How much does each exchange pair add to the Cardano marketcap?

welcome everyone today I did a snapshot
metric video what do I mean by a snapshot metric
I just took data over a fixed time period so it was actually just one
moment in time I should have done this over a longer period of time maybe weeks
and months and found the mean that probably would have given more accurate
information but anyway this is how I did this metric video I went on coinmarketcap and I know there are others that will say oh you should have gone to
this website or this website but there may be slight variations between website
to website but I use coinmarketcap so we’re going to just use coinmarketcap
as this the standard for this video then I went to the cryptocurrency column
and I found the top ten crypto currencies so ranging from number one
Bitcoin all the way to number ten Cardano I then found their market cap at
a fixed time period so I took the snapshot on April 21st 2019 in
the morning and this is the market cap so when you watch this video it’s
probably going to be different and I want you to leave comments but don’t
leave comments saying that the market cap has changed because obviously it’s
changing every second so I did the most accurate thing that I could at that
particular moment then I clicked on each of those cryptocurrencies and found a
number of exchange pairs that they have so what are exchange pairs how you can
get into that particular cryptocurrency so for example for Cardano you may have ADA to BTC, ADA to ETH on Binance ADA to BTC, ADA to ETH on
Bittrex and for every single exchange and there may be different exchange
pairs I know that you can buy ADA with USD on Bittrex but only if you are in
particular states so it doesn’t work for every state within the United States so
that’s that and then after that I took the market cap and divided it by the
number of exchanges to find out how much money is actually added to the market
cap after each added exchange pair so every time an exchange pair is added to
BTC it adds around 233 million dollars to the market cap and we have a 2
billion dollar market cap so if we added that
much money every time we had an exchange that would be massive but eventually
maybe that will happen the reassuring thing is that the number of
exchange pairs that each cryptocurrency has in the top 10 Cardano has the
least it has 73 ways that you can get ADA and I hope this increases over time but we’re a fairly novel cryptocurrency and I don’t think
we have reached our maximum potential and it’s still difficult to get ADA for
most for the traders and the people that are long-term hodlers you understand how
to navigate through exchanges but for the everyday person that is just looking
to purchase it on Coinbase it’s not available yet so the ease of use of
getting ADA is still fairly difficult in my opinion so after that I graphed it
and this is what the graph looks like so every time we add an exchange pair we
add 25 million dollars to the market cap or 25 to 26 million dollars to the
market cap what you can do is filter and see how much value is added
what are the new rankings for added value for exchange pairs so for example
if all of us had the same number of exchanges what would the rankings be and
if we sorted this we see that Cardano is the fourth cryptocurrency as far as
dollar amount value per added exchange pair what does that tell you it tells
you that a lot of people are interested in Cardano and every time it has a new
method of purchasing Cardano or purchasing ADA the
market cap significantly grows and as you can see some of our competitors are
actually they are on a lot more exchanges but the amount added to their
market cap after they’re added to those exchanges or added exchange pairs is not
as significant as Cardano or ADA so we redid the graph and we’re fourth right
here in this metric basically says the amount added to the market cap
after each exchange pair so let me know what you think because also at the IOHK summit on Wednesday I believe Wednesday or Thursday they had a private
internal meeting between IOHK and exchanges so there were
exchanges at the event I don’t know who they were but I’m sure they had a great
closed-door meeting and I’m sure that new exchange pairs will be added in the
future let me know what you think about this video let me know what you think
about this metric and I reiterate that it’s not the most accurate metric
because I just took a snapshot metric I should have taken it over a period of
time but I did what I could so enjoy your Sunday and talk to you

19 thoughts on “How much does each exchange pair add to the Cardano marketcap?”

  1. Good Morning Philpa … Thank you for the good work I can hardly wait to learn how to create a token with Cardano contracts :}

  2. I Philpa greatings from Paris Cardano is my number one investment l don’t understand why it is not on Coinbase yet ?? I buy on eToro very simple to use

  3. Bought ADA at 0.04 sold at 0.083 when I didn't hear anything concrete about Shelley in the near future. Price now at 0.071 time will tell if my decision was correct. Might buy in at a later date.

  4. Happy Easter Philpa! Obviously ADA price going right back down due to no Shelly yet. Any details that you've found out?

  5. Ok, so the like is also being wiped when swiping the comments into view, upwards so the blue thumb up goes grey again after being pushed up behind the video window and back down. Somethin' ain't right…

  6. Hitting it out of this park with this one man! Bummed I couldn't make the summit this year, but I suspect that Jeremy will come around by 2020.

  7. Chico Crypto just made a fud video on PoS! He has had some "arguments" with Charles.

    My answer is: Cardano will not be centralized. In his last ama Charles explains. It will probably be like this: the staking pools (infinite amount possible later) will get rewarded also per location. So if there are no pools in say India, it is an incentive to run even a small one there. If all are in china, then I can run one from my house and make money. Did you see the staking pool hardware? Small and affordable. So becoming less centralized then BTC is even possible. But to claim PoS will be like the old Banks, very centralized, is just silly. Right?

  8. Love your vids @philpa. I was going through some of your old ones trying to find a certain topic: Ada price at market cap “X”. I was hoping you would do a video on that or point me in the direction of how to calculate. With the capabilities and securities that Ada offers, I can imagine it replacing Eth, so doing a video showing Ada price with Eth market cap would be very exciting to see. If not, what formula would I use to just calculate it myself?

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