How the Drone Attack on Maduro Unfolded in Venezuela | NYT – Visual Investigations

On Aug. 4, Venezuelan President
Nicolás Maduro was apparently the target
of an assassination attempt. Maduro was giving a speech,
here, in front of troops. Then something
exploded in midair, probably less than the
length of a football field away from the president. A second explosion
happened 14 seconds later, two blocks away. The day ended in mayhem
and mass confusion. And it’s still unclear
who launched the attack. But by reconstructing
the events, we can get a
clearer look at how it unfolded. Hundreds of soldiers take formation on historic
Avenida Bolívar in Caracas. Maduro is hosting a ceremony
honoring the National Guard. It’s a demonstration
of strength for his dictatorship,
broadcast live on state TV. About an hour into the event, Maduro and others nervously
notice something above them. Two minutes later, something
suddenly interrupts him. The state broadcast
cuts to a soldier, but the same
scene was captured by a different camera. In this clip, you can hear an
explosion and see Maduro’s bodyguards
running to protect him. Around this area, cellphone video captured a
drone exploding in midair — above the military parade,
and within Maduro’s sightlines. Two blocks away,
another drone is seen. It flies into an apartment
building and crashes. It detonates 14 seconds
after the first explosion. The sound can be heard
at the ceremony grounds, and it sends
the crowd fleeing. You can see a hole on the
wall where the drone exploded. We analyzed the
images of both drones. They are DJI M600
commercial drones. Each costs about $5,000. They can carry up
to 13 pounds in a three-mile radius. Here we see a likely camera
and explosives attached. According to the
Venezuelan authorities, the drones carried C-4
plastic explosives. These are commonly used by
military and law enforcement. They’re moldable and
usually triggered remotely. Seven soldiers were
injured by the explosion at the parade. In the aftermath
of the incident, authorities arrested
six people and started to crack down
on opposition lawmakers.

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  1. They most High saves Maduro and the people who were involved, the dictators are the children of the slave Masters whom we the true Israelites are to file a complaint against and to have an arrest warrant issue for their arrest make no mistake Revelation 13: 9-10 to the letter.

  2. You people ready do believe it okay to call other people by your perfect names dictators, thieves, rappiest, murderers, who who once used to black babies as gator baits get out of here, your are getting unveil as we speak, all your lies are about to be reveal.

  3. Pura mierdas si te fijas en la tranquilidad y la calma de ése hijo de perros ,todo fue planeado y controlado ,eso fue estratégicamente simulando, porque si su verdadero objetivo fuesen acabar con ése hijo de su madre en tres segundo se lo hubiese puestos en su cabeza y adiós maduró espero que té los hagan de verdad abusador dé humanos.

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  5. drone explosion was obviously inaccurate and did very little damage
    seems very strange… rather than act of terrorism, possible inside hoax or rebellion move?

  6. Question: If the drones exploded against a building that, according to this video, was almost a football field away, and considering their size, what were Maduro and his government looking at 2 minutes before the explosion of the first drone?

  7. This is the day of the mad individual. ANYbody can start a war now. 3D print a drone and rig Arduino. Anybody can start a cyber or biological war. So with all our wonderful tech advances we are actually LESS safe (from each other). Who didn't see this coming? 🤔

  8. Love you Madero the U.S.A just want every country end like Libya , Palestine, Iraq, completely destroy humanity , All because of ISIS Israel inteligentes Services .

  9. When to many people in the world become drugaddicts, and narco goverments take power in south america. Please, use less drugs lol. Greetings from south america.

  10. This is not correct, I was watching the live stream that day and saw a reaper style drone, not these 8 bladed copter drones they are editing in. Serious corruption happening here, I saw it live and the cameraman caught the real drone, then TeleSUR was down for 3 days right as the second one was exploding so what is up? People need to wake up.

  11. Since Maduro was elected, and even agreed to hold an early election, how did he become a dictator? Since the attack comes on the heels of heat from the Special Prosecutor, it would be a good idea to watch the movie "Wag the Dog" to see how distraction works. Whoever ran the attack would have taken the attention from Trump's status as a cheat and liar, and promoted him to war criminal. Clever.

  12. "Dictatorship" you have no shame NYT, he got more % votes of the electorate than Trump did in what every international arbiter called clean elections.

  13. I swear theses guys get protected like their God. Yet When Jesus came, they weren't willing to even care about him. God is coming.

  14. why is the nyt calling maduro a dictator? He is an elected president of venezuela, even the opposition confirmed that. I guess the drones have been a warning, and a signal how far the west would go.

  15. It looks like a really, really bad assassination attempt. The explosions were not even close. Or, it might just be a red flag operation aimed at getting rid of oppositions.

  16. Long live Maduro! The West can try what he wants but they won't break him like they did with Saddam Hussein and Muammar al-Gaddafi. May they rest in peace.

  17. Why is The New York Times referring to Maduro's presidency as a Dictatorship? The man was DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED.

  18. Has anyone seen my drones? I lost them in Venezuela!
    If you have any info, please let me know.

  19. Notice how bravely the officers and Maduro stood their ground after hearing that explosion. They remained in military position!! The woman on the other hand got so frightened!! Lol

  20. Sooo many stupid people in the comments actually thinking the person firing the bomb would stand right next to the president shown on live tv! Maaan, you are so stupid, americans! Stop watching Hollywood propaganda movies!
    And by the way: Look how confused he is when the other person pushes him aside to protect the president. He must have been heavily confused since in every other case, he would have had serious trouble for not protecting the president!
    And btw: Look how confused the president is. He is not that good of an actor, I do not think he knew about it.

  21. Hilarious assassination attempt. Even more hilarious when you realise it's just a fake attack to accuse the opposition.

  22. umm at 1:22 look at the general o the left holding a staff or sword . look at his thumb almost looks like its flipping a switch on the staff.
    the exact second he does the drone pops and the guy has little to no reaction he only looks up seconds after the fact.
    he even subtly turns away as he does it and hides the staff seconds afterwords.
    the who time never looking at the drone …. bit suspicious

  23. 1:23 look at the white man on the right. He looks anxiously on the left (his right and swallows-sign of something dreadful about to happen?)…., and runs away. He should be investigated?

  24. That’s only bad batteries from China …
    Don’t believe me?
    See, just a little of anything and this batteries will go off..

  25. No real assassination attempt would be that unprofessional. If you have enough money to buy this and the explosives, you don’t mess it up. It’s like the fake coup d’etat in Turkey. It gives the dictator a chance to get rid of inconvenient people and at the same time demonstrates what will happen to disobedient citizens.

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