100 thoughts on “How to Add Money to PayPal from Bank Account”

  1. actually i too not having add money option on my paypal account.. i added my bank account still i don't have the option

  2. i have a business account, i added my bank account its verified already, buti still theres no option to add money. i hope anyone can help about this.

  3. Sir, I just made an PayPal account and verified my debit card with it. I don't find the add funds button please help

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  5. Hi i just add my debit card and why theres no option to choose to add money from your bank account or debit card and i check my card on paypal is said that checking?? I Wish you can help me with this

  6. I live in germany i download the PayPal app but it looks different i dont have that Add money option when i click on manage balance it comes with a message ( you dont need to have money on your paypal account if you have we will use it first) like r u serious wtf 🙄

  7. Mine don't go through , it's Say Having throuble adding money to PayPal or sum like that .

  8. Hey is it 3-5 BUSINESS DAYS or 3-5 Days? I added money from my bank to my PP balance on Wednesday evening, does that mean it'll clear Saturday or Monday?

  9. I don't have "add money" button on my account. It says "You don't need balance to use paypal. When you have balance, we'll use it first. When you don't have, you can pay or send money using your preferred credit card"

  10. the add money option used to be there for me but it has disappeared for some reason. Now I can't order my jersey from an online UK store thanks paypal.

  11. I am still pretty stump about Electric or anything at all
    If you have Money in your Ios-Ipad or whatever
    You can send it to your acc?

  12. My bank account is confirmed with paypal account. But i can't add money to my paypal account. In my paypal account no option for add money

  13. What if everything works well but when "adding a specific amount" it shows me this error: "We couldn't add funds from this bank account. Do you want to try a different one?" instead of "Money added". Any ideas?

  14. this is vey important. if i have my debite linked to my paypal can people send me money and then i can spent it while i have my debite card linked

  15. If I want to add money or withdraw do I must have businesses account .and is businesses account on paypal is free to use like a personal??

  16. Hey is this the same with credit card when it comes to mobile?? I want to add funds to my PayPal from my credit card. Thanks

  17. I don't need to "have"money in my paypal account to PAY!! what are you talking about?! what is the "automatic top up" for if it is not for that?

  18. hi, question: if i xfer money from my bank account to paypal will paypal take any fees for me xfering the money from bank to paypal?

  19. What are the added benefits to adding money in this way, rather than just using PayPal as it is? I'm interested to know.

  20. For those that dont have the "Add money" button on their summary page, go to Wallet, then click Transfer Money, and you will see it.

  21. I have been trying to transfer money from my bank to my paypal account for. Weeks – I had to use 2 PHONES! one to listen and one to transfer the funds; however, it was worth it! Thanks for clear, understandable help.

  22. For al the people struggling, you need to go to the paypal site to deposit money from your bank and not to te app!

  23. Lmao… i did it from the Website and they told me to send money to Paypal Europe …. and i did it. The bank took the money and after 3 days there's still no money on my account and it said takes up to two days…

  24. what should i do i successfully connect and done transferring money from my bank accnt but its 7 days already but no money but i didnt receive until now

  25. Please dude update this video for the love of God I am begging you sir please, the app these days looks completely different

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