Link To Your YouTube Channel – I'm sure a lot of people don't know this is even available!

  3. Wow! Great Tip! I manage an account for a non-profit. With some recent changes Google has removed the Google Wallet from YouTube and we are unable to add a donate button. This will is a perfect replacement. Thanks!!!

  4. I have been able to add a paypal donate url link, but is there is a way to make a donate button pop up on my videos? I can't figure out how to do that. Thanks again.

  5. Nothing I tried here allows me to actually put a DONATE BUTTON, directly on my video screen as the video is playing, like a Subscribe To My Channel Button does on the video screen. Is there actually no way to insert a DONATE BUTTON to pop up on the video as it is playing on the screen? Not a url, but an actual DONATE BUTTON, which brings the viewer directly to the PayPal website to donate.  Can anyone help?

  6. This video shows how to add a donate url link for paypal, but does not show you how to create a DONATE BUTTON in YouTube, to pop up on your screen, the way a SUBSCRIBE BUTTON is able to be created. What I want to do is have a DONATE BUTTON pop up on all my videos, when clicked, it would bring the viewer directly to the PayPal page to make their donation. Not a url link or button on my About Page, or in the description below the video. I want to insert an actual DONATE BUTTON that shows on all my videos while playing. This video does not show how to create that on screen Donate Button.

  7. THANKS! this helps a lot with what I'm doing on my channel! You rock for sitting down and taking the time to make this video!

  8. In your video, it shows a pop up on your screen that says DONATE NOW. YouTube Annotations gives you no option to add this pop up button. How did you get that DONATE NOW to pop up to show on your video? This video does not show how to actually add that pop up button on the video itself.

  9. I have movie maker, but I don't see a way to make a DONATE BUTTON, that will then lead clicking it to the PayPal page to allow for a donation. Is it possible you can make a video on how to do this, or perhaps just send me a step by step instruction? You have always been most helpful, and thank you so much for your expertise in these kind of questions.

  10. I am subscribed to your channel, and I do appreciate you taking the time to show so many different option that can be used in YouTube. Thanks again

  11. I added the Donate Button to my channel, but I cannot put a link in a note in my video. It asks me to enter a valid link. Any suggestions?

  12. Thanks for sharing this! Will be adding a button today!
    P.S. In your opinion…which is the better route? Paypal or Patreon?

  13. Thanks very much for this!  As a folk musician and maker of DIY song videos, this is the precise information I need right now!  I've got the PayPal link set up at my About page now…:)

  14. Thank you for the video mate and nice moves. For those who dont have a buisniss account type in google paypal donation button and for me was second link below https://www.paypal.com/us/buttons/paymentbuttons/donate/create hope that help cause i have same problems and this is how i solved it:) Or go to your paypal and log in and select seller prefrences, look for PayPal buttonsManage my payment buttons. and click on update then click on create new button on the right and viola 🙂

  15. Never seen such a bobbling noggin; it's quite astounding! Thanks for the info! Subscribed!

  16. Is it legal to do this? or allowed by Paypal and Youtube? I've been reading contradictory arguments, thanks

  17. Should I have to create Business account rather than Individual account in order to make Donate button? In my Individual account of Paypal, I don't find steps to create Donate button. Please reply.

  18. Could you please tell me how I can set up a PayPal account and just use my YouTube name and not show my real name on the donation page?

  19. On paypal, it says: "This button is intended for fundraising. If you are not raising money for a cause, please choose another option. Nonprofits must verify their status to withdraw donations they receive. Users that are not verified nonprofits must demonstrate how their donations will be used, once they raise more than $10,000 USD."

    So I don't think were supposed to use it for personal donations. But does it still work for personal donations?

  20. Why you moving side to side each word you say? You think that is really making the video more exciting ? Also could do me a favor, show how make a paypal link a little faster. I can still almost see what you were doing..

  21. this doesn't fuckin work, there's no "merchant services" tab. Paypal doesn't even look like that anymore. What country are you mothafuckas in? Paypal changed

  22. I can't even get that page to come up that shows the tab for merchant services. I get a completely different page. This is so frustrating! I had a similar problem with Patreon
    that I could not resolve. This stuff may have worked a few years ago but not now!
    Your video needs to be taken down it is outdated!

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