How Safe Is Paypal?

Hey, welcome back, Marianne DeNovellis here
with the Six Figure Mastermind. PayPal, is it safe?
Am i protected? Am i going to be like hijacked or something? We got to know the
answers to this right? So stay tuned. I’ll give you the full scoop. You’ve probably heard of PayPal and
maybe you’ve even paid some invoices on PayPal and maybe you’re a small business
working after that six-figure business and you’re wondering, “oh is PayPal
something I should be using? Is it even safe?” Well, let me just share with you a
few of the details about PayPal and that’ll put all of those fears to rest.
First of all, PayPal has been around forever. You guys… well not literally
forever but pretty much since the beginning of online transactions. PayPal
is the top dog. They own a lot of the other smaller companies like venmo and
several others. And in fact, they used to be the only pay method accepted on eBay
which handles transactions from all over the world. So, PayPal they’ve got a long
track record, they’ve got a great history and they’ve got a really strong
encryption system to keep your transaction safe. One of the things that
PayPal does to keep your financial information safe, it doesn’t share
financial information with the sender or the receiver. Unlike writing a check and
sending it through the mail. Which is probably one of the most dangerous ways
to pay people. You know either through online or personal transactions. PayPal
won’t have a record of your social security number. I won’t have a record of
your account number, won’t have a record of your routing number that it’s going
to share with any of your clients. Definitely won’t to share your credit
card information, definitely won’t to share your your billing address unless
you know you’re having something shipped there. In which case it’s the same as
your shipping address. But none of that information crosses hands. It all stops
right here with PayPal. So these people over here don’t see it. These people over
here don’t see it. It’s just that nice, smooth, easy medium. PayPal also has
something called website purchase protection for both buyers and sellers.
Now, one of the cool things about PayPal being such a leader in this industry and
one of the forefront leaders and with eBay. You know think about eBay ten years
ago. It was a wide open marketplace. It was not as fine-tuned and
regulated as it is today because eBay both and PayPal had to go through some
learning curves as people tried to unfortunately, go through the backdoor of
the system or sell bogus products or anything like that. So PayPal saw all of
that going on with the early e-commerce age and the early
electronic business stage and the early online ordering stage. They saw all of
that happening. They said, “you know what? we’ve got to come up with something to
protect our buyers and our sellers.” So they developed something called website
purchase protection. Now, this will allow a buyer or a seller to log a dispute
about the transaction. PayPal has an excellent conflict resolution system.
What they do is they track everything that goes on between the buyer and the
seller through an online platform where they’re seeing all the transactions and
even sometimes some comments. Especially if you’re handling with a third party
like eBay or Amazon or Etsy or something like that. They have a history of
everything that’s gone on. They also have a time limit on this protection that
says 60 to 90 days, depending on the purchase, depending on the price but
that’s generally the window. So if you’re a seller and someone buys
your product and they had something go wrong with it after 60 days of using it.
right? Maybe that product wasn’t intended to last longer than 60 days.
Maybe it was you know a sticky pad or something that’s disposable and
reusable. If that client tries to return it outside that window, you’re protected
as a seller because you get to keep your inventory clean and stocked and not lose
money on false returns. For example, a pair of shoes. You know, I once had a
client as I was working at a department store. Try and return a pair of shoes for
store credit. For like full-priced or credit when the shoes had clearly been
worn and used and the soles rubbed off over the course of the last two months.
You know, so they were not returning a product in integrity for
credit because the product had been used. That’s how PayPal protects the sellers.
PayPal also protects the buyers in case maybe the seller doesn’t ship their item.
Maybe the seller sends a knockoff item or one that wasn’t as high-quality or as
described. PayPal will protect the buyers and enable the buyers after they submit
a conflict or submit a complaint to then get their money back in some cases not
all cases, but in very, very many cases. PayPal will protect the buyer
there. So it’s an intermediary platform that protects both buyers and sellers
from each other essentially. From buyers, you know not giving the money to sellers
giving bogus product. It’s going to keep all of that nice and clean. They’ve got a
really good reputation and conflict resolution center for that. There’s
another reason to trust them. PayPal is one of the oldest platforms of
payment and they’ve kept their model to this date. You’ll see anywhere online
most places that you go online will offer PayPal as a payment method. They’ve
even got their own credit department now where you can have a PayPal credit card
right? So they are an established entity and with the establish entities comes
trust. Because they’ve been around, they’ve been doing business, they’ve been
through the thick and thin of all of the e-commerce transactions. So if you’re
needing as a merchant to take payments, PayPal is a very, very safe thing to do.
Very, very safe manner for transacting those. It also keeps you from having to
open up brand-new merchant accounts for different categories of your your
products and things. PayPal is kind of an umbrella for that okay? Don’t worry if
you’re ever a buyer using PayPal. Rest assured that PayPal has got everything
encrypted, your information is protected and got your back should anything go
wrong. Okay, I use PayPal. I’ve used it since almost the beginning of the PayPal
days. so I wouldn’t recommend anything to you that I don’t use myself. So yeah,
totally safe, totally secure, you’re going to love it, use it for your business. In fact,
leave a comment below. Ask us some questions about what you need to know to
grow your six-figure business. Hit the subscribe button and I’ll see you

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