How LOW Will ETH XRP LTC Altcoins Go?

Right now as a major shift in Bitcoin dominance is now occurring we’re gonna be looking at some Technical analysis for some alt coins as well as comparing Bitcoins price action right now to gold and then going over some awesome headlines including finance pledging to burn over two billion dollars in there tokens as well as some Donald Trump controversy and then tether Mistakenly printing over five billion dollars worth of USD T but more than that what’s really important about this livestream today is we’re gonna look at really what’s happening with these alt coins and where we’re projected to start heading in the next several weeks as we’re seeing these alt coins like aetherium and litecoin and ripple getting brutalized right now buy bitcoins consolidation And so we’re gonna look at some double charts But this is actually a chart we had before this initial ABCD correction occurred and it has stayed strong and true for the last three weeks You can see we dipped right into this accumulation zone and we had some amazing Signals sent out to our profit club for those of you that are getting our premium crypto signals at our profit club You can see we had over a hundred percent gains here. We caught bitcoins bottom once again We sent out a buy signal for that you can see we also got aetherium as well just yesterday alone So for those of you that are not getting our signals, the link is in the description below I highly recommend at least just trying it out for a month It is very very profitable if you guys make use of it And I’m also starting to send daily updates and I have a really cool announcement to make so as we start wrapping up a pre-sale for traders profit club I am in the next week gonna be adding our AI trader Signals to our Premium Group what that means is you guys are gonna be getting the signals that our auto trading large amounts of funds right now and This auto trader is pretty much built to look at the lows and highs of the market and only buying the lows and only sell The highs and so that’s gonna be coming to all of you guys in our premium group But let’s first look at bitcoins technical analysis we dipped right into this accumulation zone the biggest thing that I want you guys to realize out of this ta here is we Bounced on this 50-day moving average this red line right here, which is a very very healthy correction That’s exactly what we needed and as we talked about two weeks ago We were waiting for this 50-day moving average to start heading towards this accumulation zone that we drew out and that 98 to that 10-4 area has acted as a really good entry for Bitcoin to then go ahead and immediately see profits with Bitcoin heading back into the Consolidation zone towards that ten thousand seven hundred a twelve thousand three hundred dollar range And so right now what I’m looking at for the next targets going to be right below this ama I don’t expect us to just break through this EMA this exponential moving average, which is this light blue here So I think we’ll see a target of around eleven thousand two hundred and then maybe see some pullback back down Towards this support of around ten thousand seven hundred and then continue to consolidate within this zone and one reason that I was super confident about sending out my signals yesterday for Bitcoin and etherium to go long was because if we look at Gold’s price action and Bitcoin being the fact that it’s pretty much Mimicking what’s happening with gold you can see receiving better price action on the daily for gold as we’re still above that EMA So we’re still bouncing bullish and then not only that we triple bottom here and we are still at this consolidation area and so I expect the exact same thing to happen here with price action for Bitcoin and for us to stay in this consolidation area because you can See, we’re not necessarily seeing the best amount of buy volume however We’re seeing just enough to stay in these zones and just knowing that the fact that we’re in this consolidation Zone, we want to pay attention to what’s happening with altcoin. So the scenario that I’m looking at here right now Is that the consolidation for Bitcoin will continue and all coins are potentially going to continue to drop? Because as we’re starting to see with Bitcoin dominance right now We’re starting to see Bitcoin break major resistance right now with its dominance and you can see on this weekly chart We are starting to head back towards that eighty percent dominance range that I got I talked to you guys about in past videos and I Definitely believe this is gonna continue to see upside and what’s interesting about that is we’re seeing what the total cryptocurrency Market cap is we broke a major support level which is now gonna act as resistance And so we’ve pretty much got this consolidation Area here between two hundred and twenty billion and two hundred and eighty billion within the market cap that I believe will see some sort of consolidation area while we start to see more of these altcoins loose satoshi value and bitcoin continue to gain its value as Continues in this consolidation area and so we’re gonna talk about everything I just talked about We also have a huge live audience right now I said we have JRM O’Brien on he says thanks for the book Nayeem We may do a book giveaway at the end of this livestream for those of you that stay tuned We can giveaway principles by Ray Dalio That’s one of my favorite books on financial markets as we start to head towards this next world recession I say we have Joshua Ward on yo, bro Darth crypto chase mueller says this silver to gold ratio is breaking out Typically when silver breaks over gold all metals to jump which should push which should push the dollar down also bring Bitcoin up We’re gonna talk about some headlines about you know, Donald Trump’s opinion on Bitcoin and things like that, but most important Let’s talk about these alt coins So if we look at this double chart here we look at what’s happening right now in comparison to Bitcoin and these alt coins Let’s pull up aetherium the Bitcoin here, which is on the right you can see we’ve got this daily chart here to the right as well as this daily chart to the left and if we were To go ahead and look at what has happened since Bitcoin has entered this consolidation zone You can see here. If we look at what happened to aetherium since bitcoin has entered this zone. It has just been Traumatized you can see it broke this major support of 2.5 million Satoshi’s and we will look at the weekly chart That is now gonna act as a very strong resistance And now we have this huge downside potential to go all the way down back towards that 740 mm satoshi range all the way from around 2 million right now And so if you were to ask me right now, what’s the best place to have your liquidity? I would say altcoins right now are extremely dangerous We actually posted a video almost a week ago talking about how bitcoin was going to possibly do this And as you can see, it’s starting to play out for itself when we look at litecoin You can see also broke major support levels still on its way down still in a major Downtrend on these on this weekly chart and the same exact thing here with ripple. It’s actually looking a lot worse you can see that major support here broke and we’re starting to head down and we look at this daily chart here compared to what’s Happening to big in this consolidation area you can see as Bitcoin consolidates were still seeing Downside with these alt coins and so with that being said I am expecting us to now With this total cryptocurrency market cap breaking this major support level I am gonna be expecting us to see some form of consolidation between This two hundred and twenty billion dollar market cap to two hundred and eighty billion dollar market cap Allowing Bitcoin to also consolidate and then seeing a transfer of capital and liquidity Going from altcoins towards Bitcoin and I’m gonna show you guys a chart here That’s also gonna prove that if we pull up a coin market cap You can see Bitcoin dominance breaking these major resistance levels while all coins. You can see here a very clear Downtrend right now with altcoin dominance in comparison to Bitcoin. Why is that the case? Well all coins at the end of the day don’t necessarily have the best Intrinsic value and that’s what we’ve always looked for here when looking at any sort of coin or crypto as an investment it’s what’s the intrinsic value and what’s really interesting about all of this as well is when we look at what’s happening with by Nance as We start to see the B&B coin also break major major support levels and is in a major downtrend on the weekly you can see it’s almost as if CZ is coming out and trying to save the B&B coin you can see they just announced here yesterday finance pledges to burn its entire team allocation of BnB over two billion to be burnt and you can see your CDs here says Everything considered we want to give back more to the community and we also think that’s best for the B&B token at this stage We want to increase the utility the token and have more people use it then just say we want to increase the revenue for by Nance com it’s hard for me to believe the fact that they don’t want to see more revenue for finance I think this is a way for them to now make the B&B coin a little bit more valuable so that it can Stop this downtrend and at least hopefully start to uptrend alongside with Bitcoin but I definitely think that cz and the beat by Nance team is realizing right now that with Looking at Bitcoin dominance its broken these major Resistance and we’re starting see Bitcoin take all of the liquidity in this market as we start to see all coins lose liquidity and lose USD value alongside with satoshi value. And so that’s the biggest thing right now with what’s happening in the market You can see if we look at confirmed transactions per day, which is also a very important fundamental aspect of Bitcoin we’re maintaining these higher levels of transactions per day over 300,000 per day which is where we peaked when Bitcoin initially hit twenty thousand US dollars and so seeing that we’re seeing this more Consistent use of Bitcoin is also showing me that the intrinsic value here is starting to flow more Towards Bitcoin that it is towards these altcoins. And so I’d love to hear you guys opinion on that I am starting to lose my voice I’m still a little bit under the weather which is why I didn’t have a video come out on Friday but if you guys haven’t looked and checked out our interview with Jeremy Gardner the founder of augur Which is a top 50 coin worth billions of dollars and he’s actually still in his mid-20s That’s an amazing interview that we had was about an hour long So I highly recommend you guys check that out and then to move on to some more analysis and fundamentals here You can see R US Treasury secretary slams Bitcoin crypto, and Libra is a national security issue And what’s very interesting about that is you can also see your Donald Trump Finally tweeting about Bitcoin saying I’m not a fan of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies which are not money and whose values highly volatile Well, here’s the thing. We know it’s not money. That’s not the point of Bitcoin. It’s a storage of value It’s not supposed to be used as a currency because as a currency in its form currently, it’s not efficient, right? And so yeah, Donald Trump might be tweeting about Bitcoin Yeah, the US Treasury secretary might be saying that is a national security issue but at the end of the day They can’t stop it and if they were to try to quote unquote ban it or try to implement more strict regulatory actions towards this market It’s just gonna increase the value just like anything else because now not only will Bitcoin become more valuable But it’s gonna almost be like a drug now. It’s like yo you got some Bitcoin Let me get some Bitcoin right and that’s gonna increase the value because now it’s harder to access and so they’re not just gonna overall Ban it they’re not just gonna create crazy regulatory strict rules against I think it’s something that just can’t be stopped right now and I think that’s a very important thing to realize but there’s still a lot of maturing this market to come because you can see there’s still a lot of things that are very very very I would say You know a gray area in this market such as tether mistakenly praying five billion tokens here recently You know just understanding how tether works. It’s almost like a legal Ponzi scheme. They’re currently in a lawsuit with the US Justice Department And so, you know, there’s still maturity to be made in this market I don’t think we’ve yet to see an institutional volume come in. But the point is we’re starting to see institutional interest we’re starting to see a large amount of people utilize this technology to transfer value over borders, and that’s creating a more interconnected economy as we’ve talked about here before in the past and therefore I think that we definitely have a huge future to come here for Bitcoin and if you guys Agree, that bitcoin is the future like this video Make sure to show some support here on YouTube and let’s take some questions before we wrap up this livestream because my voice is going Away, as I am a little bit strict or sick Virus is who here is a part of traders profit club? well If you’re not I would highly recommend joining our free discord because you’ll see all of our signal results there and we also post Signals here every now and then but yeah, we’re starting to not just post signals We’re posting daily updates. So it’s not just for you traders anymore If you just want to have an overall understanding of where this market is that so you’re not constantly going out doing all this work Trying to figure out what are the fundamentals what are the technicals? That’s what traders profit Club is for We just send you guys Notifications to your phone with market updates signals and we are soon gonna be sending up our auto trader signals Which is gonna be very interesting and we only trade accounts over a hundred thousand on that auto trader I think there’s over 40 million dollars being managed on it right now And so we’re gonna be sending all those signals out to our premium members Which is basically a bot that auto trades Bitcoin as soon as it sees high momentum to the downside or high moment’ to the upside It buys low and sells high and so, you know those are really gonna help those of you that are doing bit mix and day trading because you’ll be able to use those signals as Confirmations which will be really cool so Anyways, yeah, so somebody says how do I join the link is in the description below for traders profit club? Drock races human trafficking trade washing many illegal activities causes of crypto. Well, did you guys see the headline that JP Morgan? There was a ship owned by JP Morgan that was caught with I think it was like two Like million pounds of cocaine or something. It was ridiculous, right? So If they’re worried about people doing that with Bitcoin, I think we should be more worried about our world bank’s, you know selling drugs right now I think there are a lot more issues on the table than just crypto currencies and it’s something that these governments can’t necessarily stop Whatsoever. They can’t just ban Bitcoin, right? You can just download your own node and download all the previous transactions and now you have Bitcoin again, so, you know It’s not something they can control at this point And that’s the type of stuff that disrupts industries, right? And I think for the first time ever we’re seeing a disruption in the world economy We’re seeing in the disruption in the way that we exchange value with people, right? And so Bitcoin is creating a more interconnected economy and alongside with that It’s it’s a duplication of what happened with the internet, which eventually led to social media that created a more interconnected Social realm on on the digital side. And now we’re just seeing that transition of finance, which is beautiful so Let’s see Marx’s B&B huddle with the Bern will value continued to rise No, I wouldn’t say B&B burning coins is a reason to start buying up B&B All of these altcoins have broken major major support levels on high timeframes So what that means is you can see here with Bitcoin. We broke this 2.9 million Satoshi mark right here That’s a very I’m sorry is that 2.9 or is that 298 I believe so we broke that to 9 area that was a major major support here on the high timeframe for B and B and you can see we’re starting to head down We do have this next potential support which was previous resistance You’re at 2 5 but with looking at what happened to XRP? It broke that support and it’s still going down aetherium. Still going down So these altcoins are just not looking good right now, but what’s really interesting is instead of us just seeing a ton of liquidity coming to this market and for all of these coins like in 2007 tene to see a rise in value and Bitcoin dominance dropping cuz remember that when Bitcoin initially went to 20,000 the dominance went from 65% and within a couple months it dropped all the way down to 33% dominant so the cause of the bear market was Bitcoin losing dominance But it seems as as if the cause of this new bull market is Bitcoin gaining dominance Right, and it doesn’t necessarily mean that the total cryptocurrency market cap has to increase in order for Bitcoin It gained dominance. All that needs to happen is we see liquidity go from the altcoins towards Bitcoin and so that’s why I think it’s really important to get your information from the right sources when it comes to this market since it’s not a Trillion dollar market. Yes, there’s a lot more manipulation a lot more volatility And so for those of you that are getting our signals in our discord you guys are in good hands We will be keeping you guys up today I’m gonna wrap this livestream up and get back to my charts because even though I’m sick I can still trade but the live streams are a bit tougher, so I definitely Appreciate any likes on this video for going live while I’m sick. I’d love to give away a book as well So why don’t we ask a question about a topic we covered in this livestream? I’ll give away my favorite book, which is principles by Ray Dalio if you go to our Discord as well You can go to helpful reads and you can see principles here Ray Dalio owns the largest hedge fund in the world Which means he manages the most amount of money in the world over 150 billion dollars of private Privately held assets that they managed through Bridgewater associates, which is his hedge fund. He talks about market cycles every 10 to 12 years There’s a market cycle and it’s already been 11 years since our last market cycle typically during market cycles people will act you know accordingly and and transfer their Capital towards a hedge and so bitcoin is doing very well right now gold is doing very well right now It’s just a matter of time before we see what’s gonna happen is bit going to continue to see upside break 13 5 I don’t think in the near term We’ll see the 13 5 level broken, but I will say from inside sources that I’ve had That a fifteen thousand dollar Bitcoin is very very likely soon especially as we start to see the liquidity from these altcoins flow back into Bitcoin because that’s what’s Happening in this market right now People are seeing the intrinsic In Bitcoin being a limited asset that doesn’t have unlimited Quantity and they’re losing the hope that they have in some of these altcoin projects Which is also what happened in 2000, right? So history repeats itself, so Nothing, nothing major, but for those of you that are just tuning in here to our live stream The biggest thing that has occurred is Bitcoin Bounced on its 50-day moving average all these alt coins have broken major support levels, which will now become resistance which means we’re potentially heading down with these alt coins and Bitcoin will most likely continue to consolidate here as Well as we see the total cryptocurrency market cap also take a little bit of a break because you can see we also broke major support which is now resistant So if we continue to see a consolidation I wouldn’t be surprised for bounce on that 100 a moving average before we could see any continued upside for Bitcoin, but remember kimbridge analytics in March issued the recommendation to over three hundred billion dollars in managed assets to start putting some of their funds towards crypto currencies and blockchain and that typically takes about a year to a year and half for Full compliance for these hedge funds to then go ahead and go purchase the asset of Bitcoin And so if you give it another 6 to 12 months We may or may not ever see these lower prices below 10,000 ever again but hopefully during this cumulation zone we continue to consolidate here and if so, they’re gonna be opportunities on a daily basis for us to buy Bitcoin during this accumulation area and sell it higher levels to just Constantly take advantage of these twenty to thirty percent swings. So that’s what I’m watching right now I hope you guys appreciated those signals yesterday. They were pretty bold I wasn’t seeing many analysts, you know bullish on Bitcoin yesterday I got a lot of a Feedback on that but I sent out a Bitcoin and aetherium long to our premium members All of them have hit profits over a hundred percent gains for those of you in our profit clip So thank you so much guys for tuning in. I’m gonna head out My voice is going away like the video if you guys enjoy this content And for those of you that are not part of our profit Club remember that link is in the description below Great day says are we our body our mind philosophical question? Interesting. Let’s see if there’s any other question Justin janay on Nice effects SiC X doctor is excellent apart of Libra Libra is gonna be a huge deal when you give people see Facebook’s only intrinsic value is the amount of users they have on their platform and therefore when they released Libra they’re now giving access to all of their users to utilize a wallet and now that allows them to Potentially liquidate into Bitcoin other crypto currencies or just use Libra and so that’s gonna be a pretty big deal and I think that’s why we’re seeing a little bit of some some some hesitancy from Regulatory officials and see the US Treasury here. They’re looking at Libra and crypto now and they’re like, man this might be an actual security risk because of all the drugs and all the other things that are quote-unquote being used with Bitcoin to Launder funds or whatever might be but then in the day JP Morgan just got caught like I said doing are moving cocaine, right? So it’s like, you know, you look at the government and you know One of my mentors told me this He said if you want to see the state of our government just walk into your local DMV, right? so that’s how the government runs and and and and you know It is what it is. And that’s why we need something to disrupt it. Right. Will it be Bitcoin? We’ll see Nice is why throw a buy signal free th out there and go back on it Should we sell into BTC or a hold don’t ignore a valid question? I’m not sure what you’re asking me, but when we through the etherium signal I was at a very very very Oversold point it bounced right back because as a trader you make more money taking advantage of volatile Opportunities and you do just holding and so that’s why we buy and sell and then should we sell into BTC now or hold? Well, it’s really up to you. What are you selling into BTC? Are you trading or are you just holding long term? So, you know III know you said don’t ignore a valid question, but I think you’re being a little bit Egotistical there man. Um, so I you know at the end of the day, you know, When we send a signal out it’s up to you how you trade it we provide you guys a 30 video course for all of you in our profit Club to Be able to actually learn how to trade if you’ve never traded before it goes over all of our platforms It goes over multiple strategies. We even have a premium education section here with over 10 hours of video content from institutional analysts And so you guys have all these strategies? So it’s up to you how you trade the signals if that’s not up to me, but you know, we send them daily. Um, so Let’s see here Monster says what about long term before for all coins? Like BTT said BTT hasn’t been doing bad But just right now in general all coins as a whole are in a state of emergency in my opinion, you know They’ve all broken major support which means those will now become resistance and so it’s it’s it’s not only confirmed a downtrend but it’s it’s also Very very likely for it to continue to see downside So great day says JP Morgan ship was rented by cartels as long as I’m aware, haha That’s what they always gerunds is the cocaine and then they buy silver Justin says the next signal. Thank you brother. Appreciate it he says we’re killing it with the bit mixed signals, you know, because when you’re risking any sort of leverage even if it’s one, two three four Five X you want to make sure you’re in those signals like we sent out a by Nance signal for buying Bitcoin as well But it was a little bit earlier, right? So we had a nine nine to ten six entry on that but then for the bit Mexico is a very short You know, it was after we saw the complete drop and and it you know, it made sense and you know Really that 50-day moving average as soon as I saw that bounces like there you go, you know That’s how and you will see this nice pump of this green candle so I think we’ll start heading towards that EMA here towards eleven two before we see any sort of a loss of momentum here with the buyer side, so Anyways, what do you see XR Peas bottom, you know, it’s hard to say with these altcoins at this point They’ve all broken these major support levels So the next support here for for ripples gonna be right around that twelve hundred Satoshi mark from 2900 satoshis So that’s that’s really what I would look for right now for the next major support, you know There’s just no volume. You can see we’ve got no volume. No price action It’s just not looking good Bitcoin is starting to take over And that’s why we made that video about two weeks ago. I mean the title of it was why altcoins will die or whatever I don’t know what the title was but is pretty much that so other than that, thank you guys so much here Let’s see Marx’s can US investors still put money in to buy Nance No, you can’t open up by Nance account for your US customer If you are currently on an account that will expire in September you won’t be able to trade anymore But you’ll still be able to withdrawal So don’t be worried and then finance should have a new US platform up by hopefully But the majority of by Nance’s traffic comes from the US so I don’t think cz is gonna jeopardize that business So alright. My voice is going out guys Thank you so much for watching Subscribe to the YouTube channel turn on post notifications because we don’t have an exact time that we go live But we try to do it every Monday Wednesday Friday So now I’ll help you guys for those of you that want the notification. So YouTube has push notifications turn that on Subscribe to our channel, and we also have our iTunes podcast for those of you that likes to listen on the go So this will be on podcast here shortly. And other than that, thank you guys so much I’ll keep you guys updated and the charts because it’s way easier to do that while you’re sick than it is to livestream And I appreciate each and every one of you guys and with that being said now ml baby here and I’m checking out

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  1. Bitcoin BTC is crushing altcoins such as ETH XRP and LTC which have all broke major support. Let's take a look at BTC Dominance and what the future of altcoins look like.

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