How My Cryptocurrency Mining Farm Makes ~$500 USD a day – VoskCoin 01/18 Update

hey Wolfpack it's about the boss point I'm here to bring my January update on my mining farm so 2017 was absolutely insane between crypto mining and even just my life one thing I've always tried to do on the Boskone youtube channel is to make my uploads almost like a story if you look at my original videos you'll see how I was lost in the crypto sauce man I was lost in the sauce I didn't I did not really know what was going on but I was determined to figure out what was going on and I learned things every single day and just comparing my knowledge to what it is now to what it was back then is insane and I hope that you guys are along that same path I mean you guys are probably ahead of me anyway but seriously never that just the learning curve of crypto deter you from getting into crypto while sometimes on some subjects it may be steep it is absolutely worth it to get into crypto currency whether it's you know buying in or mining or whatever you want to do personally I'm a miner if you want a little bit more about the background on my story check out my November mining farm update in that video I recap a lot of key events just in my crypto currency journey but without further ado let's get to the mining farm update and then I have a couple cool announcements everyone always wants to talk numbers talk ROI talk what to mine calculations well let's just get that out of the way my farm has pretty much completely ROI almost every time in three to four months or less so I guess we could say two to four months so that's how long it's taking my equipment to make its money back a couple cases may have been you know two months or a little less and you know you can make some clever trades and up your RI factor and make your money back sooner are wise return on investment I should have clarified that and with that let's talk about the farm thirty thousand souls that's how big my farm is right now and you're like what it went down it did go down so as you guys know I have a lot of builds on the channel and to fund those bills I've kind of paid for him I don't really get stuff free so with that said I sell rigs to build more rigs so I have sold a good chunk of my farm recently basically 25% of my – farm however I had a lot of rigs on the way and my farm has also expanded a little bit in different ways let me explain first off big coal mining I'm a Bitcoin miner officially now you know with an actual Bitcoin miner not just trading in and getting Bitcoin or whatever with my aunt minor s9 if you wanna check out the video well it's right there and then obviously I have all kinds of stuff on equi hash and GPU mining check out the channel if you haven't already and then I have my best bang for buck mining rig with the EVGA 3 gigabytes those have been on aetherium so it's not counted in my egg wash I've left them on it there but the Aaron's been doing really well what's coming soon as far as build and just expansion my farm I've got 8 RX 5 70s 4 gigabytes on the way and 8 alright 588 gigabytes on the way and you're like how'd you get cards my Hawk Amazon I'm telling you I don't just put these links because they support the channel when you use them and I really appreciate when you guys do that I really like Amazon I get my stuff quick it does a problem they helped me out new egg is like I don't talk crap about them but Amazon really sets a gold standard that they're not even close to being touched by anyone one of my next up bills is gonna be a 1063 gigabyte again but there's gonna be with the zotac minis 13 of them and this is gonna probably be an equi ash bill because ZOTAC never seems to have the best memory especially once you get off like kind of like the launch car it's like if you got a ZOTAC card when they came out you're probably getting Samsung or better memory and if you've got one of those cars now well I hope you like hynix cuz that's what you're getting not that that's the worst thing in the world still a good card still obviously very profitable but you know your mileage may vary I'm gonna look into CPU mining I have all kinds of crazy plans for it but I haven't ordered really too much with it other than you know my concept rig right here on that ready I've got a 1700 rise in CPU and I've got 24 terabytes of hard drive space so I'm gonna plot these out if you actually see I'm still downloading the blockchain downloading these black chains I mean it just sucks doesn't matter what corner on its gonna be annoying basically what that means is your wallet and computer essentially needs to sync up with the blockchain to be fully functional and after download the huge chunk of blockchain that you're missing the minor updates when you log on won't take very long and you know that's just kind of the way it goes so once this is done I'm gonna get to start plotting my drives and see how that goes I'm not here to misrepresent as you guys know I'm always striving to be extremely transparent the most transparent you know that's always the goal and nothing to hide here I don't know everything all the time but I'm wholly striving to learn and get better so with that this is the Tri minor the numbers that I said the video it is a concept and that is the calculations and now it's coming down to can you execute this because it'll be pretty cool if you can so hopefully hopefully I can also cook aside the Hat you like the Hat I love the Hat it came out so cool working on some really cool apparel and we're gonna have an announcement soon once it's done so this is a test tab this isn't for resale but if you like snapbacks like I do I have some cool stuff coming that shirts whatever else you guys want comment below tell me we'll make it happen I may have signed myself up for one of the biggest headaches of my life that may never be solvable that's a little negative and hopefully I get it figured out but rx Vega it's where we're ended so I wasn't actually able to get any 56 s or 64 I haven't been able to find them I know some of you guys are requesting Vega bills and saying they're the best card whatever well yeah sure maybe I don't know but we're about to find out so I don't know if I'm gonna be able to acquire them all but I basically have ordered or my friends have ordered or whatever I'm going to be acquiring ten Vegas these are the front tiers these are still available on Newegg so the seven hundred dollars is a crazy price and I had to sell one of my rigs to fund this build and that's why my sole count down a lot but you know I'm here to make more new and exciting content and YouTube is you know one of my main focuses my farm is obviously my moneymaker that's my baby however if I can just change hardware around it sets me back slightly but I get to make cool new content and learn I mean at the end of the day when you make rigs you're not just invest and hardware and crafts and everything you're also investing in yourself how many of you have learned things getting into cryptocurrency especially mining because I've learned more than I ever did in college granted I'm not the biggest advocate of college but that's a whole another story so let's get to it numbers everyone likes to speculate numbers and this and that and I'm taking pretty much low numbers so the Bitcoin miner we're getting about 0.002 for Bitcoin a day which comes out to about 36 bucks a day that's what I've averaged and last week you know hash rates changed luck changes all that kind of stuff everything changed that's not the Bitcoin dollar value of shooting this video today or January 8th so let's just say 36 bucks a day cool my 30k Souls is getting about 300 to 400 bucks a day you know obviously all that stuff berries and I'd like to keep that window because I never want to overestimate and then you know basically get myself in a hole in a bad situation if you always you know estimate on the lows bank on the lows when you get a high paycheck you're like wow this is awesome and you never spread yourself too thin there then next up we have the 16 rx cards on the way the 570 is the four gigs and the eight gigs that's gonna hopefully put out about board an 80 mega hash or so which is gonna net about 65 bucks a day and then we also have the best bang for buck GPU rig which makes like 20 25 bucks there I didn't check the exact numbers on that but that thing's been rocking away it's kind of making its are odd number so I'll post an update video on that because I do have all that stuff log which is pretty cool next up is the 1063 gearbox ZOTAC build that's gonna hopefully pull in about 45 bucks a day which is just it's crazy I can't believe that stuff's that profitable these numbers are higher than they've ever been personally I think that calculation seems a little high I would bank on 30 bucks off that kind of rake with the current numbers but who knows that's what everything says so maybe it'll be more like 40 bucks maybe it'll be 20 bucks but at the end of the day it's making money and I'm cool with that and that's that's what we're here for support crypto make some money that's the game plan cryptocurrency 2018 bro come on you get the reference did you see the Merry Christmas video come on guy stick with the channel it's fun next up we have the Kryptonite aka the Vega bit let's hit these things I give them to work this is gonna be such guys I'm telling you I'm gonna be I'm gonna be very frustrated very many nights coming up so that's supposed to make 85 bucks a day give or take you know it really comes out to what numbers come out to be stable and how many of them I could get to work together on a rig and all those crazy manufacturers again tell me I want me to be hating on Vega but all yours is nightmare after nightmare so 80 bucks a day hard drive mining with the 24 terabytes estimate low-side 15 bucks a day which is a pretty impressive I think and then the CPU minor just this one I'm using for the calculation right now three bucks a day so you can add all those up but so I'm very very excited and what a great time to be in cryptocurrency if you're thinking about getting into mining get into mining check out the Boscawen channel I have so many mining bills I don't hold anything back if I'm onto something cool and new I try to tell you guys because you know if you're always trying to hide stuff be shady not transparent it's gonna come back to get you and why you know if I can help you get into crypto this is growing crypto and a crypto continues to grow everything's gonna be more valuable so it's up to you do whatever you like to do but I love seeing the community members get back to other community members like we see in our discord and our Facebook group the engagement in there is so awesome if you have it come check those out they're a lot of fun if you'd like a quick update on tails she's doing well today is not the best day she's pretty lethargic and everything so I'm just letting her rest on the bed right now she was asleep and she wasn't when she wants to play ball on stuff I shall follow me in here it's really cool really cool and cute or whatever but she was just sleeping on the bed I don't wanna disturb her let her get some rest she's definitely in a recovery phase unfortunately she is getting better overall as a whole the steroids are making her eating drank like crazy and when she falls asleep and relaxes she does basically pee very often so that's a lot of towels everywhere and you know it's it's stressful but it's the way it goes and I couldn't be more thankful just that she's still here with us and I'm looking forward to you know 20 more years with her she's it she's my rock star so there's a January 2018 update it is so exciting to be bringing you yet another update and uh one of the biggest news is I haven't mentioned yet we just hit 30 okay that's insane thank you guys so much like that is so cool I can't believe there's 30,000 of you subscribed me and you know I'm right here in the trenches with you I'm learning everyday I'm having fun every day and you know at the end of the day no matter what happens with crypto it's been an amazing journey even to this point but I don't see it going anywhere anytime soon and really truly I view it as the future and that's why I'm so invested in it and if you haven't already now I consider you know taking the plunge I mean just put a little bit of money in by Rick whatever you want to do whatever is appealing to you I will say if you want to get into cryptocurrency it should actually be less daunting to create a mining rig because you own an asset like oil crypto crashes won't be worth anything yeah well neither will the crypto you bought so at least you have something tangible you can have some freaking bane gaming computers I mean come on land party anyone let's get this party started this is crazy over ten years ago I had a mini LAN party with my buddies never thought that I'd be here doing this in ten years but couldn't be happier to be here doing it and I saw one you guys I'm thinking her name I'm sorry but you said that Starcraft was better I'll edit into the video so you can know who you are I'm calling you out man you said Starcraft look I'm looking at you Starcraft was better than Warcraft 3 Warcraft 3 the Frozen Throne is the best game of all time okay I'll put that on everything I'll sell everything that is the best game of all time if you were fortunate enough to be you know in that game and join it living the life playing that well that's awesome if you missed out I'm sorry it's you know I wouldn't recommend get into now it's probably dead lot stuff I closed that chapter because honestly just makes me sad and miss those days of really playing when I was driving so I don't play the game anymore but if you chose me to one 1v1 I might get on there and we can have a little showdown seriously though guys thanks for 30k it's absolutely insane I don't plan on slowing down as a 20-18 this is my full-time endeavor I will not stop and if you want to have any video requests drop them in the comments below head over to the discord server let me know what you're thinking I also haven't really talked about Genesis mining more because there's so many annoying people that do that and I used to be a little bit annoying doing that not trying to be like them but it was just a huge investment for me and so I don't like to cover it much and really I'm not a big fan of Genesis money all I really don't think it's that good for crypto and they really screwed me out of like 2 grand worth of crypto but they still pay me out you know per my contract like 40 bucks a day and I have made my money back on those contracts especially the big home on a couple times but you know my release but honestly I wouldn't recommend it I really wouldn't if you want to get into mining you should make a mining rig with that said thanks for watching I'll see you guys next time

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  1. Hey, I'm going to mine but a new cryptocurrency like FUTUROCOIN. Do you have any experience with this coin? Until now, I was only thinking about trading but I watched the video on their profile and now I think about mining.
    What do you think?

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  3. I'm interested to get into crypto mining. Can you lead me to your starting videos. I want to start small and buy 1 first.

  4. have you heard of ? ive been using them for around a year and have made some real crypto…they have 0 dev fees, super easy and fast.

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  7. I am only making 137 dollars a day. But I've dropped lots of dough on my two rigs. Cheers! what do you guys are mining now? I heard very good things about LTZ, ETH, and Nicehash. Thanks for your input.

  8. Vosk – $500 on average a day. May I ask how many cards you have running to bring in this revenue? Or does anyone here know?

  9. Please PM me, I have an opportunity you might be interested in with your experience mining. Regards… Santiago

  10. Alt coins make most sense these days. I am surprised I can still mine Verge with my GTX1060 and get 10-12 coins a day with Begrip Miner. Not sure how long this will last though. I can only imagine what you can do with proper gear.


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