have you ever wondered how much money
does a small youtube channel makes in this video I’m going to show you exactly
how much I make a small youtube channel welcome back to the channel guys my name
is Bruce Wang I’m a small-time youtuber only nine thousand subscribers and
counseling I started my youtube channel in 2012 2011 and I didn’t upload my
first video until 2016 the second video that I made went viral it got over
200,000 views thousands of comments you can still go back to the beginning of my
channel and you can still find that there and after that video went viral I
wanted to learn more about video editing how to become more professional how to
make better videos I did all that and I went over like hours worth of YouTube
videos just learning the craft and in 2017 that’s when I decided to upload a
bit more frequently there was a brand new topic that I want to cover and that
was cryptocurrency and that’s how this YouTube channel
started to gain a lot of traction in 2017 that’s when I got the bulk of my
subscribers that’s when I hit like 8000 subscribers and in 2018 I coasted most
of the year did not gain that many followers was not consistent at all but
now in 2019 I’m turning over a new leaf because I became a lot more disciplined
and I’ve started to become a lot more consistent in uploading my videos and
that’s why I want to share all my experiences with you and exactly how
much money I’ve made in in the last few years let’s just jump right into the
video because that’s what you’re here for right before we begin if you’re
brand new to the channel don’t forget to subscribe I make two new videos every
week for the past few weeks now I’ve been very consistent brand new content
coming at you all the time so stay tuned for that
alright here it is let’s get right into it I’m in the YouTube studio app on my
phone and I’m in the analytics of my YouTube channel I’m gonna scroll to the
right to see exactly to show you exactly how much money that
I’ve made I’ve watched a lot of videos that show you exactly how much money
bigger youtubers make specifically grayham Stefan he makes over $100,000
worth of Adsense revenue so that’s what inspired me to make this video if you
want to go check that out he’s a great channel I take a lot of inspiration from
his channel so let’s get right into it my estimated revenue for the last 28
days is 108 dollars 107 dollars I’ve been posting a lot more frequently
lately so this number seems to be a little OTT higher than usual and let’s
just get right into there so that’s the last four weeks from January 11th of
February 7 116 dollars the 60 cents so that’s not too bad the last 90 days it’s
kind of its kind of weird if you can see here your estimated revenue data is
incorrect for some dates so the month of November their work that Google is
working to fix that so this is not going to be 100% accurate but I’ll let you
know these numbers aren’t too off as you can see in the last 90 days
this is saying that I made two hundred twenty three dollars and two cents so
that could be closer to three hundred if you add in the November all YouTube
channels they don’t make a lot of money from Adsense especially mine I make
almost nothing in Adsense revenue just to let you guys know alright in the last
365 days I’ve made six hundred and ten dollars and 89 cents if we look for
November you can probably add on at minimum like 80 bucks 90 bucks so you
can say this might even be and even nine $700 that’s for the last
365 days and if we look at the lifetime revenues like I said in the beginning of
the video I started to make youtube videos in 2016 that’s where you can see
some green in 2017 and 18 specifically at the end of 2017 that’s when my
channel blew up and I got a lot of views a lot of subscribers in total I’ve made
2500 $13.75 you can add in another hundred dollars because of the issue
that Google is having right now they can’t give me November’s revenue in the
last two years I’ve made $2,600 rounding up if you count for in November every
week I make about 2 to 3 videos every week and that takes about about 2 hours
to make one video so that’s like 6 hours of work this is a very decent site
income if you if you think about it let’s keep looking 365 days if I was a
lot more consistent I would be able to make a lot more than this in the last
year I’ve been very inconsistent and that’s all on me that’s my bad a lot of
things have been happening but in this year 2019 I’m gonna try my best to push
this channel as far as I can go and see where where I am at the end of the year
I love watching videos of youtubers sharing exactly how much money that they
make so that is what inspired me to make this video there’s a lot more data here
that I can show you so in February were 7 days in and my revenue estimated is
about $50 at my current pace this month I can make close up to almost $200 that
is pretty crazy to me because creating YouTube videos creating a channel and a
business around it that is something that you can scale up and make a lot
more money from so this is just add revenue I’m making some money from
affiliate marketing what I plan to do in the future is
eight a product that will benefit my viewers that will be coming out soon I
have a lot of ideas but it’s very hard to implement them especially because I
still have a day job and I’m still doing a lot of stuff outside of YouTube
January my revenue was only $80 December again $80
I was very consistent with how much I uploaded in January in December so
that’s why the revenue was exactly the same I think there there’s an issue with
November but I could honestly estimate that it was $80 again October $50 so
during this time I I was only uploading one video per week and that video was
the Robin Hood challenge videos in September that is when I started the
rapid challenge so you can see that there has been a lot of growth on the
channel since September I’ve been making a lot more money each and every month in
August my channel was almost dead in August so only ten dollars in July is
fifteen dollars June was $26 I think in the beginning of the year until the mid
of the year like I was gradually slowing down my uploads in May it’s only $40 at
most in April 50 in March $80 again and that’s as far as it goes back if I was
on my desktop right now I can show you exactly I could show you a lot more
information but this is as much as this app would give me if you want to see
exactly how much money that I’m making or and want me to get deeper into it
leave me a comment in the description and just let me know that you want to
see more of it I want to share some takeaways about making money on YouTube
YouTube Adsense is very difficult to make living off youtube adsense I cannot
live off of $2,500 for the last two years
it’s impossible and to grow a channel is very difficult and it takes a lot of
time and a lot of work that’s why I think that a lot of successful youtubers
they’re actually passionate about making videos I don’t think a lot of people can
just pick up a camera and start recording themselves and make millions
of dollars online that’s just not gonna happen that’s like a 1 1 in a million
chance that will happen so I’m only focused on what I can do all I can do is
just make the best content that I possibly can and try to get better each
time I edit and create these videos I try to improve my presentation I try to
improve my video editing slowly improve my camera gear my lighting my audio
that’s the stuff that I can’t control I can’t control millions of people to jump
onto my channel to to watch my videos that’s something I can do so only focus
on what you can do and that’s what I’ve been doing the past few months so to
close out this video I just want to say thank you to everybody who subscribed
almost 9000 subscribers now thanks to each and every one of you I want to be
able to do it without you if you’re brand new to the channel and you made it
this far you know what to do hit that subscribe button hit the notification
leave me a like if you dislike leave me a dislike that’s still good leave a
comment let me know what you guys think is to $2,500 a lot to you don’t forget
to follow me on instagram slide into my DMS and you can shoot me a message
thanks for watching I’ll catch you guys in the next video bye


  1. Long time sub here. Thanks for the realistic view. And good job staying consistent. I think your channel stagnating in 2018 was cuz the bitcoin sentiment. Maybe get into real estate like Graham stephen to get those bigger numbers lol

  2. Hi Bruce.. i love the sincerity of your videos. I have also been curious to know how much youtubers make too. Good info

  3. Hi Bruce, can you start earning money as soon as you upload a video? Or does your channel have to meet certain criteria before you can start receiving money?

  4. Your videos are great! I watch a few other RH traders and although you don't have the biggest portfolio I still learn a few things from your experience! Very inspiring, makes me want to create videos myself

  5. I love your perspective in regards to growing your channel. You focus on what you can control instead of stressing over things you cannot. You're growth mindset oriented and continue to produce valuable content. Keep up the great work.

  6. What is your input on doing ads for more subscribers? Hypothetically speaking if you could afford to. Btw you just got a new subscriber. YouTube recommended you.

  7. Hey thanks for the open information and very informative. I think you will be successful. This really helps for the mass majority of us who are small or budding Youtubers!

  8. Loved the video Bruce! I have a regular vlog channel, yet I think I want to make an investment channel like yours. And I want to show my robin hood growth! Any tips?

  9. Keep it up my guy your hard work is important to show. And it’s an amazing vibe you got man keep going

  10. Thank you Bruce… I always have the mentality of "why my channel is not growing at xx rate like so and so… rainbow and unicorn". But, I was never honest to myself answering these questions: Did I put the effort as other big youtuber did on their channel? What measures have I taken so far to boost my channel?

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