44 thoughts on “How Much Money Will I Make Copytrading On Etoro?”

  1. For how long do you leave your money on that trade do you only depend of went the person That you are copying dicided to get his money back? Or that is something that you decided by monitoring the trade activity?

  2. i thinking of trying this out some day, but atm im using lootbear and they are renting out my pixel items so i make more profits:P

  3. As kind as this guy seems, this has sadly been one of the most de-motivating videos i’ve watched for trading.

  4. Does anyone know why I can’t copy trade people from other countries? I’m started testing the waters of etoro but I can’t copy trade the people from the video since they are not available in my country… if someone knows what I need to do please let me know… still using the virtual account…

  5. Thank you so much for your videos!!!!!! You are such a great teacher! I am now enlightened on how these things work! I hope someday I can invest as well and maybe by that time i'll be able to copy you ☺☺

  6. Hi Thomas , pls advise if its wise for me, as a newbie, to sign up for account management or copy trade? Does your company also offer account management services too! Thanks!

  7. Thanks for enlightening me… i have no idea how to trade using etoro but i am interested…….. i think for me… 200 Sing Dollars shld be enuff for a starter…..

  8. lots of charges especially on withdrawal, so likely to lose money.Charges for exchange and trade and withdrawal, all by percent. Never heard of anyone taking out more than they put in!

  9. One trader that i follow says that etoro its horrible because of the fees..other than that seems to be a good platform

  10. but the exchange charges and EToro's costs are not shown. I had 4% growth shown, but when I took out my assests, I found I had lost 10% of my total investment. Very difficult to make any money at all by copy trading. It is the brokers and businesses that make the money.
    Anyone withdrawn more than they put in to eToro??

  11. Well im training our team to make 50k with 35cents in 4.2 minutes but thats only possible on binary lol

  12. Someday, I hope to be able to invest 1000 USD like you, on a monthly basis. For now, still taking my baby steps with eToro.

  13. Great Info Thomas! I would love to see a video for new popular investors, I want to become one! I made 35% in August already 🙂 Please check my profile: greendreamer

  14. Hi, nice videos. Does EToro have copytraders for day trading. As in, is there traders who I can copy who are “day” traders?

  15. Thank you. Great video. Never trust 100% in only one way to make money…never put 100% of your savings in any kind of investment

  16. I enjoy this guys videos, wonderful approach to tutoring copy trading. and to think I wanted to try 24 options. I now place all my weight on etoro

  17. Why not send me £100000 and if I make 8% I will give you half and If I loose, well hard cheese mate. Lol regards Hayden

  18. The whole concept is outrageous. If you work you make money guaranteed, If you give your money to the general public to trade for you, then you need counselling and a slap round the back side to wake you up. . What about the losses yes losses yes losses yes losses. Lets not forget that trading is always guessing so you need to learn how to place trades and not how to win because you cannot learn how to win but you can win and loose. regards Hayden

  19. Hello PLz i want to know what selecting "pause investing" will do, in this case i have a crypto copy fund. Thanks

  20. You're doing a very good job sharing your experiences through the videos! Cheers from a new subscriber from Hungary!

  21. There is one thing that I can't find the answer to. If I copy a trader, they open a trade and it automatically opens for me too. But, does the trade close automatically for me if the traded closes that same trade? Or do I have to close the trade my self? thanks

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