How the CDC is exploring blockchain technology for public health

at CDC you are always looking for innovative and powerful technologies to better improve the health of the American people the division of health care settle stakes we do a lot of data collection from those data collection a lot of the response rates for the service throughout the United States have been dropping and have been declining so we're looking for innovative ways to kind of compensate for that issue the proof of concept that we created it's basically for data collection so we have where were simulating the data that we're getting from the providers comes through blockchain we house it and then the provider will have the capability of giving us consent for the different types of data that we have extracted versus EHR etc we can see the audit trail on it so there's traceability in terms of who who has had access to it who doesn't who currently has access to it so there's a lot of value there so cybersecurity is always a challenge right so we're looking into blockchain to see how it can further enhance the security of cybersecurity as we continue to use Bachchan and learn more about the technology only the future will tell us what kind of an impact it will have on the federal government [Applause]

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